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Temporary posting until I figure out where to place this information...

This thread will act as a place for various bits of information regarding the Tomica brand.

Let's start with some information directly from the manufacturer...

The following is taken from the English pages of the TAKARATOMY Tomica Products website.


Tomica. Little vehicles carrying big dreams.

"The Mission: Japanese Diecast Mini-cars for Japanese Children."

The Tomica story starts back in 1970, when model cars mainly referred to imported 1/64 scale models of foreign cars or larger 1/43 scale models of Japanese cars for collectors. It was then that Tomica's founders embarked on their mission to give the children of Japan small diecast cars based on the vehicles produced by Japan's own automobile makers. Tomica products were refreshingly different: modeled on made-in-Japan vehicles, they came in sizes that fit easily in the palm of a child's hand. Diecast bodies gave them an authentic feel, and they were painted using the same baked enamel finish used on real automobiles. With these features, plus extras such as precision suspension and ultra-smooth performance, all at a very reasonable price, Tomica's popularity grew rapidly. Today, around four in every five Japanese children under the age of eight own at least one Tomica product. Times have changed since the birth of Tomica, but the childhood love of vehicles has endured, and Tomica has grown into a long-selling brand enjoyed by children and parents across three generations. These days, there are 140 models in the Tomica diecast lineup at any one time. The lineup is continually being refreshed with the release of a new model on the third Saturday of each month.

Tomica by the Numbers
How many models have been sold since Tomica was launched?
• Number of models: More than 800
• Cumulative total units sold: More than 554 million!
• If you lined up all the Tomica cars sold since the brand was launched, bumper to bumper, they would reach all the way around the Earth!
*Figures correct as of March 2011
Just how popular is Tomica?
Measuring Tomica's popularity
• 92.6% of boys in Japan two to seven years of age recognize the Tomica brand.
• Recognition among parents is almost universal at 99.7%.
• Brand recognition and ownership rates are particularly high among children aged 3 and over.
*From a nationwide survey of 2,000 boys aged 2-7, commissioned by Tomica and conducted by market research firm Macromill in November 2010.

Tomica Expo

What is Tomica Expo? This Expo is a major event where children and their parents can enjoy Tomica products together. Visitor numbers are growing from year to year and attendance has been approximately 590,000 people in 2011.

Tomica Shop: A specialty store for Tomica products

Tomica Shop Locations
• Tomica Shop Tokyo
• Tomica Shop Tokyo Sky Tree Town Solamachi
• Tomica Shop Kichijoji
• Tomica Shop Nagoya
• Tomica Shop Osaka
• Tomica Shop Fukuoka

Beyond just toys, Tomica Shops have a wide variety of Tomica-branded household goods, candy, apparel, and other merchandise. Currently operating in six locations throughout Japan,Tomica Shops are designed to be enjoyed by both children and parents.

1970 - Tomica launched (Tomica World products also released)
1972 - 60 models in lineup; Tomica Dandy released
1974 - 100 models in lineup
1976 - Foreign Vehicle Series and Long Tomica released; 100 millionth Tomica product manufactured
1977 - Onset of the “super car” boom; super cars added to Foreign Vehicle Series in quick succession
1984 - New product packaging introduced, still in use today; 300 millionth product manufactured
1988 - Product lineup expanded to 120 models
1993 - B/O Tomica, battery-powered series released
1995 - Tomica licensing business launched
1999 - Radio-controlled R/C Tomica series released
2000 - 30th Anniversary Pure Gold Tomica released with a price tag of 1 million yen; Monthly Tomica releases initiated with the slogan “The third Saturday of the month is Tomica Day”; First Tomica Expo held
2001 - Tomica Limited series launched; First appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show
2005 - Tomica's 35th anniversary; Tomica Shop, the first direct retail outlet, opened in Tokyo Station complex
2006 - Tomica Hyper Series released
2008 - Tomica Long Type released
2010 - Tomica's 40th anniversary; product lineup expanded to 140 models with release of Tomica No.140; Tecology Tomica series launched
2011 - 10th anniversary of Tomica Limited series; Tomica Shop network expanded to five locations
The Power of Tomica
Helping little kids to Grow Up Big


Tomica Diecast Cars

Among Japan's most well-known toys, these die-cast cars have captivated three generations of children. There are currently 140 models in the lineup, which is continually being renewed with the release of a new model on the third Saturday of each month.
Other product lines include Tomica Limited, based on regular Tomica models but with more advanced detailing, and Tecology Tomica, which have lights powered not from batteries but by a miniature electrical generator powered when the vehicle is moved by hand. Children and adults alike enjoy the diverse range of Tomica diecast cars.

Tomica World

Expressways, buildings, large vehicles . . . let your imagination run free in the diverse miniature world of Tomica.
With plenty of lights, sounds, actions, and other effects, playing with Tomica cars is more fun than ever! Here children can experience a quality of touch and movement that can never be replicated in video games.

Tomica Town

Children can construct their very own original townscape using the same kinds of buildings and roads as they see every day in real life. As well as extending their imagination and creativity, they learn naturally about traffic rules, social conventions, and other aspects of the world around them

Tomica Hyper Series

Larger vehicles are the stars of this series which is made up of three teams: Tomica Hyper Rescue, Tomica Hyper Blue Police, and Tomica Hyper Builder.
New stories unfold around these three teams as they work for safety, order, and progress in Tomica Town.

Tomica Preschool

Learn as you play! For ages two and above, this series uses familiar Tomica imagery in activities to help children learn naturally while having fun.

Tomica Licensed Goods

Make Tomica a part of your life. Tomica has enduring appeal to both children and adults across multiple generations. Now the Tomica brand extends beyond toys to include merchandise for a range of everyday uses. Keep the childhood dreams alive by bringing Tomica goods into your home today.

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Please bear with us as details are still being added.

The Tomica Box story

TOMIYAMA Company was founded by Eijiro Tomiyama, our 'great-grandfather' on 1924.
1924 : production of tinplate toys
1946 : production of plastic toys
1963 : Company name changed to TOMY Kogyo
1970 : production of diecast toys, named 'TOMICA' ( TOMY Mini Car ) using 3" size inspired by Lesney Matchbox in The UK and Mattel Hot Wheels in The USA

The first appearance of TOMICA was in the now popular 'Black box' packaging, all models were 'Made In Japan', with sturdy diecast metal material for the vehicles inside .

First 'black box' launched as 6 models, Made In Japan on 1970
On 1971-1972 there are six models was Made In HongKong
All black box packaging are specialized for Japanese brand vehicles .
Total of numbering in black box packaging era is 109 models, consisting of numbers #1 to #110, but without number #109.
#109 was planned to be released as 'Hino Aerial Platform Fire Truck' using the same base of #29-2 'Hino Aerial Ladder Fire Truck'
( Even the models of #109 already announced in 1976 and 1977 catalogue, but in fact, it's never released to the market.
We still can see it in reproduction catalogue inside the TOMICA 35th Anniversary Repro Models released on 2005 in blister card )

Global economic recession happened in 1980 and the global market absorption turn to become lower;
The effect was 'Black box' models were reduced from a total of 109 models to 80 models .

