A Thief's End

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Inspired by her mother Bittersweet’s heroic death and sacrifice, Ruby Nights made a pact. To care for her adoptive sister Pangolin, her only family that remained, she claimed the Mask of Shadow and traveled down a path of darkness. Injecting the Shadow Master, the leader of the Shrouded Blade thieves’ guild, with a poison of dragon’s blood concocted by her mother, Ruby Nights managed to kill him in a one on one struggle, claiming his position of power and the mask associated with it. Prior, Ruby Nights saw the Shrouded Blade as a disgraceful and cowardly organization. A shadow of its former self, the guild once dealt primarily in drug deals, loans, and operation of shady bars. Through much more aggressive and cutthroat tactics however, the new leader behind the mask returned the Shrouded Blade to its former glory as a fearful organization.

But in her effort to care for her sister as her mother did in her final moments, Ruby quickly found herself ensnared by the same darkness that had ensnared her mother Bittersweet. Within the organization, it was difficult to trust. Through an usurp, Ruby Nights had risen to power… and so had the Shadow Master before her, and the Shadow Master before him, and so on. She knew that by accepting the mask, she had agreed to a violent death. And like any other Shadow Master before her, she had a weakness. Hers was family. After years of crime and bloodshed, Ruby Nights came across a troublemaking orphan girl named Crimson Moon. Seeing much of herself in Crimson, she took the girl out of the slums and into her guild and throughout her upbringing, Ruby Nights taught her everything she knew. Crimson Moon was the only one within the guild who ever saw her face behind the mask.

Ruby’s weakness for family and her desire for trust within the guild was her downfall. On her unforeseen final mission, the masked leader felt a dart shot through her back. She turned around to see the crossbow in her partner Crimson Moon’s hands. Had it not been for the poison laced within the dart, Ruby’s experience and knowledge might have won out… but Crimson Moon had gotten the better of her. The mask was hers. A precaution she had learned from her mother, Crimson severed her right arm to leave her bleeding out over the ground.

“Take risks… but never unnecessary ones. With their limbs attached, your enemy is capable of anything… Make them capable of nothing,” Ruby mumbled as she coughed up blood. “Heh. I taught you too well, girl.”

With the features of her face once again exposed to the chilly air that tiptoed upon it, there was nothing she could do to prevent the passing of power... but Ruby Nights was still craftier than most. As Crimson Moon crept closer to her mother, Ruby Nights tripped her with her legs and activated a smoke grenade. She had narrowly escaped… but without the mask and without her arm as well. She knew Crimson Moon would let her go. The mask was already in her possession and she was going to bleed out anyway. In her final moments, Ruby Nights only had one wish: to see her good friend Corsair Razorwind one last time. Spilling blood all the way, Ruby collapsed in the middle of the Decadence Estate courtyard. Her death was ill-timed but she was happy to die as herself, Ruby Nights and not as the Shadow Master.

“Corsair... I'm here, you big oaf... I'm here!”