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Hexagontchi Game Guide

Hello! When I first got my Hexagon, I was confused as could be about how to play the games. So I've decided to make a guide for the games, having figured out how they all work. I'll list them in order; be sure to click the title if you want to see a video of the game! All games give you one of the following sums for playing, depending on how well you do:
000G - zannen; terrible
010G - madamada~; could be better
030G - madamada~; could be better
050G - madamada~; could be better
070G - mochoi; good
100G - yattane!; great!
Remember that if you cancel a game, you get no points!

Hirotte hexagon
In this game, you need to catch the falling katakana characters to spell "Hexagon." In order to make this work in Japanese, it is spelled with the characters like so: "He - ki - sa - go - n." You need to spell "hekisagon" three times to win. You need to catch the characters in this order: ヘ キ サ ゴ ン. (NOTE: If you can't see these characters, go to "View," "Character Encoding," and select "Japanese.") It gets faster after the first round, so stay sharp! If you catch the wrong character, it's game over. Use the A button to move left and the B button to move right. C cancels the game. Also, if you're at the rightmost side of the screen and press B, you will move back to the left side. Likewise with the leftmost side of the screen.

Mekutte tashite 15!
In this game, you need to flip over two cards to make a sum of 15. It's like a game of memory match. There are 15 cards: 14 labeled numbers 1 through 14, and one bad card that has a spirit on it. The game shows you all the cards before you start, so more than anything, make sure you remember where the bad card is, because if you select it, it's game over. If you flip over two cards that don't match, they flip back over again. If you select two that add up to 15, they stay right side up. You're also timed, and if you run out, it's game over. Flip over all the number cards to win. Use the A button to select a card (you skip over cards that are flipped) and the B button to flip a card. The C button cancels the game.

Mochigai fuusen
In this game, you need to shoot the balloon whose word does not match its color. The balloons are always red, yellow, and blue: あか, キ, and あお. There will always be one balloon that is incorrect. While you are trying to shoot the balloons, there is a gray balloon with a skull moving back and forth in front of them. Do not shoot the skull balloon or run out of time; if you do, it's game over! Over time, another gray skull balloon will appear--after you've shot 20 balloons. 30 balloons wins the game. Use the A button to move between balloons and the B button to shoot. The C button cancels the game.

Hexagon quiz
In this game, you will be faced with multiple choice questions and have to choose the correct answer. Unfortunately, all of these questions are in Japanese. A few are simple math problems that should cause you no trouble, but there are 100 possible questions on the Hexagontchi, and your odds of getting through the game with only those are low. The key is to remember distinguishing characteristics about the questions or the answers. For example, the answers may all be numbers, or all start with the same character. Practice and memorization are your only keys unless you can read and comprehend Japanese. The question will only stay on the screen for a few seconds, and then you will be shown the possible answers. You will only have a few seconds to answer as well. If you choose the wrong answer or fail to choose before your time runs out, the game is over. Use the A button to select an answer, and the B button to confirm it.