" The Road So Far" Prompt Exhibition

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" The Road So Far" Prompt Exhibition

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[color=ffff75]Greetings everyone!

Welcome to "The Road So Far" Supernatural Fanart Exhibit!! For the first time ever, Supernatural.tv is hosting an artist exhibit and opening it up to not only members of the forum, but any fanartist that wishes to take part. Also, there is no obligation to join our forum to participate! After the time for submissions has lapsed, they will be put together as an exhibit to showcase all the amazing talent and posted in the Artist Showcase forum, Tumblr, and LiveJournal!

Here are the rules and prompt guidelines in order to successfully submit a piece for the exhibit:[/color]
Submission Rules:
1.) All entries must satisfy the theme of "The Road So Far", which is a recap of the past seasons of Supernatural leading us into the upcoming 7th season. Images from all the previous seasons of Supernatural are allowed and encouraged. The piece should allow the viewer to see a history or a development made during the series, whether that be the entire show, an individual character(s), or location.
--Note: Submissions do not have to contain something from every season. The goal is purely to show a transformation, transition, or progression made in the show; whether this be something that has occurred over the entire series or even in just one season is up to the artist.

2.) All formats of fanart are welcome. This includes, but is not limited to, wallpapers, banners, avatars, traditional art, and posters. Note: Three avatars will count as one entry. If you're unsure about dimensions or what type of format your entry is, feel free to contact me (Starkiller).

3.) All entries must be new and original pieces.

4.) The text The Road So Far is required in all entries, but any other text is optional.

5.) If you are a member of this forum: Submissions must be posted in this thread with a direct link. Direct links are strongly requested to be placed inside a code tag, but is not required.

If you are not a member of Supernatural.tv: Your submission must be given to either Starkiller or Yoda with your name/alias and image direct link. (Those links will take you to where you can find contact information such as Tumblr pages and emails). Also, submissions will be accepted through the forum twitter page @SNTV_Staff and the forum LiveJournal Page as well!

6.) Each artist is allowed to submit a max of 3 entries (entries do not have to be of the same format; so you can have any mix you please). Entries do not have to be submitted all together. Though it is requested of forum members that if you were the last one to post an entry, simply edit that post instead of double posting to submit another.
--Note: Exhibition order will be based on the order in which submissions are received/submitted, so if you have pieces that need to be next to each other for whatever reason, please submit them together and include a note.

7.) No promotional images of Season 7 are allowed (though if you know of any good ones you should share :P).

8.) Deadline: Tuesday, August 30th @ Whenever I feel like closing.
[color=ffff75]And that's all! So long as your entry shows a sort of time-lapse or progression that has been made in the series, you're all good! If you're unsure of an entry, for whatever reason, feel free to contact either myself or Yoda and we can help you out. :)

Thanks, and have fun!

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OK here is my wallpaper - have a thought on 2 banners to make.

Thought this was turning into a big giant mess of pictures, but I think I saved it by making it B&W :shrug

If you can't open it let me know. I seem to have troubles with thumbnails and photobucket :comp

Scratch that wallpaper... here are my entries:

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YES! I'm done! :lol: these took me a while lol, I made three walls representing the journies of Cas, Sam and Dean, one wall per character, I hope that's ok :)

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set made by me