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Some old stuff is in the spoiler tag. Let's make more memories!
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Morrow Rose - November 10, 2011 04:00 AM (GMT)
This is a place to collect the breathtaking, tear-jerking, knee-slapping or otherwise most memorable lines from MLN chats. - Let's start with one that made me laugh enough to wake my neighbours:
wrote:Fethur: Through a skillful use of pizza, Maya Angesoup is able to marinate her steaks with sentimental and authentic cookie dough.
kitsune-sama - November 10, 2011 04:06 AM (GMT)
wrote:Kitsune-sama: It's the Grand Galloping ****ing Gala. What did you expect?
Fethur - November 10, 2011 04:11 AM (GMT)
Hey, Cirrus shouldn't walk away to get food while I'm helping write an essay - I'm just saying.

Also this just happened and made me laugh enough to wake my grandmother:
wrote:[10:07:40 PM] Trinity: IM CONFUSED?!?! EH?
[10:07:50 PM] Dezzy: (lol Trin)
[10:08:04 PM] Dezzy: (it's funny because canadians say eh)

CaptainHoers - December 23, 2011 02:16 AM (GMT)
I think this typo deserves a mention:

wrote:[01:09:41] CaptainHoers: Morrow is by far and away the oldest
[01:09:46] CaptainHoers: i think she's nearly 3
kitsune-sama - December 26, 2011 03:00 AM (GMT)
wrote:8:52:53 PM Ajaxis: Bon Giorno Soda.

8:53:09 PM sodapop-fizz: Bon garlicbread to you too Dent

Good job, Soda.

Morrow Rose - January 5, 2012 07:07 PM (GMT)

Dez Majesty does things
wrote:[17:48:12] CaptainHoers: that's not terribly specific, what kind of things?
[17:48:19] Dez Majesty: thingy things
[17:48:22] Dez Majesty: with stuff
[17:48:25] CaptainHoers: at the place
[17:48:31] CaptainHoers: yeah i think i getcha
[17:48:32] Dez Majesty: near that one thing
[17:48:35] Dez Majesty: yea h you know
Photo Finish: We have the thing at the place!

Rarity: I can't wait to hear all about the... thing at the place.

CaptainHoers - January 30, 2012 08:50 AM (GMT)
This is just closed doors all over.
wrote:[08:47:21] Lumikou: ((possible xD anyway give me a sex ^^))
[08:47:29] Lumikou: sec I mean sex xD))
[08:47:33] Lumikou: damn it >.>
CaptainHoers - February 19, 2012 10:29 PM (GMT)
wrote:[22:27:31] Daniela Laverne Schad: Bluff 24.
[22:28:04] Daniela Laverne Schad: Jess, a second Sex roll, please?


CaptainHoers - February 21, 2012 02:29 AM (GMT)
wrote:[02:27:24] WilloWisp: Macs are nice for some things but let's be honest fuck Macs

I think this just about sums it up

Rarity - March 8, 2012 04:29 AM (GMT)
wrote:[11:23:08 PM] Fethur: ((Pinkie: I see you're getting jiggy with my Jiggy. We can't have that now can we? *brandishes knife again*))
[11:23:33 PM] Lumikou: ((jiggy with jiggy xD))
[11:23:41 PM] Jesk-Lycaeides: ((XD))
[11:24:00 PM] Lumikou: ((gives pinkie the internets))
[11:24:07 PM] Fethur: ((look it was the only time I could make that joke))
[11:24:12 PM] Fethur: ((I had to do it))
[11:24:27 PM] Fethur: ((there is literally no other context this makes sense))
[11:25:27 PM] Lumikou: ((twas worth it no what best of chat time))
[11:25:34 PM] Lumikou: know*
[11:25:36 PM] Lumikou: ))
[11:26:41 PM] Fethur: ((lmao XD))

Worth it Soooo worth it

Fethur - March 8, 2012 04:39 AM (GMT)
wrote:Ajaxis: Well I hope the plot moves soon, I want White Silk around!
And she won’t be about sex!
She’ll just be a humongous pain in the ass.
OR grimdark horror tales! She’ll just be a pony who died of falling off a building and bothers ponies because it’s her special talent.
Nor ooze, nor goo ponies.
White Silk won’t be any of those things, she’ll just be an asshole. Teehee.
Come on, Willo. Please? I promise I’ll behave!

Trimmed the filler of us talking around and ignoring Ajaxis XD Totally adorable beg-mode.

CaptainHoers - April 22, 2012 11:10 PM (GMT)
wrote:[00:08:18] Copic Pen: Sure, I'm gae
I don't think this needs any further qualification

Rainbow Dash - April 24, 2012 05:30 PM (GMT)
wrote:[18:28:52] Ajaxis: I try not to jude.
And I try not to chris

CaptainHoers - May 4, 2012 05:46 PM (GMT)
Technically this was on the Minecraft server but I think it still counts
wrote: You're building a Starbucks here aren't you
Ajaxis - May 22, 2012 01:19 AM (GMT)
wrote:[5/21/12 6:17:16 PM] WilloWisp: Hi Soda
[5/21/12 6:17:29 PM] Daniela Schad: Soda, hi!
[5/21/12 6:17:39 PM] Ajaxis: Ohai Sod.

That's a big fat oops on my part. Still, Soda can be a tad soddy sometimes.

kitsune-sama - June 6, 2012 04:35 AM (GMT)
wrote: [11:30:25 PM] WilloWisp: But Aftermath is the most important because it's the fat of the entire lives of like four other ponies. xD
Morrow Rose - June 21, 2012 06:02 AM (GMT)
wrote:Morrow Rose: JESS you KILL ME ... :P ... stalin.jpg
Willo'Wisp: "I was hipster before hipster Hitler was a thinng. B(
Nightfury: "I was a communist before it was cool"?
Willo'Wisp: I'm into murdering everyone in my country who disagrees with me. YOu probably wouldn't knnow about it, very underground.
Willo'Wisp: As a matter of fact I'll put an iron curtain up.
Fethur: Block out the mainstream with an iron dam?
Willo'Wisp: West Berlin is so mainstream.
Fethur: Freedom's too mainstream. Remember that.
Fethur: Free will? Psh.
Nightfury - July 9, 2012 02:08 AM (GMT)
wrote:[12:05:55 PM] Lightning Rod: Ponies, I need halp
[12:06:02 PM] Lightning Rod: I like donuts at room temperature
[12:06:11 PM] Lightning Rod: but jam at refridgerated temperature
[12:06:18 PM] Lightning Rod: and I bought a jam donut ;_;

