EnTama & UraTama Job Charts

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Tama Zone Immortals
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Thank You to for submitting these charts for Tama-zone's resources forum.

They show the job titles as they appear on the EnTama's/UraTama's screen along side the English translation.

If you've forgotten which job you selected, and would like to find out which it is, activate the status icon (it's the icon in the top left corner of the screen). Then go to the third status screen. That's the status screen that shows the number of Gotchi points at the bottom.

The information on that screen is:
row 1: which zoku (group) your character was born into.
row 2 & 3: school or occupation & level
row 4: the number of Gotchi points you have

If row three has one or more stars in it, your character has a job. The number of stars indicate it's job level. The job description is in row 2. You can find out which job s/he has by matching the Japanese letters on that line to the jobs listed in the charts above.

The first three diagrams on page 8 of your EnTama / UraTama instruction manual show the status screen I'm referring to. The job level star can be seen in the third diagram on that page.