There are at least two types of Made In Japan 'Black box' packaging .
The older one displays sketches of the vehicles inside. The illustrations are on two sides of the box, like this

And then, towards 1988 era, the sketch of vehicles only displayed on one side, another side displaying 'bar code'
Both old box and newer 'black box' appeared in this photo, for example purposes

On 1974, TOMY release 'TOMY Pocket Cars' in blister card package special for USA and Canada market
( Japanese vehicles and foreign vehicles models )

On 1976, TOMY release 'Foreign blue box' package, special for foreign non Japanese brand of vehicles .
First 18 models released on 1976, adding 14 models on 1977, and then reaching full range of 70 models on 1979 .
Due to global recession in 1980, the models in 'foreign blue box' reduced to 40 models .
There are at least two types in 'Foreign blue box' : totally using Japanese words on both side ( the side which displaying the car's picture ) and then using Japanese words in one side combined with English words in another / reverse side .
'Foreign blue box' is mainly distributed for local Japanese, HongKong, USA and European market .
Even it's also distributed unoficially to South America region ( such as Uruguay) .
'Foreign Blue box' with totally Kanji written on both side, example:

And then, the unification era was come on 1988 .
This is the first appearance of Made In Japan 'Red box' packaging, almost similar to nowadays packaging .
This is also the first usage of #1 to #120 numbering in TOMICA .
80 models of the previous 'Black box' become number #1 to #80
40 models of the previous 'Foreign blue box' become number #81 to #120

There are several types of Made In Japan 'red box', the main difference is on the back / reverse side .
This is the first appearance of Made In Japan 'red box' ( back side )

This is the back side appearance on around 1995 ( The rest of Made In Japan models before fully turn to Made In China era )

The second variant of 'red box' Made In Japan ( after the first one with vehicle's picture at both side of the box )
is this:

On around 1992 ( according to Wikipedia : 1993 ) TOMICA move their production base to China .
So, the 'red box' become also appear as 'Made In China'

There are several types of the back side of Made In China 'red box' packaging.
The 'old' / first version, come with black color of the ト®ミカ inscription ( the ® only on the box front side )
The newer one come with white color on the ® inscription, see this image closely

And then, back side of them, left side is 'old' box of Made In China red box .

Then there are the logo was replaced from red 'TOMY' to blue 'TOMY' this is affected the logo in the box too .
All blue 'TOMY' logo cars is Made In China .

After merger with TAKARA on March 2006, the logo was changed again from 'blue TOMY' to 'TAKARA TOMY' logo .
This is still valid until now .

TOMY have partner to Forever True in HongKong, that have two factory in Mainland China and in Vietnam .
That's why there are Made In China TOMICA and later also Made In Vietnam for certain castings .
- Another 'red box' Japan variants, after the first 'old box' there are the second box variants
with using big 'bar code' at back side

- ST ( Safety Toy ) code appear officially later in Made In China 'red box'

Additional :
In 'Red box' Made In China, 'blue TOMY logo' appeared first time in regular TOMICA on year 2002 replacing the 'red TOMY logo' ( ST 02 )
Even it's appear first time on year 2000 ( 30th Anniversary 'Black Box' Reproduction TOMICA )
but for the regular boxes, we should examine are there any models with 'blue TOMY logo' come with code ST 00 or ST 01 at back side

the statement should be :
In 'Red box' Made In China, 'blue TOMY logo' appeared first time in regular TOMICA on year 2000 replacing the 'red TOMY logo' ( ST 00 )

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The TOMICA SHOPS are the place to go for all your current TOMICA needs. So of course, a TOMICA SHOP is the number one place for a Tomica Fan to visit when they are traveling in Japan. You can get almost all your Tomica needs taken care of here. The shops carry a full range of current Tomica, Tomica Limited, Limited Vintage & Neo, as well as all the other Tomica accessories you might ever want (books, playsets, and everything else you need to enjoy the Tomica Life!). The only thing missing is older vintage Tomica. And don't forget the Tomica Construction Factory where they will assemble a car before your eyes!

I love going to the TOMICA SHOP. Where else can you find all the newest assortment of Tomica cars and accessories all in one place? And one of my favorite features is the Tomica Assembly Factory. What's more cool than watching your very own cars being assembled before your eyes? In case you're not familiar with the Tomica Assembly Factory, here's what it's all about - First you select your pieces - you grab a chassis, and plastic windshield assembly, then you have 3 interior colors and 3 body colors to choose from (occasionally there is even a special 4th body to choose from). You give the parts to the friendy Tomica employee and they assemble it for you. You can mix and match the interior and exterior colors to your own liking.

There are currently only 3 Tomica Shops in Japan, but at one time there were a total of 6.
Besides the 3 dedicated Tomica Shops there a a number of satellite shops (I'll try to add these as soon as I can).
Click on the name of the shop to get complete shop information, including photos, maps, directions and reviews.
Late 2014 through early 2015, three of the six Tomica Shops closed down permanently (we will continue to keep their entries online).

Tokyo Tomica Shop
Osaka Tomica Shop
Tokyo Sky Tree Town Tomica Shop

Kichijoji Tomica Shop CLOSED on 16 NOVEMBER 2014
Nagoya Tomica Shop CLOSED - 15 FEBRUARY 2015
Fukuoka Tomica Shop CLOSED - 1 MARCH 2015

OPENED August 2005
MOVED May 2011 when the Plarail Shop opened

Yaesu-Chikagai, Tokyo Station Ichiban gai B1F

Phone: 03-5220-1351
Hours:10:00 to 20:30 (10AM - 8:30PM) Holiday: January 1
Website: ... /index.htm
Rating: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

Yaesu-Chikagai, Tokyo Station Ichiban gai B1F
Phone: 03-5220-1351

八重洲地下街 東京駅一番街 地下1階 

10:00 to 20:30 (10AM - 8:30PM)
Holiday: January 1

The store has 4 entrances (two on each side, so you can enter from two hallways as seen on the map below).

May 2006

April 2008

November 2010

Actual Tomica Assembly Factory work station - pressing the pieces together (April 2008).

And this was simulation of a factory production line in miniature!

Tokyo Station

Tomica Shop Tokyo is located at Tokyo Station. Once you are at Tokyo Station, find your way to the underground shopping distrcit called Yaesu Chikagai. Head towards First Avenue Tokyo Station, near Yaesu North exit (underground). The Tomica Shop will be near the Yaesu North exit (underground), level B1F; it is located between Caracarappa 'street' and Stylish 'street'. It is easy to get lost here, so don't be affraid to ask for help! Other shops in the area include Nippon Animation Co., JOCX TV Store, NHK Character Workshop, Lego Store, Acorn Republic, Snoopy Town, the TBS Store, and Ultraman World M78.

There Tomica Shop has an entrance at both the front & back of the store.


Tomica Shop Tokyo is located at Tokyo Station. Tokyo Station is a large sprawling, multilevel, usually under contruction, train and subway station - it can be very confusing here, like a maze and you can get easily lost. Once you are at Tokyo Station, find your way to the underground shopping distrcit called Yaesu Chikagai (this is an underground shopping mall). Head towards First Avenue Tokyo Station, near Yaesu North exit (underground). The Tomica Shop will be near the Yaesu North exit (underground), level B1F; it is located between Caracarappa 'street' and Stylish 'street' (another map). It is easy to get lost here, so don't be affraid to ask for help! Other shops in the area include Nippon Animation Co., JOCX TV Store, NHK Character Workshop, Lego Store, Acorn Republic, Snoopy Town, the TBS Store, and Ultraman World M78.