CaptainHoers - August 7, 2012 12:34 AM (GMT)
wrote:[00:56:44] Jesk-Lycaeides: my blood was given away
[00:56:48] Jesk-Lycaeides: and i passed out
[00:56:52] Fethur: fun
[00:56:53 | Edited 00:56:56] Jesk-Lycaeides: for 15 seconds
[00:57:19] CaptainHoers: those 15 seconds were actually 15 years
[00:57:22] CaptainHoers: YOU'RE IN THE FUTURE JESK
[00:58:41] Daniela Schad: Huh, what future do we talk about, dears, it' still August 7th, 2027-
[00:59:19] Jesk-Lycaeides: eeeeeek
[00:59:22] Lumikou: Yes funn how we use to drive everywhere
[00:59:39] Zox Cholla: I just telport to work now. really saves time
[00:59:46] Lumikou: funny*
[00:59:57] Jesk-Lycaeides: and its crazy how nbc is still broadcasting the 2012 olympics
[01:00:12] Zox Cholla: classic reruns is all it is
[01:00:16] CaptainHoers: oh that's just reruns the rest of them all went downhill after they let androids compete
[01:00:30] Zox Cholla: got real borning when that happened
[01:00:34] Fethur: Hey guys
[01:00:40] Fethur: MLP Season 16 just released
[01:00:51] Minty: Well, there *was* QWOP.
[01:00:51] CaptainHoers: are they still at that?
[01:00:51] Daniela Schad: Sweet!
[01:00:56] Lumikou: yay!
[01:01:02] Fethur: well it's generation 7
[01:01:05] Daniela Schad: Gotta tell the kids-
[01:01:06] Fethur: using real horses
[01:01:13] Fethur: live action my little pony
[01:01:22] CaptainHoers: ug why does this exist
[01:01:28] CaptainHoers: uncanny valley my god
[01:01:32] Minty: QWOP was an entertaining athelete to say the least.
[01:01:46] CaptainHoers: this'll be the homestuck movie all over again
[01:01:49] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: CLOP.
[01:01:54] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: Its QWOP with Hoers.
[01:02:13] Daniela Schad: I know, but since Cir outsorced Hasbro it kinda went down-
[01:02:37] Lumikou: aww poor hasbro money grubbing
[01:02:51] Jesk-Lycaeides: hahahahahahahah i love you guys
[01:03:03] Lumikou: xD on yeah the 5th mln con is this weekend
[01:03:05] Zox Cholla: lol
[01:03:09] Daniela Schad: We love you, too, Jesk
[01:03:12] Lumikou: :3
[01:03:17] Fethur: Lumi and I got married too
[01:03:23] CaptainHoers: the only thing good about that movie was Donald Glover as Geromy in the SBaHJ bits
[01:03:36] Fethur: Dear, we need to remember to pack the kids' blankets this time for the convention
[01:03:37] CaptainHoers: DOOOONG
[01:03:58] Fethur: We dont want them catching a cold again in the apocalyptic winter
[01:03:59] Jesk-Lycaeides: CHILDREN
[01:04:06] Jesk-Lycaeides: omg i want pictures
[01:04:07] Daniela Schad: Well, in worst case we can always borrow you some
[01:04:09] CaptainHoers: oh hah that's cute, i just found my old passport
[01:04:13] CaptainHoers: remember when Ireland was a country?
[01:04:14] Minty: Oh, right... Yeah...
[01:04:23] Jesk-Lycaeides: becaus i magine lumi as this anime chibi and fethur as a human
[01:04:28] Lumikou: Oh they'll catch a death of cold out there
[01:04:28] Fethur: Remember when Australia wasn't underwater?
[01:04:39] Daniela Schad: Remember Holland?
[01:04:58] Fethur: the USA went to hell after that andriod president
[01:05:06] CaptainHoers: i'm not talking about countries that don't exist anymore because they ran out of land to stand on
[01:05:08] Zox Cholla: Can't belive Canada became a superpower
[01:05:10] Minty: LOGIC.
[01:05:17 | Edited 01:05:18] CaptainHoers: just the ones that people stopped bothering to live in
[01:05:32] CaptainHoers: shame about Greece really
[01:05:37] Lumikou: quite a shame
[01:05:41] Daniela Schad: Well, of course, since maple syrup runs cars-
[01:05:46] CaptainHoers: still! give it another couple of years and there'll be like 20 parthenons
[01:06:01] Zox Cholla: Japan finally built a giant robot though
[01:06:07] Fethur: Lyca, Lumi and I have wonderful hyrbid anime children
[01:06:14] Lumikou: ^^
[01:06:16] Minty: They had that already.
[01:06:19] Daniela Schad: You mean their new emperor?
[01:06:49] Zox Cholla: yeah he's awesome.
[01:07:37] Lumikou: So did you know we all moved to fethys mars base
[01:07:41] Lumikou: she made one you know
[01:07:50] Lumikou: terraformed and everything
[01:07:57] Daniela Schad: So cute, Willo and the kids watch the G1 pilot - "Why's that not in smellovision?" - "Because Tirek stinks"
[01:08:04] Fethur: Fethurtopia? But of course
[01:08:10] CaptainHoers: it was all SO much easier after they raised the speed of light in 2020
[01:08:15] Fethur: I forgot to mention Lumi and I are the first family of Mars
[01:08:23] Daniela Schad: I love the view from our rooms
[01:08:37] Minty: Lesse... I came in a year later?
[01:08:38] CaptainHoers: i just go around hitting things with a hammer because i'm officially an old fogey
[01:08:56] CaptainHoers: and think mediocre games from the stoopid ages are cool
[01:09:16] Daniela Schad: Thanks again for the ranch near valeys marinensis, dear
[01:09:32] Fethur: our first rule about the xbox 720 is that we dont talk about the xbox 720
[01:09:44] CaptainHoers: nah Red Faction was all before that
[01:09:46] CaptainHoers: fortunately
[01:09:58] CaptainHoers: there WERE games before the crash of 2015 yknow
[01:10:22] CaptainHoers: games other than lame samey FPS's, movie tie-ins and sequels
[01:10:42] Lumikou: ohh that crash was brutal
[01:10:50] Lumikou: EA went out of buisness real quick
[01:10:57] Daniela Schad: Pft, overheard some teens recently wondering how to use a book-
[01:10:59] CaptainHoers: yeah, MW5 made ET look like losing your lunch money
[01:11:28] Daniela Schad: Lumi, well EA just had to alliie with Middle Korea
[01:11:52] CaptainHoers: oh bollocks U2 are making another album
[01:12:25] Daniela Schad: Why did we invent the heads in jars technology again, certainly not for u2
[01:12:37] CaptainHoers: you'd think being assassinated would stop Bono but NOPE
[01:12:45] CaptainHoers: just can't take a hint
[01:13:22] Daniela Schad: They kept his mouth alive, not sure about the rest of the head
[01:13:30] CaptainHoers: was it alive to begin with? :V
[01:13:45] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: ...still going? Alright
[01:13:50] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: I guess i'll come back later
[01:14:03] CaptainHoers: yes they're still going it's annoying
[01:14:25] Daniela Schad: Hibernation chamber is second door down the floor, Night
[01:14:33] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: >_>
[01:14:33] Lumikou: xD everyone deserves a hug
[01:14:41] Minty: Oh, have you heard about the new prototype hibernation chambers?
[01:14:59] Daniela Schad: We got one
[01:15:20] Minty: It displaces the fabric of time so that you get your full night's sleep instantly.
[01:15:40] CaptainHoers: wibbly wobbley timey wimey shit
[01:15:46] Daniela Schad: I love it when science works.
[01:16:11] Daniela Schad: Oh, remember when they broke rhe 12 regenerations barrier-
[01:16:24] Daniela Schad: It went downright silly after-
[01:16:36] CaptainHoers: i was just about to say
[01:16:55] CaptainHoers: they've gone and announced the 15th doctor
[01:17:10] Zox Cholla: our cyborgs looks like this now ... ature=plcp
[01:17:11] CaptainHoers: can't remember the name, but it's getting a little silly, he's not even british
[01:17:19] Daniela Schad: Well, it will be a ginger-
[01:17:55] Daniela Schad: He, I thought they picked a black woman in a wheelchair, well, maybe in the AU series
[01:18:42] CaptainHoers: the Equalities Office strikes again
[01:19:05] Daniela Schad: Thank you, United Planets-
[01:19:09] CaptainHoers: next time i see a placard saying "check your privilege" i'm going to punch someone
[01:19:46] Daniela Schad: Just watch it's not Opposite Day
[01:19:57] Lumikou: Remember when we use to have computers
[01:20:33] CaptainHoers: who remembers tumblr? I kinda left it after they included having to be transgendered or otherkin in the ToS
[01:20:50] CaptainHoers: clusterfuck of whiny 15 year olds who believe they're a Na'vi
[01:21:06] Lumikou: yeah it certainly went down hill
[01:21:17] Fethur: it was cool before it went all interspecies
[01:21:21] Daniela Schad: And then genetics industries jumped on the trend-
[01:21:33] Fethur: sorry btu half the posts arent in a written language
[01:21:54] Lumikou: Well at least being able to become a pony thanks to that pny surem
[01:21:57] Lumikou: worked
[01:22:22] Daniela Schad: Oh yes, best science ever-
[01:22:37] CaptainHoers: loading up someone's blog and having to download a terabyte of sprites wasn't fun
[01:22:38] Fethur: afk a moment
[01:22:48] Lumikou: Though we commondeered that those earthlings
[01:22:51] Lumikou: have no use for it
[01:23:36] Daniela Schad: Reminds me, I feel like I need a hooficure, can you send over the Aloe and Lotus ai-bots?
[01:23:56] Minty: I can.
[01:24:06] Daniela Schad: Swell, dear-
[01:24:40] Minty programs Aloe, Lotus, and Crest to take care of Morrow.
[01:24:47] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: Augh, I'm so sick of this chemistry class. Russian roulette please @__@
[01:25:06] Daniela Schad: You're the best, Kit
[01:25:25] Minty nuzzles Morrow.
[01:25:33] Daniela Schad: Didn't they outlaw roulette in 2022?
[01:25:35] CaptainHoers: you silly horses and your robot servants
[01:25:48] Daniela Schad: Daniela Schad nuzzles Kit
[01:26:11] CaptainHoers: that said tea isn't hard to make
[01:26:16] CaptainHoers: some things never change

Minor editing (mostly to remove Night's whining through all this). I love the way you guys can all just jump on a throwaway joke xD

wrote:[01:05:42] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: I'm moving, you ponies are stupid, aaaaand
[01:05:44] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: Goodbye
[01:05:44] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: xD
wrote:[01:13:45] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: ...still going? Alright
[01:13:50] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: I guess i'll come back later
wrote:[01:15:02] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: This is like the least amusing thing that has ever happened in this chat. @_@
wrote:[01:21:13] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: There is no words for how dumb this conversation is.
[01:21:15] Liquid Sea-Changelingfury: @____@

The whining was kind of amusing too.

