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How do I first start up my Entama?
All righty then, this is what you need to do when you first pull out the tab. I'll show it with pictures since the Japanese writings might confuse you ^_^

Set the time and date, Month/Date.

Then set your birthday, again Month/Date.

First thing you'll notice is that the egg's animation's much different than the US/EU/AU ones =)

How do I name my Tamagotchi? Its all in Japanese..
Once your tamagotchi's hatched, you'll need to name it. Don't panic, I know the letters are all in Japanese, but with the help of this wonderful chart below, you'll be able to name your little critter whatever you want ^_^

Now you've got your very own entama baby!

What are Groups?
With this new tamagotchi, discipline has been eliminated. Instead, that concept has been replaced by Groups. ALL the tamagotchi characters have been divided into three groups.

There is: Intelligence, Style and Kindness. Each of these groups are represented by a tamagotchi. Sort of like the group leaders =)
Mametchi :D represents Intelligence, Memetchi :memetchi: represents Style, and Kutchipatchi :lol: represents Kindness. Here is a list of what each group's tamagotchis consist of:

Each group is represented by a symbol. Intelligence is pencil, Style is a sparkle and Kindness is a flower ;-)

What's the functionality of these groups?
Well, you see when you're born, you're born into one of these groups (randomly). And you want to try and raise as many "gut points" as possible to be able to get a good character, be good at school and even get a good job!

What are gut points?
Okay, think of this like Harry Potter. You know how each student’s divided up into the groups at Hogwarts? Like Slytherin and Hufflepuff etc? And you know how each good behavior earns you house points? It’s EXACTLY like that!

How do you raise gut points?
By playing the games, using certain items, eating certain foods and doing well when your teacher visits you!

What are all the icons? How do they work?

First is the Health Meter: In here you can check on your critter’s status.

Second one’s Food: In here you’re given three selections. The first one’s Meal, the Second one’s Snack, and the third one’s Cook. Now the first two are pretty simple, but the third option’s a brand new thing! It’s loads of fun! It actually lets you cook your own stuff!! =D How? Well, you purchase certain food items that belong to your group (yes even foods are divided into the three groups, each has their own stuff) and when you’ve got at least two foods, you can actually mix them together to make a brand new food you’ve cooked yourself! =) How awesome is that right?

Now I’m sure you’re wondering how you’re supposed to know which food items belong to which group and how much they are and even what they look like. Well, just look at the chart below and you’ll see it all =)

And here are the steps on how you actually cook ‘em =)


Here's an EXTRAORDINARY chart by Binary on steps to cooking.

And also from Binary, here's a fantastic cooking book!!!

Third icon’s the Toilet: which is the same thing. Except, when EnTamas poop, they actually ‘beep’ to warn you =) I just love this function!

Fourth icon’s the Games: There are three games. Each belong to the groups (doh!) The first game’s a card matching game, where you try to find two matching pairs from the pile. Winning this game will get you Intelligence gut points plus money =)

The second game’s a clothing catching game. It’s very much similar to the musical note game. Winning this game will get you Style gut points plus money =)

The third one’s a hammer game. Where you try to hit the hammer right on the nail to knock down blocks to save the little critter on top. Winning this game will get you Kindness gut points plus money =)
After winning each game, you can go to your health meter to see how many gut points you’ve earned by checking the meter over there ^_^

The fifth icon’s Connection: In here, you don’t have to worry about anything other than the option that starts with the letters “PC”. Because the rest are for Japanese arcades and Tamagotchi Machines which we don’t have here. So they will be of no use to you. The PC option will give you a password to enter into e-tamago.com =)

The sixth Icon’s the Mail Box: Each day your tama will receive mail. Once at 9am (Mail) and once at 4pm (Newspaper). Once you’ve received one of these, this icon will start blinking, all you have to do is go there and hit B until it stops. (Unless you can read Japanese) Sometimes the news that come to you are good ones, which will give you points and money, but sometimes they can be bad news, and money and points will be taken from you. If you’re curious as to ‘what’ these mails say, Skillful Abbot has so patiently translated all of them into English for us. You can check them out at this link:


The seventh icon’s the Medicine: It’s the same, no need to mention that one.

The eight icon’s the Treasure Box: Now this is a new thing =) Unlike V3 where you can access your bought items through the games icon, in entama, they’ve made an individual icon for this.
In here, you have five selections:

The first selection says “Work/School Items”, here you can access those.
What are the work and school items? Well, here are the school items =)

And if you’d like to know more about the jobs and what their items are, please visit this link:


The second selection says “Guts Up”, what is this? Well Binary of Tama Zone has given me the answer to that:

“When you select Guts-Up Items in the menu, a list of Guts-Up items that you currently have, will appear. Some items increase intelligence points, some increase fashion points, and some increase kindness points. Usually the Guts-Up items will have a little pencil, heart, star, flower or musical note on them, so you can tell which type of Guts points they will increase. Some items that fall into this category are special Televisions, special Futons, and special Bath Salts. Note: if you have one Intelligence Bath Salt item, when you use it, your Guts Intelligence points will go up by one. If you have two Intelligence Bath Salt items, when you use it, you Guts Intelligence points will still go up by only one. So for items that are not "consumed" there's no point in having more than one of each of them.”

