A detailed guide to pixeling your Tamagotchis!

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Hello! So many people have asked how to pixel their tamagotchis in the past, which lead to the creation of this guide. This guide shows how to pixel using Microsoft (Ms) paint.

Click here if you don't know what Ms paint is.

How to pixel your tamagotchis,
Method 1

A tamagotchi's pixels aren't connected. If you look closely, you can see for yourself.

This photo does an excellent job of showing how the pixels aren't connected. Now it's time to pixel off of it. Open your paint program. Click the "magnify button." 6x or 8x is fine. We'll start with the Violetchi.

Start with the head. On the photo, there is 8 pixels going across (showed by the number in blue). With your paint brush (any size) simply make 8 dots in row like the example shows. Now that you have the top of the head done, we'll move on to the ears.

The ears are a little more complicated. Make 2 pixels diagonal to the left end of the line you made. Place pixels accordingly until you have the ear finished. Do this on both sides. It may be a little hard if it's your first time pixelling. Just place the pixels on the ear EXACTLY how you see them. :]

Time to finish up the head! Start with the 3 pixels going down. As you can see in the photo, the pixels are kinda coming off the ear. Make 3 dots coming off the ear, 1 diagonal to that, and then 10 straight across. Again, if that's confusing then look at the photo. It's there to help.

In my opinion, the face is the easiest part. In the photo, the left eye is diagonal to the left ear. Simply make a mini letter 'L' coming off of it. The eyes consist of 3 pixels. Do the same thing for the right eye. The mouth is only 2 pixels long. It's right in between the eyes.

All that remains is the Violetchi's arms and legs. Start with its arms and work your way down. Simply place the pixels in their proper spot like you've done before.

That's it! Congratulations on making your first pixelled character. You can pixel any character you want. It doesn't have to be a Violetchi. ^-^

Method 2

Method #2 is similar to Method 1. It involves the use of a graph. Open your paint program. Click "view", zoom and then large size. Then click "show grid". A grid will appear on your drawing area. Pixel your tamagotchi (following the instructions given above) with the help of the graph. When you're finished, just save it and it will come out like this:

Thank you, spudilike, for showing me this method.

Size Selection

On Microsoft Paint, there are 6 brushes available. 4 of which can be used for pixeling.

The circled brushes are the ones you can use. You can try to use the other two, but it may be hard since they're circles. XP The smallest brush is used for making emotions or smilies. The second smallest is for character charts. They're not too big or not too small. The other two aren't used often. They just come out big.


Obviously, you can color your pixel any color you want. Shading is the next step. Shading your pixel gives it quality and sometimes a 3-dimensional look. Follow this picture guide to learn how to shade.

When shading, I suggest NEVER outlining in the color black. With the exception of the eyes and mouth. Black is too dark and will make it look bad. Still use dark colors (brown, green navy blue etc.) but never black.


If you don't have an animator, you can download Microsoft GIF animator from one of these sites:

After downloading, your computer should show you the file. Do NOT close the tab until you get the animator on your desktop or some other safe place! To get it onto your desktop, just fiddle with the file until it's there. Once the animator is ready, your ready to start making your animations. Go to your drawing program and make any picture you want. To animate it, there has to be at least 2 frames. When the frames are finished, save them as Gif images. If you don't know how- here's how:
Open the animator. Select the frames that you want to use. Select them in backwards order! - if you don't, then your animation will be backwards. XD. Once all the frames are there- please click the following:
And then:

Why did i circle the duration? It's because that's how you control the speed of the animation. Change the duration for each frame. If you're making a pixeled tama, then the proper speed, in my opinion, is speed 50 for each frame. That's the speed of most of the pixels above. Then just save it and then upload it. ^^ If you wish to preview the animation before uploading, click the > button on the top.

Ms paint picture ~ Google.com
Photographs ~ spudilike
Configuration of the guide ~ Gotchi pal

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