PureWrath - August 19, 2012 02:31 AM (GMT)
wrote:[10:23:51 PM] *** PureWrath CV added Sketch ***
[10:23:53 PM] Jesk-Lycaeides: "[10:22:32 PM] *** Sketch has left ***"
[10:23:57 PM] Jesk-Lycaeides: o
[10:24:02 PM] PureWrath CV: get your arsenal back in here
[10:25:15 PM] WilloWisp: Sketch don't leave!
[10:25:17 PM] Lumikou: xD as far as were concern
[10:25:20 PM] WilloWisp: Trin was probably lying xD
[10:25:24 PM] Lumikou: trin lies xD
[10:25:29 PM] Lumikou: will go with that xD
[10:25:34 PM] PureWrath CV: wait a second!
[10:25:43 PM] PureWrath CV: im a liar all of a sudden?
[10:25:44 PM] Zox Cholla: hahaha
[10:25:52 PM] WilloWisp: You lie about other ponies' personal lives :P
[10:26:07 PM] PureWrath CV: what?!
[10:26:07 PM] sodapop-fizz: Well Pure, you lied when you said I was adorable.
[10:26:17 PM] PureWrath CV: you are adorable shut up
[10:26:26 PM] Lumikou: xD
[10:26:29 PM] sodapop-fizz: sodapop-fizz flips nearest table.
Copic Pen - December 6, 2012 07:40 PM (GMT)
This wasn't actually in the MLN chat, but it was too good to not post:
wrote:Viva La Derp: everyone here makes some tea~
Viva La Derp: for gaming, eating, and sleepynappytiredness.
Copic Pen: I just made tea actually
Copic Pen: Cyberworm: tea is gross
Copic Pen: xD
*** Cyberworm has left ***
CaptainSCIENCE: he
CaptainSCIENCE: actually got out
Copic Pen: ...xDD
CaptainSCIENCE: xD
Fethur - December 15, 2012 02:28 AM (GMT)
wrote:And I accidentally hit shuffle and SUDDENLY MY SCREEN WAS FILLED WITH D**KS
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wrote:[8:00:56 PM] Fethur: Lumi moderates news and news accessories
[8:01:01 PM] Fethur: I moderate characters and propane
[8:01:16 PM] Zox Cholla: and propane accessroies?
[8:02:52 PM] Cap: this was dumb Propane 1
[8:03:16 PM] Cap: i'm entirely too 2am for this
[8:03:38 PM] Zox Cholla: lol....propane
[8:05:36 PM] Fethur: You coulda just best of chatted it :P
[8:05:59 PM] Cap: i'll move it now xD
[8:06:05 PM] Fethur: Too late. I approved it
[8:06:11 PM] Fethur: Have fun RPing a propane tank
[8:06:23 PM] Fethur: It was in applications
[8:06:23 PM] Cap: ALRIGHT
[8:06:26 PM] Cap: BEST CHARACTER Propane 2
[8:06:27 PM] Zox Cholla: pffft propane
[8:06:27 PM] WilloWisp: xD
[8:06:32 PM] Fethur: lol
[8:07:28 PM] Fethur: la la la
[8:09:06 PM] Cap: ENTIRELY too 2am Propane 3
[8:09:33 PM] Cap: i'll stop now
[8:09:40 PM] Blushfury: .____________________________.
[8:09:51 PM] Blushfury: Hoers, go the fuck to bed
[8:10:13 PM] Fethur: I love you Cap XD
[8:10:21 PM] Zox Cholla: lol propane thread
[8:10:30 PM] Fethur: Wait. I got this
[8:10:37 PM] Fethur: Cap, permission to kill your character?
[8:10:43 PM] Cap: go nuts
[8:10:46 PM] Fethur: WOO
[8:13:52 PM] Fethur: There
[8:13:54 PM] Fethur: Propane is dead
[8:14:01 PM] Fethur: That's a shame. I'll move the character to the graveyard
[8:14:01 PM] Blushfury: You ponies are stupid
[8:14:02 PM] Blushfury: xDD
[8:14:02 PM] Cap: RIP PROPANE ;_;
[8:14:07 PM] Fethur: RIP
[8:14:11 PM] Fethur: FIRST REAL OC DEATH
[8:14:17 PM] Zox Cholla: wow hope propane died a heros death RIP
[8:14:25 PM] Fethur: more terroristic
[8:14:33 PM] Cap: xD
[8:14:39 PM] WilloWisp: xDD'
[8:14:51 PM] WilloWisp: I love our board
[8:14:51 PM] WilloWisp: <3
[8:14:56 PM] Fethur: lol
[8:15:04 PM] Fethur: You left Cap and I alone on an RP board. This was bound to happen eventually
[8:15:07 PM] Lumikou: xD
[8:15:08 PM] *** Cap has changed the conversation topic to "My Little Nightmare Official Chat
[+] Spoiler
[RIP Propane - 2012-2012 - You Shall Be Missed]" ***
[8:15:08 PM] Zox Cholla: The greatest propane tank that ever lived!
[8:15:17 PM] Blushfury: Oh my god
[8:15:19 PM] Blushfury: Go to bed Hoers xD
I think this speaks for itself. Removed some of the talking in between.

wrote:[1/1/2013 12:07:31 AM] WilloWisp: HAPPY NEW YEAR
[1/1/2013 12:07:42 AM] Lightning Rod: Lightning Rod huggles all the now future ponies
[1/1/2013 12:07:46 AM] Copic Pen: Wooo
[1/1/2013 12:08:03 AM] Zox Cholla: whoohoo we are all in the future
[1/1/2013 12:09:06 AM] Fethur: XD
[1/1/2013 12:09:19 AM] Zox Cholla: wheres my damn jetpack?
wrote:[1/11/2013 2:13:10 PM] Fethur: Guys....
[1/11/2013 2:13:13 PM] Fethur: I miss Cap :C
[1/11/2013 2:13:20 PM] WilloWisp: Same :C
[1/11/2013 2:13:32 PM] Fethur: We dont have a wise-cracking scientist in the group anymore
[1/11/2013 2:13:39 PM] sakura9949: Haven't heard from him in ages
[1/11/2013 2:13:46 PM] Kathryn Belle: omg he'll be back like TOMORROW
[1/11/2013 2:13:54 PM] Fethur: WHAT IF A LION ATE HIM
[1/11/2013 2:14:01 PM] Lumikou: nah like the 14th
[1/11/2013 2:14:04 PM] Kathryn Belle: He's not in the fucking desert XD
[1/11/2013 2:14:08 PM] Fethur: CAP!
[1/11/2013 2:14:09 PM] sakura9949: I put him in the cake
[1/11/2013 2:14:10 PM] Fethur: I'LL SAVE YOU
[1/11/2013 2:14:12 PM] Fethur: JUST HANG ON
[1/11/2013 2:14:22 PM] Fethur: ;_;
[1/11/2013 2:14:25 PM] Copic Pen: xD
[1/11/2013 2:14:27 PM] Kezia Sardina: ;.;
[1/11/2013 2:14:36 PM] Copic Pen: Prying open a Lion's mouth while Cap's like "I'm... I'm right here"
[1/11/2013 2:14:37 PM] Kathryn Belle: Cap's in the urban part of Kenya probably
[1/11/2013 2:14:40 PM] Copic Pen: Drinking tea like ten feet away
[1/11/2013 2:14:54 PM] Fethur: T_T
[1/11/2013 2:15:06 PM] Fethur: Fethur forcefeeds the lion some tea so Cap's comfortable.
[1/11/2013 2:15:16 PM] Kathryn Belle: Cap isn't dead!
[1/11/2013 2:15:19 PM] Kathryn Belle: He wasn't eaten by a lion.
[1/11/2013 2:15:28 PM] Fethur: But.. but what if he was ._.
[1/11/2013 2:16:04 PM] WilloWisp: xD
[1/11/2013 2:18:42 PM] Jesk Lycaeides: what if cap ATE a lion?
[1/11/2013 2:18:45 PM] Jesk Lycaeides: that would be so cool
[1/11/2013 2:19:49 PM] Kezia Sardina: XD
[1/11/2013 2:19:55 PM] Kezia Sardina: Lion with a side of cake?
[1/11/2013 2:20:02 PM] WilloWisp: xD
[1/11/2013 2:33:37 PM] Fethur: mmm lion
[1/11/2013 2:33:46 PM] Fethur: I bet he punched it with his bare fists so its nice and tender too
[1/11/2013 2:37:40 PM] Kezia Sardina: omg omg he had tenderloin
[1/11/2013 2:37:48 PM] Kezia Sardina: tenderlion*
[1/11/2013 2:37:54 PM] Kezia Sardina: ah I'm terrible
wrote:[1/11/2013 5:59:49 PM] Trinity: Feth im canadian passive agressive is all i can be
[1/11/2013 6:00:05 PM] Fethur: I'm Texan. Shotgunning you and renaming the forum is all I can be
wrote:[1/12/2013 12:49:36 AM] sakura9949: Mrow
[1/12/2013 12:49:37 AM] sakura9949: Mrow
[1/12/2013 12:49:39 AM] sakura9949: Mrow
[1/12/2013 12:49:43 AM] sakura9949: Mrow
[1/12/2013 12:50:21 AM] WilloWisp: What does the cat want?
[1/12/2013 12:50:31 AM] sakura9949: Murder
[1/12/2013 12:50:36 AM] sakura9949: :3
wrote:Fethur: *half wakes up* Is it time to graduate?
Kris: You already graduated.
Fethur: Oh. So I need a job...?
Kris: Well, technically. You lost your job yesterday night...
Fethur: Oh. Damn, that sucks. Who's graduating?
Kris: Me, sweetie.
Fethur: congratulatklajdsz *falls back asleep*
Last edited by Fethur on March 6th, 2013, 8:53 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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January 31st, 2013, 6:49 pm #3

