Using textures?

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Using textures?

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I find lots of awesome textures, but I often dont really know how to use them...if anyone could post texture advise, as well as tutorials for proper texture use...any and all of these things are extremely helpful! anything along the same lines would be appreciated as well...

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I think the best way to become comfortable with textures is to just simply play around with them until you create something you like. Now I use GIMP and I'm not sure what you use but hopefully there isn't much of a difference if you use a different program. You can play with the opacity and the different layer modes (screen, dodge, burn, ect) until you make something cool. Textures can really compliment your art, I often use them to bring out colors, or to make something look grunge-like (like the banner in my sig) or mythical. The funny thing about textures is that I usually go in trying to achieve a certain look with a texture but end up playing around and going with something totally different. I also think that sometimes the more textures at different opacities and modes can get you with a really detailed piece of work. The cool thing about textures is that any picture you have can be a texture really. And while I mostly you textures to help enhance my art, I also have used them to change the work completely.
I would also pick through some tutorials, there's plenty of good ones here on the site and a lot of them show you great ways to use textures. I think the first time I really was able to get a grasp on how textures work was when I took Seth's Grunge, Textures, and You tutorial/course which can be found here.
Since it is a full on course its a little long but super helpful and you can skip to the textures part in the navigation guide towards the bottom.
I hope any of that helped you and good luck! :D
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