Adi Gerard

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Name: Adi Gerard
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Icara
Features: Adi looks like a mutt. Her skin and features are such a mix of everything that no matter where she is, she looks like she's from somewhere else. She dresses like she's just been chased through a thrift store, and she's got an accent that always sounds almost local, but then some unfamiliar turn of phrase or odd inflection will work it's way in. What stands out as uniquely her, however, is the explosion of green hair on her head - darker at the roots, lighter at the tip - and the brightly coloured, almost parrot-feathered wings on her back. When she wants to be hidden, she can disappear, but when she wants to be noticed, she's impossible to miss.

Core Memories:
  • Silver tongue - "When I was wee tyke, we moved around a lot. Dad was some government official or something. Never settled anywhere. Naturally, this made it impossible to have like, a social circle, and wouldn't you know it, bullies target the isolated! I was never that strong or fast, but pretty soon I learned how to talk my way out of anything."
  • I don't owe the world a goddamn thing - "My life fell apart in my teen years. I mean, the house was always kind of built on a fault line, I started getting involved in petty crime when I was 13 and my brother joined the Duskwatch, which... caused some friction, but there was a point where it all just snapped, and I ran away at 17. And wouldn't you know it, life as a homeless teen in Portsteel is pretty shit! Civilised society had no time for me, and the criminal underworld exploited me in exchange for keeping me kicking. Fuck all of it."
Flaws: Impulsive, arrogant, vain, trouble with boundaries, lazy, callous, fickle, and absolutely does not know when to quit.
Alignment: If you ask her, chaotic good. If you ask just about anyone else, probably chaotic evil.

Master Skill: Chemistry, with a focus towards ordinance
Exceptional Skills: Bluffing, sweet-talking, intimidation, haggling - all the talents of speech. Also disguise.
Passable Skills: Breaking and entering, lockpicking, sneaking around - thief things! Y'know.
Weaknesses: She's pretty crap at flying, too lazy to build up much physical endurance, a hopeless glutton when the opportunity presents itself, and her raw strength is really not anything to be admired.
Combat Focus: Cunning

Residence: Some drab dive in Portsteel
Occupation: CRIME
Factions: No
  • Placeholder (COMPLICATED) - "Always feels like I'm waiting on them for some reason."
Biography: Adi was born into a lower middle-class family with an accidental Montpalais surname. Her mother, a guard killed in action not long after she was born, was Crossfields through and through. The name comes from her father's side, though he was raised in Terrise, and by the time she was growing up, his work as a government bureaucrat saw him reassigned all over Lyria on a regular basis. She had a brother, ten years her senior, who had much longer to become attached to their parents. Her childhood, on the other hand, was chaotic and isolated.

As a disaffected teenager in Portsteel, she was easily manipulated into doing small jobs for crime organisations - participating in grifts and petty theft at first, but her quick tongue and quick wits made her valued as a face for bigger and bigger hauls. Eventually though, the consequences would catch up to her at home.

Her activities being found out drove apart her already fractious family, and rather than clean up her act to keep her father and brother out of trouble, she abandoned them, and took her chances in the Portsteel underground. Truth be told, she kind of hated the scum she had to work with, and especially the fact that she was dependent on their employment to survive - they were just the lesser evil. One day though - one day she'd put it all right. One day she'd see the back of this dark armpit of a town and leave all these clowns behind. Somehow.
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