And a link to a PDF file with informations about First Avenue in english ... oreign.pdf
The Tomica Shop is located in the Tokyo Character Street (shop #3)


NAGOYA Tomica Shop
Oasis 21 B1F Higashi Sakura 1-11-1 Higashi-ku Nagoya
phone: 052-955-3381

Hours: 10:00 - 21:00 (10AM - 9PM)
Closed on Jan 1st and the third Monday in February and the second Monday in September

The TOMICA SHOPS are the place to go for all your current TOMICA needs. They carry a full range of current Tomica, Tomica Limited, Vintage & Neo, as well as all the other Tomica accessories you might ever want! And don't forget the Tomica Construction Factory where they will assemble a car before your eyes!

On a scale of Excellent, Good, Average, Fair, and Poor, TOMICA SHOP NAGOYA rates:
Appearance: Excellent
Selection: Good
Pricing: Average
Overall: GOOD

名古屋市東区東桜1-11-1 オアシス21 地下1階
営業時間:10:00-20:00 (元旦・9月第2月曜・2月第3月曜はお休みです)

OASIS 21 as seen at night

June 2007

Tomica Construction Factory

Sakae Station

Take the Higashiyama subway line or Meijoh subway line and get off at Sakae station. From Sakae Station head over to Oasis 21, and down to level B1F where you will find the Tomica Shop.

OSAKA Tomica Shop

If anyone has been to the Osaka Tomica Shop and can provide details or photos, please contact me.


The Osaka Tomica Shop is located at Namba Walk, a large shopping mall. Namba Walk is divided into three zones, Avenue One, Avenue 2 and Avenue 3. Each avenue is split into a North Street and a South Street. The Tomica Shop is located in Avenue 2, on North Street, near exit B16.

Here are links to the shopping mall website and a page for the Osaka Tomica Shop:
Namba Walk Website
Osaka Tomica Shop @ Namba Walk

Osaka Tourist Info page (in English) for Namba Walk

FUKUOKA Tomica Shop

Photos and report courtesy Jamarmiller, April 2011.

Play area.

The closest station is the NISHITETSU Subway TENJIN STATION and it must be like a 2 minute walk from the station , so really really close

I would say once you come out of the station ( at Street level ) go in the direction of Mcdonalds and turn left go on block and you will see the building on the left.

New Tomica Shop to open MAY 22 2012 at TOKYO SKY TREE TOWN

Tokyo Sky Tree information


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The Tomica Story
by Steve Shaw
[This article was initially published in March 2000]

The Tomica Domestic Line

The birth of Tomica diecast began in 1970 under the nurturing hand of Eijiro Tomiyama, the head of the Tomy Kogyo Company, Inc. of Tokyo, Japan. From the very beginning, the high level of detail, eye catching colors, quality construction, and superb craftsmanship distinguished Tomicas from many of other diecast lines. Tomica's humble start in the world of diecast began with an initial line of only six models: the Datsun Bluebird SSS Coupe, the Toyota Corona MkII, the Toyota Crown Super DL, the Toyota Crown Police Sedan, Toyota 2000GT, and the Datsun Fairlady Z432. Although Tomica models ranged from anywhere between 1/28 to 1/154 in scale, they were typically 1/65. Like Matchbox, each vehicle was sold in a small box that could accommodate a 2 1/2" model. From these modest beginnings, the number of vehicles in the Tomica line grew exponentially so that by 1976, there were 128 models. By 1979, this total grew to 180 vehicles. 1980 marked the finest hour for Tomica lovers and collectors with the total number of different models peaking at over 260. Unfortunately, due to a bad case of economic reality in the diecast marketplace, these heady days were short lived. As a result, Tomy consolidated and downsized the line to 120 different models - a number that Tomy has consistently offered since 1987. Although the number of available models hasn't changed, Tomy keeps things interesting by phasing out a few models every year and replacing them with something new and exciting.

Tomy has created around 500 different models since 1970. Of course, if you count all of the color differences and styling variations between different releases of the models, then you're talking around several thousand different Tomicas available to collect. Depending on your perspective, this can be a good or a bad thing. On the one hand, such a rich spectrum of variety provides collectors with a boundless pool from which to pursue their hobby. On the other hand, some collectors may only have so much money to devote to their obsession.... If anyone knows the total number of different Tomicas, just send a message to Super Great Tomica. (visit Steve Shaw's excellent Tomica Web site) [Editor' note - the Super Great Tomica website is no longer online]

The Tomica Foreign Line

During the first six years of production, Tomy based their original line of superbly modeled and highly detailed Tomicas entirely on Japanese vehicles. Although this line experienced significant growth through the seventies, it lacked a strong worldwide appeal since many people outside of Japan weren't entirely captivated by such Japanese vehicles like the Nissan Laurel 2000GX or the Fuso container truck. Imagine that ! In order to appeal to the tastes of a wider world market, Tomy introduced a special 'F' series in distinctive packaging in 1976. As some of you may guess, the 'F' in 'F' series stood for foreign vehicles, albeit as in foreign to the Japanese. The debut line of foreign vehicles consisted of eighteen models based on popular English, German, and American vehicles. As a result of this release's success, 1977 saw the line expanded to thirty two models, including two vehicles from Italy, the Lancia Stratos and the Fiat X1/9. In 1978, as the number of foreign models increased to fifty two, France made its mark in the line with the addition of the Citroen SM and the Alpine Renault A442 Turbo. Ultimately, by 1979, the 'F' series grew to a healthy seventy models. Like their domestic Japanese brethren, the 'F' series were beautiful works of art - all sporting excellent attention to detail, sturdy construction, and vibrant, rich paint.

The Tomica Consolidated Line

Through 1980, things looked good for Tomy's Tomica line of diecast. In 1979, the original, or domestic, line consisted of 109 models while the foreign line included seventy. Unfortunately, the early eighties marked a time when the world's diecast industry underwent marketplace problems. Subsequently, in 1981, Tomy drastically reduced the number of models in its domestic and foreign lines to eighty and forty, respectively. By 1987, the foreign line was assimilated and consolidated into the domestic line. To the chagrin of collectors who appreciated consistent numbering schemes, this change affected the numbering of the foreign line so that the 'F' prefix of the model number was eliminated and 80 was added to the remaining number. For example, the foreign model 'F11' became #91 in the new consolidated line. Interestingly, the baseplates for the old 'F' series did not necessarily reflect the new numbering change. If you look at the baseplate of the venerable Volkswagen 1200LSE Bug, you will see that it is stamped with 'F20' even though it is now known as number 100 in the existing line. As far as packaging, Tomy abandoned the old yellow and black domestic line boxes and blue and white foreign line boxes for today's red and white box. Currently, of the 120 Tomica models available, there are only nine foreign models remaining.