wrote:[1/12/2013 10:29:20 PM] Krisabelle: You made the airport uncomfortable. I make the hotel uncomfor--- door knock
[1/12/2013 10:29:29 PM] Fethur: I'm not answering it.
[1/12/2013 10:29:39 PM] Krisabelle: It's probably my dad...
[1/12/2013 10:29:46 PM] Fethur: It could be a zombie.
[1/12/2013 10:29:52 PM] Krisabelle: This isn't dead island..
[1/12/2013 10:29:56 PM] Fethur: But what if it is?
[1/12/2013 10:30:02 PM] Krisabelle: ........
[1/12/2013 10:30:23 PM | Edited 10:30:25 PM] Copic: ........
[1/12/2013 10:30:30 PM] Krisabelle: Door knock.
[1/12/2013 10:30:43 PM] Blushfury: Just answer it you pussy
[1/12/2013 10:30:49 PM] Krisabelle: Hell no.
[1/12/2013 10:30:53 PM] Blushfury: jeeeez.
[1/12/2013 10:30:56 PM] Krisabelle: I'm graduating with a masters tomorrow
[1/12/2013 10:31:03 PM] Krisabelle: I don't wanna be yelled at like I'm a child.
[1/12/2013 10:31:21 PM] Fethur: >.> we built a cushion fort and you wanta sleepover
[1/12/2013 10:31:29 PM] Lightning: Pfft
[1/12/2013 10:31:30 PM] Krisabelle: point taken. I'll answer the door.
wrote:[1/12/2013 10:48:12 PM] Krisabelle: Lan: *bolts into room like a ninja, grabs Fethur's hand, gets tackled immediately and captured* *sitting next to Fethur* I'm here to rescue you.
Fethur: Good job so far.
Lan: Thanks.
Fethur: Is this part of your plan?
Lan: It is now.
Fethur: What's the next step?
Lan: Lemme know when you've thought of it.
wrote:[1/12/2013 11:01:24 PM] Blushfury: Fethur means feather.
[1/12/2013 11:01:29 PM] Blushfury: Feather makes me think of ducks!
[1/12/2013 11:01:40 PM] Blushfury: And bridgitte or however you spell it makes me think of bagels and also france.
[1/12/2013 11:01:48 PM] Blushfury: Therefore
[1/12/2013 11:01:50 PM] Blushfury: You are bagelduck.
wrote:[1/13/2013 12:16:33 AM] Copic: HA
[1/13/2013 12:16:34 AM] Copic: HA
[1/13/2013 12:16:35 AM] Copic: HA
[1/13/2013 12:16:36 AM] Copic: HA
[1/13/2013 12:16:36 AM] Copic: HA
[1/13/2013 12:16:37 AM] Copic: HA
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January 31st, 2013, 7:33 pm #4

wrote:Fethur: I suppose telling my family "I wanna go to Washington and roomate with this guy I met on the internet who claims to be around my age but I have no way of verifying that but I know he likes ponies" seems less legit on the outside than "COPICS MY FRIEND WEE"
wrote:[1/13/2013 12:56:22 AM] Fethur: I ate a cross once
[1/13/2013 12:56:22 AM] WilloWisp: xD
[1/13/2013 12:56:28 AM] Fethur: it was painful
[1/13/2013 12:56:32 AM] Krisabelle: IT BURNS
[1/13/2013 12:56:36 AM] Fethur: pffffft
[1/13/2013 12:56:42 AM] Fethur: I WAS CHEWING ON MY ROSARY
[1/13/2013 12:56:45 AM] Krisabelle: WHY
[1/13/2013 12:56:50 AM] Fethur: The color reminded me of soap
[1/13/2013 12:56:54 AM] Blushfury: Well
[1/13/2013 12:56:57 AM] Krisabelle: ........................... that only raises more questions
[1/22/2013 1:24:58 PM] Cap: [19:16:38] Kathryn Belle: Willo... Willo I see the light
[19:16:44] Copic Pen: Copic Pen offers Kris a snuggie
[19:17:16] Kathryn Belle: It's beautiful. A tiny flared asterisk in ever-shifting colors, giving off no heat. Coming close. Coming to engulf me and take me away
[19:17:38] Copic Pen: It whispers softly in your ear
[19:17:45] Copic Pen: "let me tell you about homestuck"
[19:17:52] Kathryn Belle: Kathryn Belle stabs Copic
wrote:[1/23/2013 8:09:38 PM] Fethur: I like to believe the Tink movies happened before Peter Pan
[1/23/2013 8:09:55 PM] Fethur: and after the great Fairy War of After-the-last-happy-movie, she became hardened and badass
[1/23/2013 8:10:04 PM] Fethur: having killed her way through all the sun and rain fairies
[1/23/2013 8:10:17 PM] Fethur: the blood struck a nice contrast on her green dress
[1/23/2013 8:10:31 PM] Fethur: then she found Peter, and realized she could whip him into a puppet for her purposes
[1/23/2013 8:10:32 PM] WilloWisp: Dark Soul Tink edition?
[1/23/2013 8:10:41 PM] Fethur: she used him to kill the fairies like a giant
[1/23/2013 8:10:48 PM] Fethur: in return, she offered him eternal life and flight
[1/23/2013 8:11:02 PM] Fethur: .... my mind went grimdark for a moment there...
[1/23/2013 8:11:37 PM] Dj Grubaugh: Just a bit
[1/23/2013 8:11:37 PM] WilloWisp: It happens
wrote:[1/27/2013 11:33:11 PM] Krisabelle: She IS stumbling into the campsight of a grizzled outdoorsman
[1/27/2013 11:33:36 PM] Fethur: grizzled outdoorsman? He's a moth pony who makes dew drops as a special talent
[1/27/2013 11:33:47 PM] Krisabelle: XD
[1/27/2013 11:33:50 PM] Blushfury: bahahaha
[1/27/2013 11:33:55 PM] Krisabelle: MANLY I TELL YOU
[1/27/2013 11:34:33 PM] Krisabelle: how about
[1/27/2013 11:34:41 PM] Copic: Is he a moth pony with a huge lumberjack beard?
[1/27/2013 11:34:45 PM] Copic: because that'd be kind of awesome
[1/27/2013 11:34:50 PM] Krisabelle: sadly he's a prettyboy
[1/27/2013 11:34:52 PM] Blushfury: xD
[1/27/2013 11:34:58 PM] Krisabelle: but someone should totally make a bodybuilding moth
[1/27/2013 11:35:04 PM] Copic: Nothing wrong with prettyboys
[1/27/2013 11:35:09 PM] Copic: Copic hairflicks
[1/27/2013 11:35:16 PM] Blushfury: Copic's a prettyboy without the pretty
[1/27/2013 11:35:16 PM] Fethur: MY TALENT IS ANTI-NATURE. I KILL TREES
[1/27/2013 11:35:19 PM] Blushfury: It's a little sad
[1/27/2013 11:35:21 PM] Fethur: IRONICALLY I'M A TERRA
[1/27/2013 11:35:24 PM] Fethur: HARHARHAR
[1/27/2013 11:35:28 PM] Copic: You mean with all the pretty
[1/27/2013 11:35:30 PM] Fethur: omg
[1/27/2013 11:35:35 PM] Fethur: he should be named Stumpy
[1/27/2013 11:35:40 PM] Blushfury: xDD
[1/27/2013 11:35:42 PM] Fethur: and there's a stump on his back
[1/27/2013 11:35:43 PM] Blushfury: Fuuuuuuu
[1/27/2013 11:35:45 PM] Fethur: with an axe stuck in it
[1/27/2013 11:35:47 PM] Fethur: at all times
[1/27/2013 11:35:52 PM] Copic: xD
[1/27/2013 11:35:53 PM] Krisabelle: fethur wtf is wrong with your brain
[1/27/2013 11:35:59 PM] Blushfury: lulz
[1/27/2013 11:36:06 PM] Blushfury: He's like a moving Sword in the Stone
[1/27/2013 11:36:09 PM] Copic: He should be Stump from The Angry Beavers
[1/27/2013 11:36:13 PM] Krisabelle: ....
[1/27/2013 11:36:16 PM] Krisabelle: make this pony
[1/27/2013 11:36:22 PM] Fethur: I'm not making a terra named Stumpy
[1/27/2013 11:36:25 PM] Blushfury: Kris just flip flops
[1/27/2013 11:36:30 PM] Blushfury: From "What the fuck is this" To "DO IT NOW"
[1/27/2013 11:36:36 PM] Krisabelle: he can have had his legs chopped off by axes in a freak chainsaw accident
[1/27/2013 11:36:45 PM] Fethur: He's an axe murderer
[1/27/2013 11:36:54 PM] WilloWisp: Kris I'd name him Ace
[1/27/2013 11:36:55 PM] WilloWisp: xD
[1/27/2013 11:36:56 PM] Fethur: He steals other pony's legs
[1/27/2013 11:37:02 PM] Copic: ...
[1/27/2013 11:37:11 PM] Fethur: He's gonna chop off Flicker's leg. just the one. because he's a photographer
[1/27/2013 11:37:16 PM] Fethur: then we can nickname Flicker Tripod
wrote:[11:48:24 AM] Somepony: AND THE DAY WAS SAVED THANKS TO
[11:48:25 AM] Somepony: PROPANE
[11:48:38 AM] Somepony: The Propane Tank Girls
[11:50:56 AM] Cap: CHEMICAL HANK.
[11:51:18 AM] Morrow Rose: :P
[11:51:48 AM] Somepony: FLAME, EMBER AND SPARK
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January 31st, 2013, 7:35 pm #5

