All posts MUST be in English

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Tama Zone Immortals
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7:03 PM - Jan 07, 2009 #1

It has recently come to our attention that a number of our members are making posts on this board in a language other than English.

Please can we remind you that this is an English language forum, and as such all posts must be in English.

This is not a rule that we (Tama-zone) have made up- this is one of the rules that 'we' as a forum have to comply with under the rules of invisionfree, or else risk our board being deleted.

This is the rule that invisionfree stipulate in their terms of service.
3 Content:
Your board must be in English. If you wish to have posts on your forum in a language other than English, you must purchase ad removal. InvisionFree does not guarantee that Content will be protected from loss, deletion, removal, or damage. Backups are the responsibility of the board owner.
Any conversations posted between members that is not posted in English will be removed. If you have joined, and you know that you do not converse in English well enough to understand/be understood, we politely ask that you refrain from posting or seek help from someone who does.

Thank you.