Up until 1992, all manufacture of Tomicas took place in Japan. In that year, however, Tomy began producing a new line of thirty six Tomicas in China. The vehicles in this new line were based on existing models painted with new colors and additional details. The line came packaged on single and multi-car blister packs and was meant to be solely distributed in Britain. Although there were several very striking models in this line (which are eminently collectible today), Tomy pulled the plug on its production in 1994.

Other Tomica History

In addition to individually packaged diecast models, Tomy produced several other items under the Tomica moniker.

Perhaps the most ubiquitous item was the gift set. Gift sets consisted of a single, special box containing any number of vehicles, typically four or so. Since 1971, Tomy has released over 190 different gift sets. Usually, the vehicles in the set are based on existing models, but with either a different paint job or different body detailing. Gift sets are often based around a theme. For instance, you might have a racing set that consists of formula one racers, or a fire fighting set made up of various fire engines and related vehicles. Vehicle gift sets have been designed around construction, busing, safaris, the military, trucking, car races, off-road vehicles, the American highway, airlines, San name it and Tomy has released it....which makes for a ton of sets to collect ! Perhaps the grand-daddy of all sets was the 'Osaka Castle' set which commemorated the 400th anniversary of the Osaka Castle. This monster set contained eighty vehicles all in one rather large box. As this set was so large, you'll oftentimes see individual Osaka Castle Tomicas for sale since it has been easier for owners to sell pieces on an individual basis rather than finding one buyer who would want to buy or could afford all eighty models. Possibly, the rarest set was the Wedding set. This 8 piece set was produced in 1983 and was given to the guests who attended the wedding of the Tomy president's son. Good luck in finding one of those...

Tomy also produced the Tomica Long series. These models were typically 1/100 to 1/110 in scale and were sold in special boxes that could accommodate their long length or larger size. Vehicles that made up this series were typically tractor trailer trucks, buses, or trains - basically vehicles that could benefit from being in a box larger than the standard Matchbox sized package. This line began in 1977 with four models and continued to be produced through 1993 with a total of eighteen different models. Over these sixteen years, Tomy made approximately thirty model changes.

Around 1992, Tomy produced eight diecast Tomicas that could emit sound and light if you pushed down on the vehicle. The models generally consisted of vans or sedans of the Police or Fire sort. I don't know if this is true, but it appears that this line has been discontinued as none of these kinds of Tomicas are listed in the '98-99 Tomica catalog.

Tomy also manufactured a number of different diecast train models. Over the years, Tomy included a steam locomotive, a diesel locomotive and even an honest to goodness San Francisco cable car in their Tomica lines. Tomy eventually expanded their coverage of trains to 'Bullet' trains, carriages, and wagons that were sold in sets. Much to the dismay of diecast train collectors, they were discontinued in 1989 only to be replaced by models made of plastic.

In the early 90's, Tomy created a line of fifteen or twenty plastic, battery powered versions of their diecast models. These toys could be run on a special set of plastic road pieces called PlayRail.

Finally, Tomy produced Tomica World. Initially, Tomica World encompassed a set of plastic buildings and structures such as garages, gas stations, etc. that could be placed next to blue track-like interconnected roadway pieces that could, in turn, be formed into complex road systems. By the late '80s, the buildings were redesigned to generally include sidewalks that could surround and interlock with the building base. These building units, in turn, were designed to fit around a special set of cardboard-like interconnecting road pieces. Although Tomica World pieces are plastic, they are eminently collectible since we need to drive our little cars around on something... and if that's not fun on a rainy day, I just don't know what is. Currently, Tomy offers thirteen pieces for purchase.

Credit: 'The Complete World of Tomy Diecast' by Vic Davey and Danny C.Y. Chan, published in 1997 by Northcord, served as the basis for a portion of the information on this page.
Editor's Note: The Super Great Tomica website is the site that originally inspired me to both collect Tomica and influenced me to become more involved with diecast collecting online. I posted several entries about diecast shopping in Japan which were the direct result of the Super Great Tomica website. A few years ago Super Great Tomica went offline and all the valuable resource material went with it. Since then I have not been able to learn anything of what may have happened to the site, or it's founder, Steve Shaw. If anyone has any info, please contact me via PM.

The above story has appeared in several incarnations on various websites. Credit for this reincarnation goes to Doug Breithaupt's Tales of Toy Cars, used with permission.
Doug's original story posting.
Story reissued on the Toy Collector

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Let's begin with TOMICA 1000 and TOMICA 1000 Book 2
These books are in Japanese.

Published 1998

The first part of TOMICA 1000 showcases the regular Tomica by theme, seperating vehicles by various categories such as Emergency vehicles or Race vehicles.
Data includes vehicle name, Tomica number (and release sequence) and year of release.
The second part of the book illustrates various boxed sets from 1976 to 1998

TOMICA 1000 Book 2
Published 2005

Book 2 features the cars by release date, from 1970 to 2004. There is also a section for TOMICA LIMITED from 2001 to 2004 (up to model 0047)
Book 2 also features various boxed sets from 1996 to 2001, and Lottery sets (Kuji 1, 2 & 3)

Published 2007 (?)
This book is in Japanese, so it is difficult to get the full benefit out of the book, however the pictures are still very useful.

This book features illustrated variations of most Tomica models, as well as charts describing the variations.


Some features include:
TOMICA LATEST MODEL LINE UP - showcasing the 120 cars at the time of publication
LIFE WITH TOMICA - examples of everything the Tomica line has to offer
TOMICA COLLECTION - the main portion of the book which shows each car from 1970 to 2000


This edition includes:

TOMICA LIFE 1970 - 2005

Celebrating 35 years of TOMICA

Vic Davey & Danny C.Y. Chan
First Edition May 1997
ISBN: 962-920-012-5

Published by Neko Mook

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This topic contains links to the official Tomica websites, as well as other Tomica related websites, blogs and guides.

If you have recommendations for any Tomica related sites not listed, please PM me.

Official Tomica Sites

1. TOMICA - TakaraTomy homepage for all things Tomica (Japanese language only)

2. Tomica New Items - updated monthly with the newest Tomica releases (Japanese language only)

3. Tomica Shop - news and product information for the Tomica Shops in Japan (Japanese language only)

4. TOMYTEC - Tomica Limited Vintage & Tomica Limited Vintage-Neo (Japanese language only)

5. TOMYTEC Dairy - Weblog for Tomica Vintage Limited (Japanese language only)

6. TOMICA USA - Tomica returned to the USA in 2010.
Website went offline sometime during 2014. For all purposes this division of Tomica seems to have failed.

7. TOMICA UK - Tomica returned to Europe in 2010.
Website went offline sometime during 2014. For all purposes this division of Tomica seems to have failed.

Tomica/Diecast Shopping (Worldwide Store Guide)
A worldwide list of brick & mortar stores that sell Tomica or other diecast/minicars.

Minicar / Diecast LINKS (Non-Tomica)
Online Shops
Japanese Collector sites
Non-Japanese language Minicar / Diecast related websites
FAN SITES & Reference Guides to Other Brands
Manufacturer Websites

Fan based Minicar / Diecast related websites including blogs and photo galleries
Many of these sites belong to TFC members!
Some of these fansites are more Tomica oriented than others.
Visit them all to find out which are best for you!
World of Tomica
TFC member Starscream's website - Tomica Collection with Regular Box (001-120), Tomica Limited, Town Sets, Box Sets and more! (World Of Tomica - Miniature Diecast Blog)

TFC member Sopikey's blog and shop. Subject matter includes news about various Japanese minicar brands.