wrote: [1/4/2013 9:58:41 PM] WilloWisp: Why did the face of Bo go to the party by himself?
[1/4/2013 9:58:56 PM] WilloWisp: Because he had nobody to go with :P
[1/4/2013 10:00:19 PM] WilloWisp: When I found out my toaster was not waterproof I was shocked!
[1/4/2013 10:01:18 PM] WilloWisp: If the mushroom is such a fungi why didn't they have the party at his house?
[1/4/2013 10:01:22 PM] Blushfury: Makes little sense, Kez
[1/4/2013 10:01:26 PM] WilloWisp: Because there wasn't mush room
WilloWisp: Did you hear David lost his ID in Prague?
[1/4/2013 10:02:09 PM] WilloWisp: Now we just call him Dav
[1/4/2013 10:02:21 PM] Blushfury: "Right, the agenda for today: First, Promise is leaving. Second, we need to think up some puns."
[1/4/2013 10:02:25 PM] Blushfury: ^How the modchat works
[1/4/2013 10:07:17 PM] Fethur: What game do hash browns play at recess?
[1/4/2013 10:07:26 PM] Fethur: #hashtag!
[1/4/2013 10:08:16 PM][1/4/2013 10:07:38 PM] WilloWisp: Why does the mermaid wear seashells?
[1/4/2013 10:07:39 PM] Zox Cholla: *flips tabe and leaves*
[1/4/2013 10:07:44 PM] WilloWisp: Because she outgrew her B-shells!
Zox Cholla: horrible horrible puns. you should all be ashamed lol
[1/4/2013 10:08:19 PM] Blushfury: I'm trying to tag NMM and this is impossible
[1/4/2013 10:08:21 PM] Fethur: Aw I love Puns
[1/4/2013 10:08:27 PM] Fethur: XD
[1/4/2013 10:08:33 PM] WilloWisp: They're silly & fun
[1/4/2013 10:08:34 PM] WilloWisp: xD
[1/4/2013 10:08:40 PM] Lycaeides: we'll assimilate you yet
[1/4/2013 10:08:43 PM] Blushfury: I think you guys killed Copic
[1/4/2013 10:08:46 PM] Fethur: Let's rename the board My Little Night Mare and claim the space as a valid change
[1/4/2013 10:09:05 PM] Lycaeides: or just drop mare
[1/4/2013 10:09:08 PM] Blushfury: the last message from Copic
[1/4/2013 10:09:10 PM] Blushfury: [Friday, January 04, 2013 10:00 PM] Copic:
<<< Willo, you are physically hurting me
[1/4/2013 10:09:12 PM] Lycaeides: and giggle cause its beena long night
[1/4/2013 10:09:13 PM] Fethur: XD
[1/4/2013 10:09:16 PM] WilloWisp: xD
[1/4/2013 10:09:20 PM] Fethur: My Little Nightfury
[1/4/2013 10:09:26 PM] WilloWisp: Okay, last one (from me)
[1/4/2013 10:09:28 PM] Blushfury: ...I like that one.
[1/4/2013 10:09:32 PM] Blushfury: Let's do what Fethur said.
[1/4/2013 10:09:32 PM] WilloWisp: What did the hat say to the hatrack?
[1/4/2013 10:09:36 PM] Fethur: I used to have a fear of hurdles, but I got over it.
[1/4/2013 10:09:43 PM] WilloWisp: You wait here, I'll go on a head!
[1/4/2013 10:09:46 PM] Blushfury: That's it
[1/4/2013 10:09:47 PM] Fethur: XD haha
[1/4/2013 10:09:48 PM] Copic: i am 10000% done with this chat
[1/4/2013 10:09:50 PM] Blushfury: Blushfury grabs the newspaper
[1/4/2013 10:09:59 PM] Lycaeides: copic come back!
[1/4/2013 10:10:00 PM] Fethur: I'm laughing so hard right now it's gonna make me sick
[1/4/2013 10:10:09 PM | Edited 10:10:13 PM] Lycaeides: you can blame it. ALL. ON. MEEEE
[1/4/2013 10:10:13 PM] Blushfury: I'm laughing but there's tears too
[1/4/2013 10:10:15 PM] Blushfury: I don't understand
[1/4/2013 10:10:29 PM] Fethur: ahahaha
[1/4/2013 10:10:52 PM] Zox Cholla: too much to handle
[1/4/2013 10:10:59 PM] Zox Cholla: my face hurts now
[1/4/2013 10:11:06 PM] Fethur: I couldn't remember how to throw a boomerang, but eventually it came back to me.
[1/4/2013 10:11:10 PM] WilloWisp: Pfft
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January 31st, 2013, 7:41 pm #6

wrote: [1/24/2013 12:33:49 AM] Copic: Now go to bread, silly
[1/24/2013 12:33:57 AM] Copic: I'll prolly try and get some damn sleep too
[1/24/2013 12:34:39 AM] Fethur: I DONT WANNA
[1/24/2013 12:34:48 AM] Fethur: I WANNA STAY UP AND LOOK AT THE INTERNET
[1/24/2013 12:34:08 AM] Copic: <3
[1/24/2013 12:35:25 AM] Trinity: Feth the bed is calling you.
[1/24/2013 12:35:29 AM] Fethur: lol
[1/24/2013 12:35:34 AM] Lycaeides: *calling you mean names
[1/24/2013 12:36:07 AM] Fethur: what a bitch, that bed
[1/24/2013 12:36:14 AM] Trinity: ugh
[1/24/2013 12:36:23 AM] Fethur: I sleep with it every night and it calls me names?
[1/24/2013 12:36:33 AM] Fethur: that's the thanks I get for being on top?
[1/24/2013 12:36:40 AM] Fethur: that's the last time I-- okay I'll stop.
[1/24/2013 12:36:51 AM] Trinity: feth go talk with it...then...lay with it i guess...
[1/24/2013 12:37:18 AM] Fethur: my bed and I broke up
[1/24/2013 12:37:31 AM] Fethur: I caught my brother sleeping with it once
[1/24/2013 12:37:35 AM] Fethur: I can never look at it the same way again
[1/24/2013 12:38:20 AM] Trinity: FETH GO MEND YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR BED....aslo stop tallking to inanimate objects...the tea cup isnt an therapist...and your bed isnt your lover...
[1/24/2013 12:38:20 AM] WilloWisp: xD
[1/24/2013 12:38:29 AM] WilloWisp: WilloWisp snuggles <3
[1/24/2013 12:38:34 AM] Fethur: YOU CANT TALK THAT WAY ABOUT DR. CHIP
[1/24/2013 12:38:45 AM] Lycaeides: my bed is ~my~ lover
[1/24/2013 12:38:48 AM] WilloWisp: LOL
[1/24/2013 12:38:53 AM] Fethur: I'M IN LOVE WITH THE KITCHEN SINK
Fethur snuggles the sink lovingly.
[1/24/2013 12:39:11 AM] Copic: The test results have come in
[1/24/2013 12:39:14 AM] Copic: You have tetanus
[1/24/2013 12:38:55 AM] Trinity: I WOULD LOVE TO SEE DR. CHIPS CREDENTIALS!
[1/24/2013 12:39:33 AM] Fethur: Dr. Chip went to the University of China.
[1/24/2013 12:45:36 AM] Fethur: I'm all out of Dr. Chip puns maybe
[1/24/2013 12:45:51 AM] Copic: You? Out of puns?
[1/24/2013 12:46:20 AM] WilloWisp: Well he was a bit loose leaf with his method
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January 31st, 2013, 7:48 pm #7

