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How do I debug my tama?
If anyone is unsure of how to actually debug - its quite well explained on in this topic ... ugging.htm
with some really nice pics of how to do it. They are actually debugging a V1 - but it is the same procedure for V2s, V3s, V4s and V4.5s. Please note that Connexions are NOT debuggable - only Connections.
V5s are also debuggable, but NOT by this method.

Some hints:
I had to rub the semicircles a few times before it worked - it may be better to actually rub with the pencil between the two semi-circles.

If the egg does not hatch within a few seconds - you will need to repeat the process all over again. If you have done it correctly - the egg should hatch within a few seconds - as soon as this happens you can press A to scroll through all the characters you can choose from (babies/toddlers/teens/adults including secret chracters, old timers etc)

Why would I debug my tama?
A debugged tama can be used to choose a particular character that you want; to view secret characters that are not normally seen on your tama's version; or to use your tama in hyperspeed so it grows really quickly.

Is it dangerous to debug my tama?
Many people have successfully debugged their tamas without problems, but other people have actually broken their tamas. So there is some risk. If you try to debug and it does not work - you will have lost all of your stored data - points, items, generations etc.

WARNING: With V3, 4s and 4.5s, you can debug them, but you will not be able to use the passwords from TamaTown once the tama is debugged.
Because of the use of the C-button to bring a Tamagotchi close to the screen, the C button will not toggle hyperspeed on and off on the V-4. The V-4, when debugged, will always be in hyperspeed.
(Thank you, Gyara, for that information)

What are the some of the different characters you can see on a debugged tamagotchi?
Here are some characters that you can see on a debugged V2 Connection:

Omuratchi (click thumbnails to enlarge)




"3 blocks"



All the V1/Tamagotchi Plus characters in a debugged V1/Tamagotchi Plus can be seen here on BlueHairedBeauty's site Tamanagerie.

All the V3 characters you can see in a debugged V3 can also be seen on her site here

Can you debug a V5 tamagotchi?
Yes. Binary has successfully debugged a North American V5 from information given to him by tarokaja. The technigue is quite different to debugging other versions and requires the use of a soldering iron - so it must be done with EXTREME care and not by anyone who is inexperienced with using a soldering iron.

The following is information provided by binary in this post ... &p=2977318
Click here to see what the circuit board looks like, under the LCD. Jumper both pads of R11 to the Debug pad. Click here to see where the wire needs to go.

After reassembling the Tamagotchi and installing the battery, you need to enter the time & date, and your birthdate, as usual. Then, three eggs will appear and hatch after the regular interval.

A Japanese message will appear, asking how many children you want, and which generation you want them to be on. (Default is 3 children, generation 1.) A selects 1, 2, 3. B advances to the next field. C reverts to previous field. Click here to see this screen.

If not generation 1, next screen will allow you to select the parent characters. A selects which parent character. B advances to next field. C reverts to previous field. Click here to see this screen.

Next screen will allow you so selet the child characters (babies). Click here to see this screen.

Family Name can be entered as normal.

C button toggles hyper speed on / off. (Because of this, you can not get a "C button reaction".)

Games can be played. Special passwords work. PC login & logout passwords work. Bonding increases normally. IR connect to play games works properly.

The following are a few quick pictures I snapped.

Click here to see three Iwatchi babies.

Click here to see a status screen showing Gen 64.

Click here to see three Hoshitchi toddlers.

Click here to see two Planetchi parents.

Click here to see the Easter Bunny.

Note: Planetchi + planetchi with iwatchi children = blended family

V5 WARNING: If you don't have the proper equipment (such as a fine-tip thermal controlled solding iron) nor the expertise required to do it, don't try it. This should not be your first experiment with soldering.

Don't attempt to debug your V5 unless you are willing to throw it away and buy a new one. If you splash solder onto some of the components on the circuit board, accidently damage or knock loose a component, or even just get the screen contact pads dirty, your V5 may never work properly again.