All The Differences Between V2s And V3s

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Okay, first of all, the characters are EXTRA cool! You can see them here <Click away!> and I also love how they've re-drawn Mametchi! She looks a lot like her drawings now! before that she looked like some sort of a bear or something.

In the health area, an additional screen's your USERNAME, which is the first thing you pick after you set the time, this is your means of identification on, what does that mean? it means that all the passwords given to you, can only be used by you. No one else can use them. So be sure to pick a username only you could possily think of *wink*

For foods, you get to choose from a variety of: Cereal, Scone (which is some sort of a buttery bun), Sushi, and bread! I think it'll be neat to feed your tama cereal when it first wakes up

For games, there are six! there's:

Get *musical note*, which is basically a game where you stand at the bottom of the screen and all these musical notes fall out of the sky, but you have to dodge the poops, and make sure you don't let any of the musical notes fall to the ground at the same time, the more you catch, the faster it gets, but the more points you get!

Bump: which is the same basic game from V2, but the only difference is, you get LOTS more points in this one!! I played to the 8th round and got 2875gp!! two thousand-eight hundred and seventy five points! WOW! that's awesome right?!

Flag: Hm, my tama isn't old enough to play this one yet, but I will add on how this is done as well, but according to the instruction booklet, here's how you play: Watch for the flags appearing on-screen. Using button (A) or ©, move left or right to follow the flags. Beware of imitation flag!

**additional information** As my tama got older, I learned how to play this game, it's simple really, but can be very fun! What you do is, in each round, flags appear on top of your tama, black one's for the A button, and the white one's for the C button.Whichever one blinks on top of your tama, press the appropriate buttons.
Sometimes BOTH the flags flash appear, then you have to push both A and C at the same time. Or sometimes the game tries to trick you by putting the white flag on the place of the black flag (right side of the screen), but you must push C anyway, as it still is the white flag. The immitation flags are small flags, you can clearly tell the difference between them, and on top of it all, when the immitation ones appear, the BEEPing's shorter. Hope this helps ^_^

Heading: It's the same one from V2, where you just bounce the ball.

Memory Game: This game's just like the game you can play on with Mametchi, and also similar to the V1's memory game, basically you follow the pattern your tama dances to, and repeat it.

Sprint Game: I don't know this one, as mine isn't old enough yet, but according to the booklet, this is how you play: Press any button continuously to help your Tamagotchi race to the finish line. Simple enough, but I don't have personal experience on it

Also, in this very same icon (game icon), the list of things are Games, Item, Shop, Password, and Souvenir

For the Infa-Red Communication: You can choose from Games 4 random games, Present the same as V2, wrap, send away, wohoo! and then there's the new feature, which is Visit where you get to just spend quality time with your friend and play around!

Toilet's the same so no need to mention that one, let's see what else is the same, uhh, yes, discipline's the same, lights are the same and the medicine's the same, so let's move on to the Friends list which is the little book icon! You can choose from:

Friends: it's the same exact thing from V2, so no need to explain this one.

Present: Also the same exact thing.

Points: This is one of the exciting things of V3! this is where you get to do the famous Donations to the King thing!! You just choose the icon, It will ask Donation for King? choose Yes or No if you've chosen yes, the next window will ask How much?, this is where you enter the amount of gotchi points you wish to donate, then the next screen's a verification screen where it asks you 5000GP(the amount of money you choose)donate? you say Yes or No. And voila! it gets donated, the King says Thank you!, shows you the amount you've donated, and if it's the right amount, you get the password for the item to enter into!!

Family: you get to choose from either (History), where you can view your past (old) tamas, their appearance, name, weight etc. and then there's (Parent) where you're given a password to enter at tamatown to see your past tamas!!

This about covers every single difference between the V2 and the V3! I wish someone had done this for me, so that I could have had fore-knowledge before my V3 arrived at my house, but I guess the task fell to me to do it for those who haven't gotten a V3 yet. I hope this has been of help for those of you who knew so little about V3s! Hey, until I did research and held my tama in my hand, I was just as lost! Also, here's one thing that puzzles me, the games you play in tamatown for free where you receive passwords from, those items are absolutely useless, you can just look at them, that's all! they have no purpose, so, uhh, WHY have them?! But if you're curious to have them, and later on you'd like to RID yourself of a few, like the CD which will make your boom box blow up! here's how you can trash stuff:

Go to friend/present.
Choose present.
It will ask Food or Item.
Choose Item.
When it asks if you want to wrap it, push button A.
It will ask you if you want to trash it.
Choose trash and it will delete that item.

Thank you for reading and I really hope I was of some help to some people! THANK YOU!