Create your own Tamagotchi shell design

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Tired of your Tamagotchi shell design? Want a change? Or did you wonder what it would look like if you put together two different parts of ready-made shell designs? Today I'm going to teach you how to customize your own Tamagotchi!

You will need:
-Tamagotchi shells (at least 2; one front and one back)
-Screws of the correct size (at least 16)
-Screwdriver of the correct size
-Battery (CR 2032 OR CR 2025)

-With care, fully dismantle your two Tamagotchis into separate front and back sections. Be careful not to disconnect any wires, break or lose anything. And don't disconnect the circuit board from the back part of the shell, either.
-Ensuring everything is in the right place before placing the back shell on the front.
-Put it back together in this new state and put in the battery.
-If something appears on the screen, success! If not, you probably missed something out.
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