Picture & Signature Posting Rules..please read!

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Though we recently had the links for these rules posted on top of the board for awhile, we still have to resize pictures and signatures quite often. I did six in the last hour, and frankly I find it quite tiresome, and annoying when the page is thrown out of whack. Especially from those who have been asked to reduce their pics/sigs before.

So, since the rules didnt seem to make much difference posted on top of the board, I am posting them in the forums now so they cant be missed. Im sure there are some who honestly dont know about them, and Id like all to see them.

Please follow the rules on this. If people continually do this and have to be asked to reduce their sigs/pics often, the reprimand for that may be more harsh in the future because of it.

From the Tips and Terms forum.


Picture & Signature Posting Rules

First an explanation why we need these rules. Some of our members have older computers, slow dial-up or are using WebTV and if pictures are too big, or there are too many pictures on a page, they are unable to open up that thread because the webpage times out before the pictures are loaded. Also, many people still are using a smaller screen size, like 640x480, so posting pictures bigger than 500 pixels wide can push out the margins for them and make the page hard to read.

Signature Size: 400 x 300 pixels or less and 100kB or less. Only one picture/montage per signature. Animated gifs are alright but do not inbed music into it or use scrolling text.

Personal Photo Size: This is the picture under your name and is limited to 60kB or less.

Personal Icon Size: This is the little symbol next to your name and is limited to 20kB or less.

Random Picture Size: 500 pixels wide or less and 200kB or less. We also request (this is not a rule) that if a thread is mainly discussion to please limit the number of pictures you post per page to 2.

To find out more about how to check your picture size and how to resize them, if necessary, please see this thread in the Help Forum.




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Thank you. Being a new person here I did not know