What are your top stories

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What are your top stories

Fire Demon
Fire Demon
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Post any Supernatural fanfics that you have enjoyed reading and are more than happy to re read again.

Lets spread the fanfic love ;)

These are a few of mine.....

Summary:A refreshing twist on an old tale: A house's spiritcleansing gone wrong.

Summary: Highschool fic. After a spat between Sam and Dean, and a stupid stunt on Sam's part, the brothers are upset and angry with eachother. But Dean soon finds out while reading his yearbook just how much Sam actually cares.

Summary:A hunt to destroy a vengeful ghost ship leaves the brothers stranded in the cold Atlantic, depending on each other in the fight to survive.

Summary:When a hunt goes completely wrong, a distraught John has to come to the rescue of his boys.

Summary:Sam’s pain, Dean's pain…it’s all muddled together, and Dean has never really been too clear on where his brother’s pain begins and his ends. And there is no way Dean is leaving Sam in that panic room to get through this alone...

Summary: Dean has five minutes of warning before his seizures hit. Unfortunately, they’re lost in the woods without his meds and are definitely more than five minutes away from the car. Now it's up to Sam to keep his brother safe.
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