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May 3 2017, 02:48 AM #151

Hello again!
Gogh has been doing well as a Ginjirotchi! Typically whenever I get an adult other than Masktchi on the P1, I get lazy and just feed it snacks instead of playing games. :P It's so much easier that way! Besides, at this point all I'm trying to do is keep him alive as long as possible. He doesn't seem to mind, though he's gained a lot of weight very quickly!
I'm still waiting for some false beeps to fill up the attention bar once and for all, but now I have plenty of time to do that now that he's fully evolved.

Name: Gogh
Species: Ginjirotchi

8 yr
94 oz




General: Happily bouncing around. Waiting for more false beeps, though I have the sound off for now. I've been feeding him a lot of snacks instead of playing games now that he's fully evolved.


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Sorry for the wait, but a lot happened last week; I'm looking forward to updating you all!

When Gogh was 14 years old, he had already become very needy. Not too needy though, I was very capable of handling him alongside classwork and etc. However, I was walking and minding my own business when I heard a long beep! I was surprised since I had the sound off! As it turns out, the guy committed sudoku, or reset in my pocket, because when I checked there was an egg on the screen! I set it on my desk, and while I was checking my phone, he reset again!
I can only assume that something is wrong with the device itself. I gave it a good cleaning after the incident but unfortunately that won't bring Gogh back. :(

[quote=""Final Stats""]Name: Gogh
Species: Ginjirotchi
Device: Japanese P1

Lived to be 14 years old
Cause of passing: Reset in pocket[/quote]

So next I decided to run a V4! It had been a while since I'd started up a Connection series Tamagotchi. I got a nice deal on it from a seller from Hawaii; while it didn't smell like an ocean breeze or kalua with poi, it was in good shape... Except for the screw! Whoever had this last must've used a very good power tool or a strong wrist, since the *bad word* went right through the cover and crammed the plastic washer into the female end on the back of the device!

That thing was a real pain in the butt to get out! :argh:

...Luckily the back stays on well enough with just the screw, and not the obliterated plastic washer. I stuck in an old CR2032, and from choosing Download instead of Reset I (unsurprisingly) discovered that the previous Tamagotchi, Soxie, had died with all of its hearts emptied. Another victim of niglect.

After completely resetting the device, I got a boy and named him Bozno (I used a random letter generator to create a 5-letter string, and shuffled it until I got a decent sounding name).
He eventually evolved into Hartuchi and the battery died! Unfortunately I didn't have any spares, but now that I've gotten new batteries recently, I plan on running Bozno again sometime in the future.
(Also, sorry for the lack of Bozno pictures! I got a bit lazy about when he was a baby, and right when I was about to take his first picture out of an egg, the battery ran out!)

So after all of that, I decided to keep it simple again and run a different P1 since Gogh's old device had been acting up; this time it's a European (English) P1.

It's so nice to be able to read the menus again! :D

I was aiming for either a Mametchi or secret character again (this time Bill, since it's the English version).
So after a minute or so the egg hatched, and I named the resulting Babytchi Emmett.

I really like the shell colors (maroon and yellow), but my phone camera makes the maroon show up as a bright red sometimes!

As expected, after an hour of being a Babytchi, Emmett became a Marutchi.

I didn't quite manage to fill his discipline bar as a Marutchi, but he evolved into a Tamatchi regardless.

I only managed to fill 3/4 of his discipline bar again. And after being a Tamatchi for a few days... He became a Masktchi!

Right on track to get Bill!

He's quite the party animal; he wakes up at 11 AM and sleeps at 11 PM. Since that doesn't work so well with my current schedule, I put the clock forward an hour (I hope that isn't considered cheating... :rolleyes: ), so that he sleeps at 10 PM and wakes up at 10 AM.

Here's his current stats:


8 yr
30 oz




General: Still waiting on one more false beep for discipline. Will sleep in about two minutes from now, since I put the clock an hour ahead.