Japan-Miniatur-Classics Facebook
TFC member Cruiser72's Facebook page of his collection of Tomica, Konami, and Greenlight.

Toyotageek's Garage
TFC member Toyotageek's blog and website.

Tomica Limited Vintage Collector

Tomy Pocket Cars - a site mainly focused on U.S.-released and blisterpacked Tomy Pocket Cars.
This is an old site, but newly added to our links page

Richard's Mitsubishi Model Car Collection
TFC member MrBishi's website. "Nowadays I am a keen collector of Mitsubishi model cars, my collection is featured here in its entirety. To complement the model car collection I also collect some other items of Mitsubishi motoring memorabilia, ('Mitsubilia'), such as pin badges and phonecards, and these feature on their own pages."

~ My Diecast Life ~

1:64 Diecast Hunter

Life With Tomica

Go! Go! Tomica
Full of fascinating information about Tomica and minicars in general.

Prawnking's Tomica Collection

PJ Toy Car

JDMike Diecast

Mike Tanks

Ramses64 Tomica Collection

Riki's Tomica Collection

Kevin Katagawa Tomica Collection

Andrew's Tomica Collection



ZT's Dream Garage

Passion Tomica [French]

Mazda Miniatures

The Lamley Group

Diecast Japan!
TFC member Brian Vespa's diecast blog.

Jovet's Garage
TFC member theArchitect's website.

Salvador Lopez's Guisval Collection PART 1
Salvador Lopez's Guisval Collection PART 2

Diecast Fun
Includes more than 1500 1:64 diecasts spread across multiple car brands, diecast brands and countries. Collection is mainly focused on having the most different cars possible, instead of having many of the same. Keep it mind the website is made for Chrome/Firefox etc., NOT for Internet Explorer. added 01/11/2013

The 1/87 Vehicle Club
The 1/87 Vehicle Club was established to promote the construction, use, and manufacture of prototypically accurate scale vehicle and equipment models specifically in 1/87 (HO) scale. 1/87 scale is most commonly referred to as "HO" scale because this is the scale of HO gauge model trains, by far the most popular scale for railroad modeling.
The club assists in the exhibition, promotion, manufacturing, and production research of vehicles of all kinds in 1/87 (HO) scale. This web site and associated events are the place to meet and communicate with other people who are passionate about the hobby.
added 06/04/2013

Model Pack Rat The aim of Model Pack Rat is to provide in a single handy location the essentials of die-cast collecting. Here will be found a virtual encyclopedia of information dedicated to the serious collector. The organization of the site is comprised of historical, and chronological information, and with the web, we can be highly illustrative. We also see our site as a collaborative effort of hobbyists, whose input will make this even more valuable to the viewers.
There are guides for: Auto World, Greenlight, JADA, M2 and Muscle Machines. added 01/22/2014

Shewsbury Land NEW!!
by David John Shewsbury (TFC member) - David is a toy collector in general, and he collects minicars from Tomica and Hot Wheels as well as several other brands. Visit his website and enjoy viewing and reading about his adventures in collecting.

Toying With Tomica NEW!!
"Residing somewhere in North-eastern part of Singapore and has been a Tomica Car Collector since 2010. Not to show off my collection but to share what I have for your viewing pleasures…"
If anyone has a site or blog they would like to recommend, please PM me the details.

Japanese Collector sites
Some of the more popular Japanese collector websites and blogs, both Tomica and other more general sites.

"Are Kore Blog" (Everything Freedom Blog) - Various topics including minicars (added November 2, 2014)

HellotoTomica - Excellent database, including an English language version. Somewhat out-of-date though. Also a member only SNS forum.

Tomica777 - Excellent database UPDATED: NEW URL April 2013

Tomica Avenue - Tomica database & gallery

Ryofukasawa - Tomica database & gallery

Tomica1970 - Tomica database & gallery

Tomican - Tomica database & gallery

N's Tomica - Tomica database & gallery

Tomies' Bar - Tomica blog

Tomica World - Tomica database, gallery and blog - Last Update 2011.4.17

Nostalgic Patrol Cars, also has English and German pages. Specifically helpful for Tomica is the Encyclopedia of Japanese Police Cars Under the Tomica Brand. Scroll the pages and you'll see offerings from IINO as well as other minicar shops, department stores and various Tomica specials.

TOMICADAS - Tomica douraku akireta saito - Here is a site to amaze your Tomica (minicar) indulgence.

Update - Many of the popular Japanese collector sites seem to have gone offline recently. If anyone knows if these sites have moved to a new URL, please let us know! Thank you!

Munyacoro's Tomica Site appears to be no longer in service

じゅんたのTomica Site appears to be no longer in service

Shige1125 Site appears to be no longer in service

Road to Tomica Site appears to be no longer in service

Naocolle Site appears to be no longer in service

If anyone knows of a site or blog they would like to recommend, please PM me the details.

Disclaimer: These shops are not endorsed by TFC. They are listed as a public service for our members and guests. While it is possible that some members have used these various shops with success, we recommend you use them at your own discretion, and that TFC is not liable for any trouble you may encounter. Please feel free to comment on your shopping experiences (good or bad) in the Chit-Chat sub-forum.


Japanese online shop specializing in Anime characters, but also has a nice diecast selection.

CD Japan

Hong Kong seller specializing in Kyosho, Tomica, etc. New online shop opened February 24, 2012

Hobby Link Japan
Japanese online shop specializing in Hobby related items.

Modellbahn Union Onlineshop
German online shop selling Tomica Limited Vintage and Tomytec products.

Japanese shop that sells to international customers. Check out their Order Information (English) page for details.

Online shop similar to Amazon. Not all countries are available, but options include: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.

Online shop with branches in Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. Specializes in Asian entertainment products, including Toys.


The only online Hobby Distributor for Tomica USA products

Brick & Mortar Stores - actual physical shops you can buy Tomica from.
TOMICA - Japan
Coming soon

Major toy store chain in the USA; stores throughout the United States.


Hobby World Japan Hobby Supermarket
International branch no longer in business:
wrote:Notice of Store Closure
We closed our business on Friday, March 18, 2011.
As notified here before, all of pending orders have been cancelled.
If any inconvenience occurs,
please contact Mr. YOSHIDA at ...,
but please note that we no longer accept any order.
We really appriciated your support all these years.
Sunupapa - LINK DISABLED. - UPDATE June 9 2011 : It appears that Sunupapa may be an unfortunate victim of the Great Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011. While we have not been able to confirm this news, it is known that Sunupapa's address was in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture, Japan and that this city was severely devastated by a tsunami. We hope that everyone involved with Sunupapa is ok, however due to the circumstances we send our condolescences to Sunupapa and it's staff.
June 2011 - Now it is reported that the website is listed as "account suspended". Due to these factors we have disabled the link to Sunupapa.
May 2011 - We received a notice from a member about an order from Sunupapa not being fulfilled and emails going unanswered.