The third selection says “Medicine/Drugs”, now I’m sure you’re wondering “But what are the medicines, what do they look like? And what do they do?” …

Here are the medicines you can purchase:

Quoting Binary:

Improve Intelligence: bottle with pencil label, +20 Intelligence GUTS pts.

Improve Fashion: bottle with star label, +20 Fashion GUTS pts.

Improve Kindness: bottle with happy face label, +20 Kindness GUTS pts

Suppress Hunger: bottle with full rice bowl on label

Love Potion: bottle with heart label, works for 5 minutes

Cough Drop: looks like a wrapped candy, 50% less chance of getting sick

Regain Health: in a small bottle. If I understand correctly - if you aren't fast enough reacting when your Tamagotchi gets sick, some internal counter clicks over. When this internal counter reaches a certain number, your Tamagotchi dies. This medicine undoes one of those counter clicks.

And here’s what they look like:

Note: These aren’t the only ‘special’ items that will go into this list, there are more, but these are the only ‘medicines’ out there *wink*


You have 5 chances to have your health check meter to come on before the Death God Comes.

When your health meter flashes you have a time limit to tend to your Gotchi, if you don't tend to it within that time frame you have missed your chance to care for your Gotchi: This is what is referred to as "O'sewa Miss" in the guide books.

The time limits are as follows:
1st time - 30min
2nd time - 20min
3rd time - 15 min
4th time - 10min
5th time - 5min

Once the Death God comes you are already in your Death Throws and there is nothing you can do. He will die within 5 minutes.

Apparently if you have over 2 generations your next tamagotchi will be able to visit the Gotchi's shrine "Ohaka"

The bottle with the star is the medicine that reduces one osewa miss.
Also, apparently according to the guide book, Knowing everyone on the tamalist helps to prevent death as well. But I don't know what a tamalist is except the Letter you get occasionally saying you didn't make the tama list.

The fourth selection says "Items bought while traveling", which is the stuff you buy through the purchase of tickets

And the fifth selection says "Misc. Items" which Binary has answered for me:

"Prize items like the Kirin Eco Panda, the JAL Airplane, the CA4LA Hat, and special rare items like the Hatena Zoku marriage arrangement calling cards."

And lastly, the ninth icon’s the Book: which consists of three options. History, Family and Deceased =)

There are visitors that come to your EnTama - Who are they? What do they do?

Since there is no “SHOP” option, instead entama has a Traveling Vendor. This vendor comes to visit you twice a day to offer you his merchandise. If you like his item, choose the first option, it means “Yes, Thank you”, the second option says “No, thank you”.
Here’s how he looks like:

Note: He will offer only 1 item per visit.

And here are the other visitors, which are your Teachers! They will visit to play games with you, which will give you gut points and a good education! =)
The Intelligence Teacher will play a Pencil Game with you, the Style Teacher will play a Musical Note Game with you and the Kindness Teacher will play a Heart Game with you.
Also, as a toddler, you’ll get your very own Nanny, this nanny will visit to teach your critter how to dance, it’s rather cute:

Here’s how the Teachers look like:

What are the major events that happen each day?

Quoting Binary:

9:00 AM - newspaper morning delivery
10:30 AM - teacher
10:30 AM - matchmaker
11:00 AM - street vendor
3:00 PM - matchmaker
3:00 PM - preschool / teacher
4:00 PM - mail delivery
5:00 PM - street vendor
6:00 PM - preschool / teacher
7:00 PM - matchmaker

The following En-Tama special deliveries occur at unfixed times:
pre-school entrance
pre-school graduation
school entrance (class selection)
school graduation
job entrance (job selection)
salary delivery

There are rare characters, How do I get the rare character in each group?
Intelligence Group - Tensaitchi (The mametchi looking one with huge glasses, it can be seen on the character chart)

- Grow a mametchi
- Have 200 Intelligence gut points by graduation
- Becomes a scientist
- Within three days raise the Intelligence gut points up to 999

Style Group – Makiko (The purple looking girl with long curly hair, can be seen on the character chart)

- Grow a Memetchi
- Have 200 Style gut points by graduation
- Become an Idol
- Within three days raise Style gut points up to 999

Kindness Group – Nonbiritchi (The green dude with the bird’s nest on top of his head, can be seen on the character chart)

- Grow a Kuchipatchi
- Have 200 Kindness gut points by graduation
- Become a Hot Springs Attendant
- Within three days raise Kindness points up to 999

What do the secret Hatenatchi characters look like?

