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Welcome To The Spoiler Section

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Welcome to the STV Spoiler Section.

All our spoilers are in summary format. The reason being that posting direct copies of script pages isn't allowed and can result in our site being penalized or this section shut down. We ask that if you have spoilers to share that you do so by crediting where you found them and also by posting small summaries yourself if it's something you've found in script format.

All spoiler summaries will be posted within a few days (if not the same day) they become available.

There are also a lot of episode discussions that are encouraged but also we want the environment to be poster-friendly. It's okay to express your opinions but we ask that you make sure you do so in a way that is conducive to quality discussion and not intentionally inflammatory.

Please do take care when naming threads. Thread titles appear on the main board page, so please keep spoilers out of thread titles. If you see a thread in this forum with a spoilery title, please contact a mod or admin to edit it.

Enjoy the summaries, articles, and all the spoiler goodness! Feel free to PM me, or any of the moderators if you have a question or concern about this forum.


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