wrote:[1/4/2013 10:21:06 PM] WilloWisp: Hey did you hear Fethur?
[1/4/2013 10:21:20 PM] WilloWisp: Oxygen & Magnesium are TOTALLY going out. It's like, OMg!
[1/4/2013 10:22:47 PM] Fethur: Oxygen and Nitrogen were together once, but Oxygen said NO
[1/4/2013 10:23:10 PM] WilloWisp: How often do I tell chemistry jokes? Periodically
[1/4/2013 10:23:27 PM] WilloWisp: I was telling some just a few moments ago, but there was no reaction
[1/4/2013 10:23:35 PM] Copic: oh my god you two
[1/4/2013 10:23:44 PM] Fethur: Willo told a chemistry joke. There was no reaction.
[1/4/2013 10:24:15 PM] Fethur: But you can try again, Willo. Oxidants happen afterall.
[1/4/2013 10:24:22 PM] WilloWisp: Pffft
[1/4/2013 10:24:28 PM] Lumikou: lol
[1/4/2013 10:24:54 PM] Fethur: What can I say? We're in our element.
[1/4/2013 10:25:01 PM] WilloWisp: xD
[1/4/2013 10:25:02 PM] Fethur: ok ok I'll stop.
[1/4/2013 10:25:34 PM] Copic: iskdmfl
[1/4/2013 10:25:46 PM] Fethur: lol
[1/4/2013 10:26:07 PM] Fethur: I said I was sorry!
[1/4/2013 10:26:26 PM] Fethur: I'm done with the puns.
[1/4/2013 10:26:38 PM] Fethur: I'm positive. Don't look so negative about em. They argon.
[1/4/2013 10:27:04 PM] Copic: YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES
[1/4/2013 10:27:10 PM] Fethur: ahahaha
[1/4/2013 10:27:11 PM] WilloWisp: xD
[1/4/2013 10:27:14 PM] Fethur: or as chemistry would say: HeHe
[1/4/2013 10:27:18 PM] Copic: ojiehrgf
[1/4/2013 10:27:27 PM] Fethur: OK. OK. I'll stop.
[1/4/2013 10:27:35 PM] Fethur: This is too easy XD
[1/4/2013 10:27:43 PM] Copic: Was that another chemistry joke? I CAN'T TELL ANYMORE.
[1/4/2013 10:27:53 PM] Fethur: Potassium oxide
[1/4/2013 10:27:58 PM] Fethur: OK
[1/4/2013 10:28:02 PM] Copic: pkoghfl;,
[1/4/2013 10:28:03 PM] Fethur: lol
[1/4/2013 10:28:11 PM] Fethur: willo started it
[1/4/2013 10:28:36 PM] WilloWisp: Hey Feth, do you remember that one band from the 90s?
[1/4/2013 10:28:53 PM] WilloWisp: They were really solid for a while, but then they disappeared into thin air
[1/4/2013 10:28:55 PM] WilloWisp: What was it?
[1/4/2013 10:29:04 PM] Fethur: pfft
[1/4/2013 10:29:07 PM] Fethur: I dunno Willo. What?
[1/4/2013 10:29:11 PM] WilloWisp: Oh that's right
[1/4/2013 10:29:13 PM] WilloWisp: Sublime
[1/4/2013 10:29:15 PM] Copic: Don't. Don't do it. Willo pl-
[1/4/2013 10:29:22 PM] Fethur: bwa haha
[1/4/2013 10:29:43 PM] Copic: Their singer died. I'LL BET IT WAS PUN RELATED.
[1/4/2013 10:31:38 PM] Fethur: He died so we had to barium.
[1/4/2013 10:31:57 PM] Fethur: God chemistry is so easy XD
[1/4/2013 10:33:17 PM] WilloWisp: xD Na, it takes some clever solutions.
[1/4/2013 10:33:28 PM] Copic: Copic crawls away, coughing
[1/4/2013 10:34:48 PM] Fethur: lol
[1/4/2013 10:34:57 PM] Fethur: we should stop a salting Copic.
[1/4/2013 10:35:30 PM] Copic: Na.
[1/4/2013 10:35:57 PM] Fethur: Copic, if you aren't going to be part of the solution, you can at least precipitate.
[1/4/2013 10:36:48 PM] Fethur: Morrow's gonna be so confused
[1/4/2013 10:36:56 PM] Fethur: Coming back to a chatlog full of puns
[1/4/2013 10:36:59 PM] WilloWisp: I'm totally radon puns. They're so noble
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February 6th, 2013, 4:10 pm #8

[11:00:59 AM] SuperFush: Hm. Any Evangelion?
[11:01:15 AM] Copic: I fucking quit after like three episodes
[11:01:18 AM] Copic: I couldn't stand Shinji
[11:01:21 AM] SuperFush: Bah
[11:01:24 AM] SuperFush: He's not that bad.
[11:01:25 AM] Copic: I know, I know
[11:01:31 AM] Copic: I love Gainax, don't get me wrong
[11:01:33 AM] Copic: But
[11:01:35 AM] Copic: God dammit
[11:01:48 AM] SuperFush: Seriously, I can't say I'd be any different in his situation.
[11:02:00 AM] Copic: There's this great comic about it, let me find it
[11:02:01 AM] SuperFush: Not just the giant robot fighting horrific monsters, but the daddy issues too.
[11:02:37 AM] Copic: I have Daddy issues
[11:02:39 AM] Copic: I have a LOT
[11:02:42 AM] Copic: Like, a LOT A LOT
[11:02:51 AM] Copic: But if my Dad said "Pilot this badass giant robot"
[11:03:10 AM] Copic: I'd be too HYPED to be angry at him
[11:03:23 AM] SuperFush: Even if your first outing involved you suffering the sensation of being impaled?
[11:03:32 AM] Copic: Listen, to make an omlette...
[11:03:40 AM] Copic: You gotta impale a few children
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February 8th, 2013, 8:11 pm #9

