Battlefield 3!

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Battlefield 3!

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01 Nov 2011, 06:49 #1

Hi guys,

(Here is another topic. and yes, I'm making them because im bored at my work, lol. )

As u guys know, the 4 of us (PKK, PUN, BB, E3) agreed to get BF3.
But the question is; for PC/ PS3??

(I've made a topic in purpose instead of a poll, so u guys will TELL why and dont just vote.)

Why PS3?
+ is easy to play online
+ no worries about graphics card or shit like that
+ the 3 of us already have a ps3
+ harder to cheat on

- No teamspeak.. or u have to get a headset
- E3 doesnt have a PS3, it will cost him

Why PC?
+ E3 told me yesterday that BF3 will be played on PC for the next 10 years. and that will never happen with the PS3. he had a really good point there
+ Playing like we are used to, so with PC, on the place in the house we've been sitting for the last 50 years :)
+ possibility for upgrading [mods etc.](with ps3 possibile to get a mappack but that will again cost u like 10 euro's.
+ BF3 for PC is cheaper, i've seen it for 40 euro's. For the PS3 its still 60 euro's.
+ Create or join a server you'd like, on the ps3 u cant make the choice which game u join

- i think everybody has to upgrade pc [will cost a lot]
- bb has to buy it again, this time for the pc

There are a lot of things that i can't come up with at now.

For myself:
I will get BF3. for pc or for ps3. I'd rather have everybody to buy it on pc so we can have the maximum fun from it, that will take 10+ years, just like 1942 and bf 2 they are still played a LOT!

so my choice depends on u guys.

What do YOU think is the best??

Have a good day guys.
See you tonight.

:P :P :P :P :P

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06 Nov 2011, 18:17 #2

Yo guys,

Just to keep you updated: I bought BF3 for the PS3, and it ROCKS!! :wub:

If you get it for the PC than i will too.. ;)

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22 Dec 2011, 17:33 #3

Another update:

I just got COD MW3 for the PS3 and it sucks. It's exactly MW2 but now with other maps. The rest is 100% the same =]

I thought MW3 would make a chance to beat BF3 in a battle but it doesn't even come near BF3.

:wub: :wub: BF3 FTW :wub: :wub: