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Gotchi pal
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The key thing to remember before posting in this forum, the News and Support forum, is that the information here is Tama zone related. NOT Tamagotchi related. (Click here for Tamagotchi news and here for Tamagotchi Support).

As far as news goes - one of Tama zone's staff members will post updates that have to do with the board itself. Whether it's good news, bad news etc. - members are strongly encouraged to read the updates so they know what will be happening here on the site. Regular members are not permitted to post news topics - but they are more than welcome to reply to one and give their feedback.

As far as support - members may ask questions about the board here. There are a few things to keep in mind prior to asking questions though. First off, please keep questions Tama zone related. Save Tamagotchi questions for Tamagotchi support and save Invisionfree (IF) questions for IF. We are NOT here to answer IF support questions. Please read this topic for further details. Another thing to do before posting is to research the site a little. We have plenty of pinned topics here that will most likely answer frequently asked questions. If you do research, however, and you can't find a satisfactory answer, then you are permitted to ask.

Thank you for reading! ;)