Group Tamagotchi Hatches.

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1. What is a Group Hatch?

A group hatch is where several members pre arrange to hatch their tamagotchi's at the same time. We say 'hatch' to refer to the first egg hatching on the first generation.

It usually lasts one generation only. Prior to V5, tamagotchi's only 'hatched' from eggs on the 1st generation, so we always refer to the first generation untabbing as a 'hatch'.

It is meant to be a 'special' event. So logging tamagotchi's which are not starting from generation 1, is not considered to be a 'hatch'.

So really it only applies to tamagotchi's that are new and untabbed for the first time, or tamagotchi's that haven't been used for a long time and are 'restarted'.

2. How do I make a group hatch?

You need to pre- arrange your hatch with other members either privately by the personal message system, or in a topic in tamagotchi discussion. Please do not make a topic in the Group hatch forum unless it is almost ready to start.

3. What makes a good group hatch?

A good group hatch would be one where members periodically update the progress of their tamagotchis through its evolution with interesting facts and accounts. Photographs are always good in any log.

Try not to add too much 'fictitious' material. A lot of people like to make up stories about their tamagotchis, or even make up fictitious growths, to try and make it sound more interesting. Unfortunately this doesn't actually make for good reading.

Also try not to make the hatch too 'chatty'. If two members start having a conversation within the hatch, other participants will find it difficult to get back to 'logging'. Group hatches are not an excuse for a chat board.

Please remember to respect other members of a group hatch, and try not to dominate it. If you were the one who started the hatch try not to chip in with a comment after every new post.

If you've joined a Group Hatch, make sure that you will be able to commit to it, by completing your generation. If you know you won't have the time- don't join. Don't just make a couple of posts just to 'get in' and then abandon it- or don't keep your tama constantly paused, and then wonder why nobody is left when you are still going. There have been occasions in the past where one person was left on their own in a Group Hatch because of members dropping out.

Try not to make a 'group hatch' just for the sake of it. If you have a special tamagotchi you want to hatch with someone else that's fine, but don't just make up a group hatch without a reason.

4. Can I run a permanent Group hatch?

Not really. It is easy to keep track of everyones growths if they are all getting to the same stage on the same day, but after more than one or two generations, it gets out of synch, and too confusing to follow. If you want to log for more than one or two generations, it's better just to log in your own individual log.

5. Can I open a group hatch for other people because I have a good idea, but not take part myself?

No, absolutely not. We didn't think we would need to add this guideline, but more recently we've had a few group hatches where the topic starter spent time gathering the hatch together and making sure members used their banners, and then didn't actually participate themselves. If you can't hatch yourself, don't make the group to begin with.

*Please note that all group logs will be locked when completed, or when it appears that participants have stopped updating.