Here's more info on them:

How do I get the exact character I want?

Well, I've just recently learned how to do this myself. The other night GK1 and I were chatting, and she told me how this could be done, and I was amazed! So I wanted to share it with you all! Also, before I begin, I would like to extend credit to Skillful Abbot for having figured this out first. Okay, so here goes:

Before I start explaining this, you need to know which characters are male and which ones are females. I've made a very simple chart which shows you all their sexes.

As you can see in this chart, the purple ones are females, and the blue ones are males. Now, at first, what sex you're going to get on your entama's totally random. But once you've got a boy or a girl, immediately look at this chart to see from which adult characters you may choose according to the teen you've got.

Now here's the fun trick, once you've got your teen, and you see the adults available to you, all you need to do is apply a simple combination. And that is :Kindness, Style,Intelligence.
What do I mean by this? I mean that of the three adults that are available to you, the first one on the chart's kindness, the second one's Style and the third one's Intelligence.

All you need to do is keep that GP (gut point) the highest. Doesn't matter how high, just make sure it's higher than the other two. Then that's the adult you'll get =)

With the teens there are only two teens in each sex group, the kindness,style,intelligence trick doesn't apply to them, since it requires three. The way you choose the teen you want is based on care. Good care (only a few misses - where a "miss" is where you miss the attention light coming on due to empty happy/hungry hearts) will get you the one on the right, and bad care (miss a lot) will get you the one on the left.

So enjoy your characters!!

How much are the work salaries you receive in mail each day?

on the 3rd status screen, just above where it shows how much cash you have on hand, there will be either 1, 2, or 3 stars. The number of stars you have depends on how many GUTS points you have that correspond to the type of job you have.

1 star = 1000 $G$ per day.
2 stars = 3000 $G$ per day.
3 stars = 5000 $G$ per day.

Are the jobs you're offered GUT points related?

Quoting Binary:

"yes. Each job requires a certain number of GUTS points in a specific category (intelligence / fashion / kindness). Jobs number 1-5 are intelligence, 6-10 are fashion, and 11-15 are kindness. Within those groups, the higher up on the list, the more of that type of GUTS points in that category it takes to be able to get that JOB."

List of jobs:

01 scientist
02 television announcer
03 school teacher
04 medical doctor
05 bank clerk
06 recording artist
07 fashion designer
08 baker
09 hair stylist
10 flower shop salesman
11 hot springs bath attendant
12 kindergarten teacher
13 policeman
14 train station attendant
15 chef
16 weatherman
17 crossing guard
18 barker
19 garbage man
20 Gotchi King's castle servant
21 kindergarten student
22 school intelligence student
23 school fashion student
24 school kindness student
25 kindergarten candidate
26 kindergarten graduate
27 school graduate
28 unemployed

How many GUT points do I need to raise to get to the next rank (stars) job?

Quoting Skillful Abbot:

I don't have book on hand right now, but I think the increase for stars goes something like this:

+ 0 ~ 99 [on star at start]
+100 ~ 399 [two stars]
+400 ~ [three stars]

so if you start your job with 421 Gut points *

you'll level up at 521 **

and Max out at 821 ***

The scale above is "earned" guts points. Not what your entama is displaying. I hope that makes sense. So if you are at 999 at the beginning, just press your button over and over again 401 times !

Info on Dating Cards, thanks to GK1 and Binary!

QUOTE (GK1 @ Jul 16 2006, 11:09 PM)
(1) what do the numbers represent on the Dating Service Cards? - ie Dating Service 1 vs 2 vs 3....?

(2) Once my kuchipatchi hopefully becomes a nonbiritchi can I use ANY of the cards? Or are they related to the group you belong to?

(3) do I need to have purchased the Call Dating Service for 30 000 GPs from EnWarehouse to use the cards?

(1) The number determines which HatenaZoku characters you'll get. If I remember correctly:
Card 1 -> Hatenatchi -> Meganetchi -> Ohigetchi -> Nekutaitchi
Card 2 -> Hatenatchi -> Getatchi -> Rakugotchi -> Kabukitchi
Card 3 -> Hatenatchi -> Okutchi -> Shiripuritchi -> Ashitchi

(2) He can use any of the cards.

(3) You don't need it. It's for when you want to call the matchmaker to bring a non-HatenaZoku mate.

My thanks and offering of credits goes out to: pixelmood, tamasquare,Binary and Skillful Abbot! THANK YOU ALL!!!

http://www.Pixelmood.com , http://wa.ctk23.ne.jp/~rei-00/entama2.htm & http://www.peppersoup.net/tamasquare/ are the places I borrowed some of the images from =)
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