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Special Occasion Animations

What is happening to my tamagotchi - its being chased by a turkey/its carrying something strange on its back/its talking to a Christmas tree etc?
At certain times of the year, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween for example, you can see special animations on your tamagotchi.

What are the special occasion animations you can see?
The special occasion animations that can be seen include:

1) the Easter bunny pushing an egg along the screen - seen around Easter - from March 14th -> March 31st on V2s and ONLY on April 8th, 9th and 10th on V3s.
Note: On the V4 and V4.5, the easter animation is a little different - your character sits with its back to the screen and watches an egg which hatches a little while later:

(Photo from -Ra-.)

The "baby" that hatches from the egg does not stay, it is just an animation and disappears when the animation finishes. This animation is also ONLY seen on April 8th, 9th and 10th on the V4 and V4.5s.

2) a pumpkin appearing and bouncing up and down on the screen on Halloween - October 31st

3) the talking Christmas tree in the lead up to Christmas - seen from November 30th until 11.30am on Christmas Day (December 25th).
Note: This animation is also seen on the V4 and v4.5 from Dec 1st until Christmas Day:

4) the turkey chasing your tama near Thanksgiving - seen from November 18th
-> November 26th.

5) the tamagotchi wearing a backpack when school is about to restart after the mid-year break - seen from August 15th -> September 8th.
Interestingly this does a different animation with a marumimitchi on a V2 - i've yet to work out EXACTLY what the marumimitchi is doing.

6) fireworks and a Happy New Year message on New Years Day - January 1st.

7) a cake, and a Happy Birthday message on your tamas birthday (ie the date birthdate you entered into your tamagotchi when you first started it up, or after resetting it.)
This also works for teens and toddlers.

8) A snowman that appears at the top of your screen with snow falling around him - this can be seen in Winter (Northern Hemisphere) from February 1st til Feb 28/29th. This animation can also be seen on the V4 and V4.5 during the same time period:

9) Santa appearing on the screen and turning into a present - Christmas Eve December 24th at 10.30pm.

The following are photographs of some of the Special Occasion animations as seen on the V2s and V3s.

What times do you see the "special occasion animations"?

They are usually seen at the following times:

11.30am 2.00pm 4.30pm.

There are two exceptions to this. On the V3 the Easter bunny animation is only seen at 4.30pm, and the Santa giving the present is only seen at 10.30pm.

Can I change the time and date to see other special animations?
Yes, set the date as listed above for each of the animations, and then set the clock to 1 minute before each of these times (ie 11.29am, 1.59pm and 4.29pm). Wait for 1 minute and you will then see the animation. I usually set the time for the 11.30am animation (occasionally they may not be seen after 11.30am on these dates, so I prefer to always set the clock to 11.29am). An exception to this is the V3 Easter animation (set the clock to 4.29pm) and the Christmas Eve Santa animation (set the clock to 10.29pm).

I have been checking my tamagotchi and haven't seen the animations. Why is this?
These animations are only seen with an adult tama (except for the Happy Birthday animation). Ensure that your date is also set correctly.

Common Animations
Why tamagotchi character is rolling/falling over/watching TV etc. What is happening?
These are just common animations that you can see your tamagotchi doing over the day.
Common animations are also usually seen at the same times as special occasion animations (11.30am 2.00pm 4.30pm) but these are not the only times you may see them.

What are the common animations you can see?
Common animations that your tama will do include
- coming up close to the screen
- brushing teeth
- dancing
- rolling
- singing
- running and falling
- watching TV

Some of these are seen with toddlers, some with teens and some with adults, but generally if you set the time to 11.29am (or 1.59pm or 4.29pm), then wait one minute, you should see your tama doing some sort of animation.

Other animations you may also see, include your tama
- taking a bath
The time your tama takes a bath depends on the actual character.
- yawning
You will see your tama yawning 30 minutes, 15 minutes and immediately before going to bed..whenever you see this - you can put your tama to sleep by turning out the lights. This can also be seen in the morning after your tama has first woken up.

Thanks for all your help and the wonderful pics spudilike!