Of note, Selphy is Krisabelle. This is what you miss from the IRC channel, you skypers XD
wrote:[2013-02-08 13:36:52] <CaptainHoers> I could gag DM if you like :V
[2013-02-08 13:37:07] <Fethur> go for it. I'm trying to make coffee XD
[2013-02-08 13:37:15] <Selphy> yaaay
[2013-02-08 13:37:38] <CaptainHoers> you (party) awake in the middle of Mattress Barn. You know it's Mattress Barn because there are mattresses everywhere
[2013-02-08 13:37:54] <CopicPen> >Create fort
[2013-02-08 13:38:01] <CaptainHoers> also there's huge banners around saying like MATTRESS BARN SALE UP TO 50% OFF*
[2013-02-08 13:38:09] <CaptainHoers> *average discount 5%
[2013-02-08 13:38:17] <CaptainHoers> roll 1d20 for Fortsmithing
[2013-02-08 13:38:31] <Selphy> hahaha
[2013-02-08 13:38:48] <Selphy> 16 for fortsmith! I'm halping!
[2013-02-08 13:39:03] * CopicPen fumbles where did he put his dice bag uh
[2013-02-08 13:39:19] <CopicPen> 13!
[2013-02-08 13:39:43] <Selphy> FETHUR HELP MAKE A FORT
[2013-02-08 13:39:54] <Fethur> 18 to make a rival fort
[2013-02-08 13:39:56] <CaptainHoers> You successfully fort. The middle of mattress barn has been successfully fortified
[2013-02-08 13:39:58] <Fethur> this is WAR, bitches
[2013-02-08 13:40:07] <Selphy> D:
[2013-02-08 13:40:08] <CaptainHoers> better hope it holds against the invasion
[2013-02-08 13:40:12] <CopicPen> I don my General's helmet
[2013-02-08 13:40:27] <CaptainHoers> IKEA are going to invade Mattress Barn as soon as I roll a 20
[2013-02-08 13:40:41] <Fethur> I make a barricade fence out of headboards
[2013-02-08 13:40:56] <CopicPen> Oh shit guys
[2013-02-08 13:40:57] <CopicPen> It's the swedes
[2013-02-08 13:41:02] <CaptainHoers> Fethur single-handedly makes a better-made but half as big fort
[2013-02-08 13:41:07] <Fethur> XD
[2013-02-08 13:41:08] <CaptainHoers> Fethur roll 1d20 for transmutation
[2013-02-08 13:41:13] <Selphy> Dammit Fethur's fort is winning
[2013-02-08 13:41:18] <Fethur> 14
[2013-02-08 13:41:18] <CopicPen> They're gonna throw meatballs at us
[2013-02-08 13:41:25] <CopicPen> And I'll have no choice but to eat them
[2013-02-08 13:41:54] <CaptainHoers> Mattress Barn has no headboards. Only mattresses. You manage to turn the mattresses into futons
[2013-02-08 13:42:21] <Fethur> damn
[2013-02-08 13:42:28] <Fethur> well, it could be worse.
[2013-02-08 13:42:40] <Fethur> this'll make good archer walls
[2013-02-08 13:43:20] <CaptainHoers> while you guys do nothing your DM continues to roll for the impending arrival of the Swedish
[2013-02-08 13:43:22] <CopicPen> And if relatives visit during the seige
[2013-02-08 13:43:23] <CopicPen> YOu know
[2013-02-08 13:43:29] <CopicPen> They'll be semicomfortable
[2013-02-08 13:44:07] <CaptainHoers> it'll begin with a god named thor. Some vikings, some boats and some plans for a furnitre sture
[2013-02-08 13:44:10] <CaptainHoers> store*
[2013-02-08 13:44:11] <Selphy> I dig a tunnel between our forts using Copic's helmet as a shovel.
[2013-02-08 13:44:19] <CaptainHoers> roll 1d20 for Steve McQueen
[2013-02-08 13:44:27] <Selphy> ....5!
[2013-02-08 13:44:36] <Fethur> nice going, loser
[2013-02-08 13:44:37] <CopicPen> I attach a bedpost from a display bed to a cash register with the cord on the corner of a mattress to make a makeshift CASHFLAIL.
[2013-02-08 13:44:58] <CaptainHoers> Your pants can't hold the dirt from the shovelling. You've got yourselves a little toilet in the basement but that's it
[2013-02-08 13:45:11] <Selphy> COPIC I MADE US A POTTY
[2013-02-08 13:45:20] <Selphy> We can now properly shit ourselves when IKEA attacks
[2013-02-08 13:45:22] <CopicPen> Good, that'll help us for when this all goes to shit
[2013-02-08 13:45:30] <CopicPen> shitmind
[2013-02-08 13:45:34] <CaptainHoers> Copic roll for alchemisation
[2013-02-08 13:45:41] <CopicPen> 19
[2013-02-08 13:45:45] <CopicPen> How's 19 work for you?!
[2013-02-08 13:46:03] <Fethur> I try to make a working trebuchet from bedposts and futons
[2013-02-08 13:46:33] <CaptainHoers> Your DM rolls 3 for holding reality together and allows Mattress Barn to have bedposts
[2013-02-08 13:46:45] <Fethur> but no headboards
[2013-02-08 13:46:46] <CaptainHoers> Copic you successfully craft a cashflail
[2013-02-08 13:46:47] <Fethur> seems legit
[2013-02-08 13:46:51] <CopicPen> Aw yeah
[2013-02-08 13:47:06] <CopicPen> I wonder if I can prototype this bitch
[2013-02-08 13:47:15] <Selphy> How's that trebuchet coming along, FutFort?
[2013-02-08 13:47:16] <CaptainHoers> Fethur roll Use Siege Engine
[2013-02-08 13:47:26] <Fethur> 20 XD
[2013-02-08 13:47:33] <Selphy> oh crap
[2013-02-08 13:47:40] <Fethur> GOING ALONG PRETTY WELL, *BUTT*fort
[2013-02-08 13:47:48] <Selphy> You bitch
[2013-02-08 13:47:58] <CopicPen> xD!
[2013-02-08 13:48:01] <Selphy> How dare you mock the capacity that is Shitfort
[2013-02-08 13:48:33] <CaptainHoers> Despite rolling the wrong skill for making a siege engine entirely (at the behest of your DM) you successfully make a working trebuchet. It even has racing stripes
[2013-02-08 13:48:42] <Fethur> sweeeeet
[2013-02-08 13:48:47] <Selphy> ...
[2013-02-08 13:48:48] <CopicPen> I dub it
[2013-02-08 13:48:49] <CopicPen> Geoff
[2013-02-08 13:49:16] <CaptainHoers> Fethur take a name save for your trebuchet
[2013-02-08 13:49:17] <Selphy> Our rival fort has a trebuchet and the best we got is a cashflail?
[2013-02-08 13:49:26] <CopicPen> This thing will work wonders
[2013-02-08 13:49:30] <CopicPen> And if I hit hard enough
[2013-02-08 13:49:36] <Fethur> 2
[2013-02-08 13:49:36] <CopicPen> We'll earn cashmoney
[2013-02-08 13:49:39] <CopicPen> To buy reinforcements
[2013-02-08 13:49:43] <Selphy> cuz we need cash NOW?
[2013-02-08 13:49:45] <CaptainHoers> it has +6 to item drops
[2013-02-08 13:49:54] <Fethur> lol
[2013-02-08 13:49:55] <CopicPen> When the first wave ends, yeah
[2013-02-08 13:50:03] <CopicPen> Don't you know how these things work?
[2013-02-08 13:50:07] <Selphy> I should make a weapon...
[2013-02-08 13:50:37] <CaptainHoers> Copic successfully names Geoff, technically owning him now
[2013-02-08 13:50:41] <Selphy> I attach a bedpost to copic with a cord around his feet to make a makeshift CopicFlail
[2013-02-08 13:50:49] <CaptainHoers> Fethur you now need to pass a Felony check to use Geoff..
[2013-02-08 13:50:52] <CopicPen> Waugh
[2013-02-08 13:50:54] <CaptainHoers> Even though he's in your fort.
[2013-02-08 13:51:22] <Fethur> I load a futon and aim at Copic. If he's dead, I'm his next of kin and get Geoff. 17 felony roll
[2013-02-08 13:51:47] <CopicPen> You aim at Copic who is currently wielded by Kris
[2013-02-08 13:51:59] <CaptainHoers> Your DM rolls 19 for Sweden. You can hear Jonathan Coulton outside singing "IKEA (ikea) Just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen~"
[2013-02-08 13:52:02] <CopicPen> So you're aiming futons at your only two allies against the oncoming storm of swedes
[2013-02-08 13:52:14] <CopicPen> And JoCo
[2013-02-08 13:52:17] <CopicPen> As their bard
[2013-02-08 13:52:24] <CaptainHoers> yeah you're kinda fucked
[2013-02-08 13:52:46] <CopicPen> I negotiate a cease fire WHILE THE FUTON IS IN MIDAIR
[2013-02-08 13:52:53] <CopicPen> 15
[2013-02-08 13:52:59] <CaptainHoers> Kris roll for Cybernetic Augmentation
[2013-02-08 13:53:27] <CaptainHoers> I'm resolving these things in the order they were posted