Toyeast - WARNING! LINK DISABLED. At the end of 2010 Toyeast disappeared from eBay, and early in 2011 Tomica was dropped from their website. Customer inquiries are going unanswered and their website has not been updated to reflect any eBay or Tomica adverts. Due to these factors we have disabled the link to Toyeast.


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Photo Contribution Guide

Occasionally we will need help in getting photos of certain vehicles that are missing from the database.

You can check the various databases to see which models we have photos of, and which ones we still need.

The following is to be used as a guide for photo contributions.

If you would like to submit a photo for us to use, please use the following guidelines. We know that photo techniques vary from photographer to photographer, and different cameras will have different results, but we would like to keep the look of all photos as similar as possible.

IMPORTANT - Vehicles should be facing LEFT and at a slight angle.

IMPORTANT - PHOTO SIZE - Photos should be at least 640x480, but not greater than 1024x768, as we will resize all photos to 640x480. - If you CROP your photos, please try to crop them close to a 4:3 aspect ratio (or one of the standard sizes - Popular dimensions include: 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 ... - Aspect Ratio Calculator). Our goal is to have all photos the same uniform size. We store our photos on Photobucket, and the photos will be resized to 640x480 when we upload them, however if your photos are longer or higher than the standard sizes, they will be slightly off in size.

When taking your pictures (if you DON"T crop your photos), zoom in as close as possible to the subject without leaving too much 'backgorund' space.

IMPORTANT - PHOTO BACKGROUND - In order to keep all photos as similar as possible, we recommend using an off-white, gray or light gray background when taking photos. Background material can usually be found at art & craft stores.

Please contact me via PM if you wish to contribute, then we can make arrangements for the transfer of your photos. Once we have your files we will upload them to our Photobucket account and place the photos in the proper database.

We have successfully used the We Transfer file sharing system (works better than email or PM).
Basic set-up - generalized illustration

When taking your photos, please try to replicate the angle of the vehicle, camera height and lighting to achieve results, as close as possible to the example below.
The resulting photo should turn out looking something like this...

More vehicle sample photos...




A fewof our studio examples...

Toyotageek's studio - simple but effective

Cruiser72's studio - Actual set-up, professional looking!

TheArchitect's studio - professional looking!

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Identifying a car...

So, I thought we could look at the book entry for the Hino Truck, and compare actual features with the book's descriptions.

You might ask, "What are we looking at?" - well, I'll try to explain...

We are looking at the variation list for model 53-1, the HINO TRUCK
The first column on the left is the number of the variation (1 through 24).
The next column is the color abbreviation.
Next is the interior color (the truck has no interior, so no colors are listed).
Next is the Glass color, and then Wheel style.
The next column contains description details - changes or other variations to to casting.
The last two columns indicate if the variation is part of a gift set or other manufacturing details (for example, a TC indicates the model was for export to the United States),

The exterior color is CR = Cadmium Red.

The glass is Green.

Here are the wheels for my Hino example:

To me these wheels appear to be 11C (11C is a modification of 11B, and the tires have some extra tread on the edge).

The description for this Hino indicates several other features to look for, and there are illustrations to assist.

First is gas tank location / design:

My truck matches the lower illustration.

Next is the design of the base of the cement mixer drum...

A little difficult to see in this photo, but my truck matches II.

Next has something to do with the base, and I can't quite figure out if they refer to the metal or plastic parts (my wife wasn't able to find enough info to clarify).

Without seeing two actual examples, I'm not sure which one mine is.

Final indicator is the grill:

Mine matches B.

From these indicators I believe my truck is variation 8. But the question remains, was it a Pocket Car? The guide only indicates one model with the TC code (for export to US), but that would be a black model with yellow glass. I have seen from eBay and other examples of on card Pocket Cars that there were/are red trucks. With all this information I feel comfortable enough to say my model was probably a Pocket car, although I can not be 100% certain.

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Tomica/Diecast Shopping (Worldwide Store Guide)

Did you ever wonder you could go to buy some Tomica ?
An actual store you can walk into and look and touch real Tomica.
Well, we've wondered the same thing!

This thread is an attempt at a worldwide list of brick & mortar stores that sell Tomica (or other diecast/minicars). The more stores we can add, the better the list will be. If you know of any stores, anywhere, that sell Tomica, let us know so we can add them to our list. The list is broken down by several major countries that do have stores. More countries can be added as we are made aware of them. This is a great opportunity to share places to shop, especially for Tomica collectors when traveling internationally.

For a detailed list of Tomica Shops in Japan, see this post

For a list of online shops, please see this post

If you know of a store that sells Tomica (new or used), please let us know - PM me directly and I'll add it to the list. Please include the name of the store, an address, and a phone number if possible. If the store has a website, please include a URL for the site. I will delete replies every Sunday in order to keep the thread looking neat.


Disclaimer - the information provided is the best to our knowledge, however shops open and close all the time, addresses change, phone numbers change, etc., - so our information may not always be accurate. Please try and verify a shops existance before visiting it!

It would be impossible for us to list every store in Japan that sells Tomica, there are just far too many of them.
We have however included a general list of the most common and popular places where a tourist can go to look for Tomica, as well a independant shops that we have personally visited.
More details coming soon.
TOMICA SHOPS - for complete details, see this post
Tokyo Tomica Shop
Kichijoji Tomica Shop CLOSED on 16 NOVEMBER 2014
Tokyo Sky Tree Tomica Shop (opened May 22 2012)
Nagoya Tomica Shop Scheduled to CLOSE - 15 FEBRUARY 2015
Osaka Tomica Shop
Fukuoka Tomica Shop Scheduled to CLOSE - 1 MARCH 2015
Supermarkets - Specific supermarkets will vary depending on where in Japan you are. Most supermarkets listed have a toy department where you will find the Tomica. (Editor's note: I've only included those supermarkets which I am familiar with and have visited within the Tokyo and Yokohama areas)

Ito Yokado
Department Stores - Specific department stores will vary depending on where in Japan you are. Most department stores listed have a toy department where you will find the Tomica. (Editor's note: I've only included those department stores which I am familiar with and have visited within the Tokyo and Yokohama areas)

Toy Stores / Hobby Stores - there are countless numbers of independantly owned and operated toy stores throughout Japan, and this includes specialty shops for minicars. There are several major toy store chains, with Toys R Us being the biggest.

