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Hi everyone! I made a FAQ for memebers that need help with Tamagotchis! ;) This will answer the most repeated questions that are always asked. :wink: Anyway, this should help everyone with their questions, I hope it will help you aswell! Enjoy! :haha:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

Q. Which one's button “A” again?
A. The one all the way to the left. It lets you scroll clockwise in the main screen to choose a function icon. It also let's you tab between commands once you've chosen a function (like playing, or health meter).

Q. Which one's button “B”?
A. That's the middle one. Use it to select highlighted function buttons, scroll through information within each function and activate date and time settings.

Q. Which one's the “C” button?
A. The 'C' button lets you deselect all function icons in the main screen or use it to return to the main screen from within a function.

Q. How do I keep my Tamagotchi healthy?
A. Well, first of all, you've got to check the health meter constantly! Your Tamagotchi wants pretty much the same things you do - health, happiness and lots and lots of friends! Snacks are good, meals are important and exercise is key. Playing games with friends is also very important. And don't forget, Tamagotchis love praise. Also, never underestimate the importance of a 'time out.' You wouldn't want your Tamagotchi to become a spoiled brat would you? It's also important to check your Tamagotchis details from time to time (age, weight, gender and generation). Is he overweight, underweight? These are little hints as to how best to care for him.

Q. My Tamagotchi says 'no' to everything. What should I do?
A. Try praising him. If that doesn't work, try giving him a snack (even if all his hungry hearts are full). Warning - If you give him too many snacks he may become a spoiled brat and could even get a toothache. So, when your Tamagotchi is being stubborn, you'll need to balance snacks, praise and timeouts to raise a well-balanced Tamagotchi!

Q. What's the scoop on the poop?
A. From time to time your Tamagotchi will have little mistakes. It's important you clean it up right away (with the toilet function). Otherwise he could get sick.

Q. How will I know if he gets sick?
A. You'll know because at first you'll get an icon that looks like this (insert icon image). It's a skull. You'll need to use this icon (insert first-aid icon) to give your Tamagotchi medicine. If your Tamagotchi is really sick he may need a double dose.

Q. How often do I have to exercise my Tamagotchi?
A. Every Tamagotchi is different and therefore there's no ‘rights’ answer to that question. However we do recommend exercising at least three times a day but ultimately it's the happy icon under the health meter that determines the amount of exercise your Tamagotchi will need. The more hearts that are filled the more your exercise routine is working.

Q. How do I pause it?
A. If you are using a US Tamagotchi Connection do the following:
With your character showing and no icons selected do the following:
1. Press the “A” button and Hold.
2. While holding down the “A” button, press the B button.
3. It will now say "Pause" on the screen.
4. Repeat steps one and two to un-pause.

Q. How do I change the clock?
A. With your character showing and no icons selected do the following:
1. Press “B”, This will bring you to the clock screen.
2. Press the “A” and C buttons at the same time.
3. The clock will stop.
4. Use the “A” button to change the numbers and the B button to confirm.
5. Finish making your changes and then press the C button. The clock will resume.

Q. How do I get *this* character?
A. At this time I do not have any specific strategies on getting specific characters. Once I have played more and experienced the ideas better, I will post my theories on how to get each of the characters.

Q. When will I get an adult character?
A. It depends on how you take care of your Tamagotchi, usually at age 3 or 4.

Q. What times does the Matchmaker / Mrs. Busybody come?
A. The times are: 10.30am, 3pm and 7pm. Set the time to 10:29am; 2:59pm; and 6:59pm. This will happen around age 7 or 8.

Q. How do I turn the sound on or off?
A. With your character showing and no icons selected do the following:
1. Press the “A” and “C” buttons at the same time.
2. An option menu will come onto the screen.
3. Select on or off depending on your preferences.
4. Repeat to turn the sound back on or off.

Q. My Tamagotchi Connection was dancing and singing? Is this normal?
A. Yes! All Tamagotchi characters do more then just pace on the screen on Tamagotchi Connection. Each character has different actions and special animations.

Q. When do I use Time Out / Discipline?
A. Use this when:
1. The Tama beeps and the attention light turns on when it doesn’t need anything.
2. The Tama is doing his usual thing on the screen and doesn't look upset or anything.
3. When the Tama refuses to play or eat even when it's hungry or unhappy.
4. When your Tama gives the wrong gift to their friend.

Q. When do I Praise?
A. Use this when:
1. The Tama beeps and the attention light turns on.
2. The Tama has its back to you and looks angry or upset.
3. When the Tama refuses to play or eat even when it'd hungry or unhappy.

Q. When can my Tamagotchi have Tamababies?
A. Your Tamagotchi will know when it's time, you don't have to do anything special. Of course if you want your Tamagotchi to have Tamababies with another Tama via connecting, you'll need to connect them often. Your Tamagotchi is ready to have Tamababies:
1. When your Tamagotchi is an adult character.
2. When you have 4 hearts with a connected Tamagotchi (both have to be adults).
3. Or when the Matchmaker comes to find your Tamagotchi a mate.

Q. Do I have to have two Tamagotchi to get Tamababies?
A. Absolutely not! If you don't want to buy a second Tamagotchi Connection and you don't know anyone with a Connection, you can simply keep raising your Tamagotchi and Mrs. Busybody will always find someone for your Tamagotchi to help keep the generations going.

Thanks for checking it out! ;)

*PM me if you have any further questions/comments about this or anything else I haven't answered!* ;)