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Vote For Smiley!

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Smiley Contest Voting

We’ve received 10 entries for the Smiley Contest. We will add the top 5 in the clickable smiles for the forums. So pick your five favorites and send a PM to Charmed1of2 no later than 10:00 EST on Tuesday, January 25th. Title your PM Smiley Challenge Vote.

Be sure to list your choices in the order you prefer them. For example:

I like


The votes will be tallied and the winning Smilies will be announced and added to the forum on Friday January 28th.

Thanks to all those who searched the internet for the perfect smiley! We think they did a great job!

Raven524 & Charmed1of2 Staff

1) Breakdance submitted by Jamieo_O

2) Whacky submitted by Cinca

3) Gunslinger submitted by Ivy

4) PC Greeting submitted by Angel325girl

5) Angel submitted by Charmed1of2

6) Drinking Buddies Submitted by MsImpala67

7) Facepalm submitted by Raven524

8) Hearts submitted by Xlozx

9) Belly Laugh submitted by dean’s_angel_78

10) Spinning Smiley submitted by ApplePie88

Thanks to Xlozx for the Awesome Banner and Avi!

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