Darkest Dungeon

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Darkest Dungeon

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April 14th, 2015, 12:10 am #1

Anyone else interested in this game? I played a bit of it and it's quite neat, roguelike with a party of dudes and a dash of Lovecraftian horror thrown in, although fairly hard and unforgiving. You can never permanently screw up though so that's not a problem.

This game is all about the psychological stresses of being an adventurer. Apparently sending people into the last dungeon in the game is so stressful that anyone who goes there refuses to ever go back, and you have to make multiple trips in there to beat the game. Also while just wandering around the dungeons and shit your guys constantly get stressed out, and when it hits 100 they either become heroic or afflicted with some crippling mental illness. Guess which one happens like 99% of the time? You can also abandon a quest at anytime but that gives you 30 extra stress.

You're also given various facilities to deal with the built up stress. The tavern offers drinking, gambling and whoring, while the church offers meditation, prayer and the medieval religious equivalent of being emo/cutting (self-flagellation). Problem is, sometimes these distractions can backfire and create more problems. For instance, the brothel can give a guy (or gal) syphilis, and sometimes you get banned from the gambling den for cheating. All is not lost though, for you can pay exorbitant sums at the local sanitarium to fix these various maladies. Oh, and did I mention that whenever you visit a dungeon you often come back with 1-2 persistent buffs/debuffs?

So yeah, when you hit 100 stress you might become heroic and say become courageous, which helps with combating all that stress you accumulate while in a dungeon, or more often you become afflicted, with such fun disorders such as selfishness, abusiveness, and masochism. One time my nun became masochistic and would keep hurting herself/refuse healing during a battle, so I sent her to bang some hookers for R&R.

Persistent debuffs, as I mentioned before can be cured in the looney bin for loads of money, but until they are they can do all kinds of fun things. Like if one of your guys is a klepto, he might try to loot any containers you come across and keep them for himself, the selfish cuntbag. And if he's OCD, he might try use any interactable objects without using a supply item, which in most cases is a bad idea. For instance, if you open an iron maiden without using herbs to disinfect it, you often get blighted or even come down with a disease, such as lockjaw, or if you use a confessional without holy water, most of the time your guys become even more stressed out, whereas if you used herbs on the iron maiden you'd be guaranteed some treasure, or if you used holy water on the confessional you'd get -30 stress.

So yeah, if you like dark psychological horror games where your guys go nuts and piss you and each other off, give it a look, it's in early access on Steam right now