Toys R Us - toy store chain

Yamashiroya Toy Store - 7 floors of toys! They have Tomica and Choro-Q, as well as all sorts of other toys.
Yamashiroya Toy Store
6-14-6 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005
Phone 03-3831-2320
Hours: Normal Opening 10:00 ~ 21:30

Shu Stock - This is the place to go for vintage Tomica. They have plenty of old Tomica, as well as Dandy, Yonezawa and other brands.. Prices may be a little high on older stuff, but they have a great selection and last time I was there, they were giving a discount when paying by cash.
Shu Stock
Goto House 2F
5-5-9 Minamiazabu Minato-ku,Tokyo 106-0047
Phone: 03-3440-6035
FAX: 03-3440-4085
Hours: Mon - Sun 13:00 - 20:00 (1PM - 8PM) holiday: Dec 31 - Jan 3

Sunset Toys - vintage Tomica

GREASE - Good selection of new Tomica and Choro-Q. Many other diecast brands, including Ebbro, Minichamps, DISM, and others. Lots of books, magazines, and other items. Grease is actually two shops and is loacated in the History Garage at Venus Fort in Odaiba (next to Toyota Mega Web).
Aomi 1-Chome (Pallet Town), Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
Phone: 03-3599-0601
FAX: 03-3599-0610
Hours: 11:00 - 21:00 (11AM - 9PM)
Venus Fort -
Mega Web (Toyota Showroom) -

II ADO - Good shop with current and vintage minicars. Mostly 1:43 scale and larger, although they do have a small selection of Tomica and other small scale vehicles. I recommend this shop if you are looking for something vintage - they don't have a lot, but they do have an interesting assortment. When I was here, I think I bought some old Dandy.
The name II ADO might be familiar to some members, since II ADO has a number of special Tomica that they have commisioned over the years.
II ADO Company
14-4 Ginza 4 Chome Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Phone: 03-5148-1582 FAX: 03-3546-3450
Hours: Tue-Sat = 12-19:30 (12PM - 7:30PM); Sun & holiday = 11-19 (11AM - 7PM); closed on Monday (except national holiday)

Minicar Shop Ikeda - Mostly have 1/43 scale, but also a good assortment of Tomica and Choro-Q. When I visited Minicar Shop Ikeda, they were still in their 'old' location and they were getting ready to move. The photos below are of the current location. I highly recommend this shop!
Minicar Shop IKEDA
Station Garden Tower 201
2-25-1 Nishinippori Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0013
Phone: 03-3806-1219
FAX 03-3806-1299
Hours: (Weekdays) 13:00 - 20:00; (Saturday) 12:00 ~ 19:00; (Sundays, holidays) 11:00 - 19:00, None

HIKO7 - Mostly have 1/43 scale, but also a good assortment of 1/64. It's a small shop, but it's home of Rai's and Car-Nel models.


Tam Tam
Ken Box
Nakano Broadway

Other stores

Yodobashi Camera - Yodobashi is a giant electronics retailer. Many of the larger outlets have hobby and toy departments
BIC Camera
Conveniance Stores - while conveniance stores don't carry a full range of Tomica, occasionally they will have some special or limited Tomica, as well as a variety of collectable toys (especially those in 'blind boxes'). These stores are often worth checking out and can be found throughout any city.

7 Eleven
Family Mart
Circle K
Mini Stop

For a discussion just about Hong Kong with some directions how to get around visit this post.

APITA department store located in Cityplaza, TaiKoo Shing MTR, very close to Kornhill Jusco.
Cityplaza2, 18 Taikoo Shing Rd., Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
web site:

JUSCO - a department store chain.
1: Kornhill Plaza (South), 2 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
2: Lok Fu Shopping Centre (II), Junction Road, Kowloon
3: Level 1 - 4, Tsuen Wan Plaza, 4 - 30 Tai Pa Street, Tsuen Wan, New Territories
4: Shop 108 & 208, Zone B, Tai Po Mega Mall, 8 & 10 On Pong Road, Tai Po, New Territories
5: G/F & Basement One, Site 5 & 6, Whampoa Garden, Hunghom, Kowloon
6: Upper Ground & First Floor, Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Phase I, 1 Tuen Shun Street, Tuen Mun, New Territories

SOGO department store Near Time square.

Scheduled to open 1st physical shop at Sea View Estate (海景大廈) in Tin Hau, Hong Kong by January, 2013.

Hung Hing Toys:
Shop C, No. 19, Tai Yuen Street
Wanchai, Hong Kong
(Wan Chi Station Metro exit A3 - main exit; opposite the entrance, go into the street on your right hand side, about 25 mtr on your right hand. More toy shops in the street)
phone: (852) 2891 4739
fax: (852) 2904 7360

Rm. A1011, 10/F, Fung Yu Industrial Building,
41 Ngan Hon Street, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon.
Opening hours: 1500 - 2000
Tel: 66440092

Shop 184: Minicar shop PLEASE SEE NOTES!
1/F, CTMA Centre, 41-43 Dundas Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Tel: (852)2780-8833

This shop appears to have closed or moved.
In October 2012 TFC member Novice_Lancer visited Hong Kong and attempted to visit this shop. Here is his report:
wrote:Good afternoon. Read through the forum under Toys and Hobby Shops in Hong Kong. I have visited Hong Kong in October 2012 and tried to seach this Minicar shop with the address listed at CTMA. However, they have closed down a few years ago. I'm still trying to locate their new address in Hong Kong. Also, I emailed using the email address listed by you and this Peter replied. His Email address is Too bad, he did not reveal as where his new address is... Maybe you would like to follow up from there? I also managed to get his telephone number in Hong Kong... 98899892.

If anyone has updated information on this shop, please let us know!

Toy Zone
(Tai Koo MTR Exit A1/A2)
Tel (852) 2882 6850
Fax (852) 2882 6520
Shop Hours 12:00AM - 9:00PM (Every Day)


1: Mall Kelapa Gading:
a: Sogo department store
b: Main entrance 2 toys shop, only one sells tomica's
2: opposite main entrance KL mall, Multi Toys and games - website:
3: Plaze Grand Indonesia, Moy and Tangerang mall, Kids Kingdom
4. Taman Anggrek Mall - Multi Toys

Bali, Kuta
1: Mall Discovery, Toy zone on the top floor
2: main entrance, left at the stairs. CD and DvD shop sells tomica's too
3: Bali Galleria Mall - Toy zone


IT'S ALL ABOUT CARS - Martin Raymond G. Estrella, owner (TFC member: temart_toyota)
Unit 20, Level C
Shoppesville Plus
Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan City
Store hours: Mon-Sun from 10am to 8pm
Phone number: +632-3451139
Facebook Page:

If you know some shops, please contact us!

If there is a store in your city or state that sells new or used Tomica, let me know so I can add them to the list.

TOYS R US - a toy store chain found throughout the USA, these stores only carry the Tomica USA line of diecast and playsets. Please visit the official website for a list of store locations.

MileZone - the only hobby distributor to sell Tomica USA products. MileZone is not a brick & mortar store, it is an online seller, but I have included it here as an alternative source for Tomica USA products.
"MileZone has been in the diecast business since 1999, Providing customers with quality products, quality service, and great prices. We are the leader in single item sales of 1/64 scale diecast replicas."