[2013-02-08 13:54:09] <Selphy> XD
[2013-02-08 13:54:13] <Selphy> uuuuuuuuuuuuuh 13
[2013-02-08 13:54:22] <CaptainHoers> also Fethur you succeed in using Geoff, roll for aim, which will be acted on once I determine whether Kris successfully crafted a Copicflail
[2013-02-08 13:54:38] <Fethur> She better hope she's not holding a copicflail while I aim at Copic
[2013-02-08 13:54:51] <Fethur> wasting ALL my 20s on a gag campaign. 20. lol
[2013-02-08 13:54:57] <CopicPen> god dammit
[2013-02-08 13:54:58] <CopicPen> xD
[2013-02-08 13:55:00] <Selphy> goddammit
[2013-02-08 13:55:07] <Selphy> WHY DID YOU STEAL HER TREBUCHET
[2013-02-08 13:55:13] <Selphy> DONT YOU KNOW HOW FETHUR OPERATES?
[2013-02-08 13:55:19] <CaptainHoers> you craft an Inferior Copicflail of Heavy Feet. You get disadvantage on attacks and walking while using it
[2013-02-08 13:55:42] <Selphy> close enough.
[2013-02-08 13:55:49] <CopicPen> I DIDN'T STEAL IT
[2013-02-08 13:55:51] <CopicPen> I NAMED IT GEOFF
[2013-02-08 13:55:52] <CaptainHoers> Copic does however have a recursion bonus while wielding the Cashflail, while being wielded as the Copicflail.
[2013-02-08 13:55:55] <CopicPen> A NOBLE PURSUIT
[2013-02-08 13:56:05] <Selphy> Copiception
[2013-02-08 13:56:12] <CaptainHoers> Onomancy is a mystical art with unintentional consequences
[2013-02-08 13:56:27] <Selphy> You stole ownership and now a futon is going to kill us
[2013-02-08 13:56:33] <CaptainHoers> The mattress is on target and Copic rolled 15 for Speed Diplomacy
[2013-02-08 13:56:36] <CopicPen> It was an accident
[2013-02-08 13:56:45] <CaptainHoers> Fethur Speed Diplomacy against him
[2013-02-08 13:56:48] <Selphy> Give it back to her before we die!
[2013-02-08 13:56:53] <Fethur> ..... 15
[2013-02-08 13:56:56] <CopicPen> ...
[2013-02-08 13:57:02] <CaptainHoers> the mattress forgets where it was going
[2013-02-08 13:57:04] <CaptainHoers> roll again
[2013-02-08 13:57:04] *** DanielaRaven ( joined
[2013-02-08 13:57:04] <CopicPen> I MAKE AN ADORABLE FACE
[2013-02-08 13:57:06] <Selphy> It's gonna just implode the univerise
[2013-02-08 13:57:12] <Fethur> 16!
[2013-02-08 13:57:14] <CopicPen> 2
[2013-02-08 13:57:17] <CopicPen> rip
[2013-02-08 13:57:19] <Selphy> fuuuuuuuuuu
[2013-02-08 13:57:19] *** DanielaRaven changed nick to Izar
[2013-02-08 13:57:28] <CaptainHoers> the mattress remembers and makes a beeline for Copicflail
[2013-02-08 13:57:28] <CopicPen> Kris, it's all up to you
[2013-02-08 13:57:44] <Selphy> I swing Copic at the mattress as it reaches orbit.
[2013-02-08 13:57:46] <CaptainHoers> Kris roll Reflex save, disadvantage (unless you ditch Copicflail)
[2013-02-08 13:57:51] <CopicPen> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
[2013-02-08 13:57:53] <Fethur> LOL
[2013-02-08 13:58:02] <Selphy> Don't worry. I'm a master at baseball
[2013-02-08 13:58:05] <CaptainHoers> or that, which is essentially the same check
[2013-02-08 13:58:11] <Selphy> 5 and 15 XD
[2013-02-08 13:58:19] <CopicPen> I swing the cashflail while being swung
[2013-02-08 13:58:22] <CopicPen> 20
[2013-02-08 13:58:24] <Fethur> (hi morrow! gag campaign while we wait for Willo!)
[2013-02-08 13:58:27] <CopicPen> jesus
[2013-02-08 13:58:40] <Selphy> ahaha
[2013-02-08 13:58:49] <CaptainHoers> don't even need to roll again, i was going to give you advantage
[2013-02-08 13:58:57] <CopicPen> I ROLL AGAIN ANYWAY
[2013-02-08 13:58:58] <CaptainHoers> Copic obliterates the mattress, but Kris is knocked off her feet
[2013-02-08 13:59:07] <CopicPen> 14
[2013-02-08 13:59:30] *** Izar quit ( (Too many invalid passwords))
[2013-02-08 13:59:31] <CopicPen> Strife is resolved in a blaze of feathers over Fethur
[2013-02-08 13:59:47] <CaptainHoers> The Swedes roll a 1 and forget where they were going
[2013-02-08 13:59:48] <Fethur> I dont wanna dismantle my fort to launch my fort's mattress pieces at them so I launch Geoff using Geoff.
[2013-02-08 13:59:55] <Selphy> @_@
[2013-02-08 14:00:00] <CopicPen> Roll to break reality?
[2013-02-08 14:00:07] *** DanielaRaven ( joined
[2013-02-08 14:00:08] * Selphy facepalms.
[2013-02-08 14:00:10] <CaptainHoers> Roll recursion
[2013-02-08 14:00:25] <Selphy> one second. fethur is headdesking IRL after her roll
[2013-02-08 14:00:36] <CaptainHoers> xD
[2013-02-08 14:00:37] <Fethur> fucking 20
[2013-02-08 14:00:44] <Selphy> GIMME YOUR DICE
[2013-02-08 14:00:45] <CopicPen> OH MY GOD
[2013-02-08 14:00:52] <DanielaRaven> Dangnabbit, I forgot the password...
[2013-02-08 14:00:55] <Fethur> ahahahahahaahaha
[2013-02-08 14:01:17] <CaptainHoers> Geoff launches into the air like a Gmod contraption with no apparent means of propulsion
[2013-02-08 14:01:32] <CopicPen> oh my god
[2013-02-08 14:01:36] <Selphy> dammit I dunno your ID
[2013-02-08 14:01:46] <CaptainHoers> it keeps going until it hits the invisible roof of the map (Mattress Barn is really, really tall)
[2013-02-08 14:01:53] <CaptainHoers> and then comes right back down again
[2013-02-08 14:02:05] <CaptainHoers> Copic and Kris roll to dodge
[2013-02-08 14:02:11] <Selphy> 3.
[2013-02-08 14:02:17] <Selphy> Well, fuck nuggets.
[2013-02-08 14:02:19] <CopicPen> 5
[2013-02-08 14:02:22] <CopicPen> rip us
[2013-02-08 14:02:24] <CaptainHoers> both disadvantage, Kris from wielding Copic flail and being on the ground, and Copic from being a flail
[2013-02-08 14:02:40] <Selphy> I crouch in the shithole and prepare for my death. ... other roll was a 5
[2013-02-08 14:02:49] <CopicPen> Other roll was a 2
[2013-02-08 14:02:52] <CaptainHoers> xD
[2013-02-08 14:02:53] <CopicPen> Magnificent
[2013-02-08 14:02:54] <Fethur> hahaha
[2013-02-08 14:03:01] <Fethur> DIE YOU TREBUCHET STEALING BASTARDS
[2013-02-08 14:03:07] <CopicPen> Kris, forcibly take Fethur's magic dice please
[2013-02-08 14:03:20] <Selphy> I was using her dice when I rolled a 3 and a 5
[2013-02-08 14:03:33] <Fethur> They're powered by Fethur
[2013-02-08 14:03:46] <CaptainHoers> Geoff turns you both into tomato puree. You wake up in the underworld, leaving Fethur to face the hordes of Ikea alone
[2013-02-08 14:03:47] <DanielaRaven> Oh joy, German Carnival season srarted...
[2013-02-08 14:03:50] <Selphy> Please tell me someone has this chatlog
[2013-02-08 14:03:57] <Fethur> Hydra is saving chatlogs for me XD
[2013-02-08 14:04:00] <CaptainHoers> also i have dinner now
[2013-02-08 14:04:03] <CopicPen> Can this like
[2013-02-08 14:04:07] <CopicPen> ALL go in Best of Chat?
[2013-02-08 14:04:10] <CaptainHoers> so I'm gonna have to leave it there
[2013-02-08 14:04:13] <Selphy> YES PLEASE
[2013-02-08 14:04:18] <Fethur> <3 sure Cap XD
[2013-02-08 14:04:27] <Fethur> Oh... right
[2013-02-08 14:04:28] <CopicPen> Next time: FETHUR VS SWEDEN
[2013-02-08 14:04:37] <Fethur> I forgot all about the IKEA war and the fact that I just launched my weapon
[2013-02-08 14:04:40] <Fethur> Fuck.
[2013-02-08 14:04:47] <Selphy> XD
[2013-02-08 14:05:04] <Selphy> That'll go well
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February 17th, 2013, 5:54 pm #10

wrote:[18:48:14][18:47:44] Fethyfoal: he made me stand on one of those wierd foot scanners
[18:47:56] Fethyfoal: and it diagnosed me hilariously the same way the doctor did, so apparently those things work
[18:47:58] Morrow Rose: Oh...?
[18:48:08] Morrow Rose: Fancy that!
[18:48:14] Copic: "Your fuck is incredibly fucked"