BRAY'S TOY MINE - independant collectable toy store specializing in vintage toys. Small selection of diecast, mostly Hot Wheels, but there is some Matchbox, Corgi, and even the occasional TOMICA.
Bray's Toy Mine
3017 W Ball Rd
Anaheim, CA 92804
Telephone: 714-995-1602

PRESTIGE HOBBIES - Specializing in diecast and model cars. There are several consignment cases which often contain a few TOMICA. The majority of diecast is Hot Wheels, Matchbox, as well as JADA, AutoArt, large selection of NASCAR and other racing diecast, some slot cars - all scales and sizes - a little something of everything for the diecast / toy car collector.
"Prestige Hobbies is a hobby shop that has been in business for over twenty years. We have offered products for sale online since 1999. Our product lines consist of items you would normally expect to find in a retail hobby shop as well as having the largest selection of diecast cars on the West Coast"
Prestige Hobbies
1238 S Beach Blvd
Anaheim CA 92804
Telephone: 714-821-8320
FAX: 714-995-2374
Business Hours:10AM-6PM Weekdays 10AM-6PM Weekends (Pacific Time) Closed Mondays

Rack & Cue Die Cast Show - While this show is not an actual store, it does take place in the same indoor location, once a month (a billiard hall - thus the name Rack & Cue). The Rack & Cue Die Cast Show is basically an indoor flea market specializing in diecast cars. Occasionally Tomica can be found, but it is mostly Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and various other brands. Definately worth visiting if you are in the area. Visit the website for the schedule.
Rack & Cue Die Cast Show
7520 W. Katella Ave.
Stanton, CA 90680
Admission $2; door prizes
Website: ... k_Que.html

Jimmys' USA - This is a consignment 'hobby store'. There are several permanant, regular vendors that specialize in diecast. See website for days and hours of operation.
Jimmy’s USA All Collectible Show
12327 Whittier Blvd
Whittier, CA 90602

Frank & Son - This is a consignment 'hobby store' in a warehouse. There are a number of permanant, regular vendors that specialize in diecast. See website for days and hours of operation.
"Welcome to Frank & Son’s Collectible Show! We feature over 250 of the Finest Collectible Dealers under one roof spanning over 60,000 square feet! We’re confident that you will find exactly what you’re looking for from that hard to find piece of sports memorabilia to the latest comic book or action figure. Be sure to check out our Event’s Schedule for updated information on Special Guests appearing in person during show hours."
Frank & Son
19649 San Jose Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91748


List of shopping locations is pending.
If you know some shops, please contact us!

Modellbahn Union
Wiemeling 7
D-59174 Kamen
Phone +49(0)2307/240938
Fax +49(0)2307/240939
Website: ... &a=catalog

Below is a list of several known stores and shops which sell Tomica.
Visit the store websites for locations.
If you know of other shops, please contact us!

1. BHG @ Bugis Junction, Tampines Mall.

2. Comics Connection
(not many outlets operating now)

3. Kiddy Palace
(not all outlets).

4. OG Departmental Stores - Peoples' Park, Orchard Point, Albert.

5. Planet Toy
Changi Airport Terminal 3 (B2)
a toy shop specializing in Bandai and Takara Tomy products! Many Tomicas and special editions there (and also great for those who love Plarail!).

6. Gift Greetings
23 Serangoon Central
#04-07 Nex
Singapore 556083
(there may be other outlets).

7. Takashimaya
departmental store in Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre (Lvl 3)
has almost, if not all, Tomicas available.

8. Toys R' Us
has a large collection of Tomica in many outlets, such as Tampines Mall and Suntec City.

9. Let's Play
91 Bencoolen Street
#01-86 Sunshine Plaza
Singapore 189652
T: +65 6238 8078

10. Tom & Stefanie - West Mall

11. Isetan - Katong, Nex Mall, Scott.

12. Metro - City Square, Paragon, Causeway Point.

13. Robinson - Raffles City, Centre Point.

14. Mustafa

15. Geo Art & Craft @ Toa Payoh Central (#01-262)

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Immediately after the Japanese Clssic Car Show that was held on Sept 12 2010, I got in contact with TOMICA USA and asked them if I could conduct an interview with them. They said yes, and so I put together some questions and waited for a reply. Before I even sent the questions they asked me to be patient as they were quite busy with the launch of their product line. Merchandise has been trickling into stores for a few weeks now, but the official launch day was set to be September 26. Today I received an email from TOMICA USA with answers to some of the questions I sent them.

I present to you my TOMICA USA Interview Part 1:

• Toyotageek: After a 20 year absence, what brings TOMICA back to North America?
TOMICA USA: Tomy is looking to be a global market and enter many countries. Tomica turned 40 this year and we believe this is one of Tomy’s strongest brands to penetrate the market first. In the United States, we will be combining Japan’s Tomica diecast line with Pla-Rail’s train system, under the Tomica brand. Tomica’s road and rail system is a unique product that will allow limitless building potential and appeal to boys of all ages. In the past, Tomica was launched with only diecast cars. We strongly believe the combination of roads and rails under the Tomica brand will appeal to kids and add much more excitement. Tomica is the 1st brand in the process of introducing many more brands from Japan.

• TG: Is a product list available for the first 27 SKUs (and is MSRP available)?
TOMICA USA: We have 100 Tomica display tables going into 100 TRU stores around the nation. Each display table will have a brochure that contains all 27 items. Our website, is also scheduled to launch in October.

• TG: When will the TOMICA-USA website open up?
TOMICA USA: website is scheduled to launch in October. We have a great site that will cater to the collectors as well. There’s a sign up section where you will gain access to “My Garage.” My Garage allows you to keep track of all the cars, trains, and Tomikids you have collected.

• TG: On your Facebook page, there was news about a TV shoot. I assume this is for commercials? When can we expect to see them and will they be on You Tube?
TOMICA USA: The TV will begin airing October 11 nationwide.

• TG: It has been rumored that Toys R US will be the sole retailer - is this true?
TOMICA USA: Yes, Toys R Us has the exclusive rights to Tomica this year.

Toyotageek: Besides packaging, are there any differences in the playsets that are for sale in Europe and the playsets we will have in North America?
TOMICA USA: The playsets has its dissimilarities between Europe and the United States. Not only are the trains and accessory pieces different models, but the layout of the track is quite different.

TG: Many of the playsets are of a generic nature - i.e. "Pizza Shop" and "Car Dealership." Is this due to licensing issues or can we expect Toyota & Honda dealerships or McDonald's and KFC sets in the future?
TOMICA USA: Correct, due to not having licenses from fast food restaurants and convenience stores, our Tomica destinations are generic. However, this does not mean we will not explore different licenses in the future.

TG: Can you tell us a little about the licensing factors when it comes to diecast cars?
TOMICA USA: The corporate office in Japan handles all the licensing for the diecast cars. There are many Japanese vehicles in Tomica library, but since the company is growing to be global, we are also looking into more American and European cars.

TG: As it clearly states on the Tomica boxes the primary target consumer is kids age 4 and up, but are you also thinking about the adult collectors out there?
TOMICA USA: The Tomica line that launched in the US this fall is targeted for kids ages 4 and up, but we have not forgotten about our adult collectors. We know Tomica collectors exist in the US and are always requesting for more single cars. We have many great new items coming out and will appeal to both kids and adults.

TG: Although it is probably too early to even discuss, if the TOMICA line is successful here in the US, what can we expect to see next? Will there be single cars available? A lot of hard core Tomica collectors are asking this and would like to know if single cars are sold, if they will come on blister cards or in boxes (like in Japan)?
TOMICA USA: Single cars are definitely on our mind. We want to be able to cater to our collectors, as well as allow kids to expand their playsets with more vehicles. Blister cards and boxes are all possible ideas. You will have to wait and see.

TG: Lastly, a lot of collectors want to know if we can eventually expect to see Tomica Limited Vintage sold in the US?