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The Official Fan Fic Recommendation Thread

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Welcome to the Official Fan Fiction Recommendation thread. This thread will hopefully be a valuable resource to everyone in their quest to find the best loved Supernatural fictions out there. Anyone is welcome to post their favorites, but in order to keep things easily accessed and user-friendly, I’m asking that everyone refrain from holding conversations on this thread as it is for posting recs only. To discuss fics and recommendations, please go here: Fan Fiction Discussion Thread.

To make this as convenient as possible for everyone, it is suggested that recs be posted in the following manner (if you need help, feel free to pm me):

Title and author
Short summary, if available (on, check on author's profile page to find this or use your own words to describe what the fic is about)
Link to the story itself (just post the url from the addy window if you don't know how to do the other kind of link)

*Important* If the story you are recommending is a death fic, PLEASE include this information in the summary.

The following recommendations serve as examples and have been taken from the old rec thread to help avoid repeats. They have been posted in no certain order except for sequels (which are listed in the order they’ve been written). Please try to look through previous recs before making new ones to help keep down multiple recc’ing of the same story. I have also included, in a separate post just after this one, a list of popular authors and their links.

I hope this thread provides everyone with hours of enjoyable reading and helps introduce you to new authors you might not have tried otherwise. Enjoy! :)

*Note*: Please be sure to check the ratings/warnings before reading...some fics may contain adult subject matter and/or strong language.

Supernatural Fanfiction Award Winners (SNFAs) can be found here: ... 676/3/0/1/

Also, visit:

Haunted by M. Marinov
Summary: Following one of Sam’s premonitions, Dean and Sam end up in a town ripe with mystery and fraught with danger. And it has its eyes on Dean.

Choices by M. Marinov
Summary: Danger follows the careless, and, as Dean and Sam find out, if you chase after it, it catches up with you sooner.

Lessons by M. Marinov
Summary: Murders at a college campus lead the brothers on a ghost hunt where Dean seems likely to become the next victim. M for language and violence.

Thicker Than Water by irismay42
Summary: Nightmares, bishops, eggs and rain...lots of rain... Can Sam and Dean save a small town from a flood of Biblical proportions? A blatant but completely unintentional attempt to claim the Winchesters for England... ... Than_Water

Paved With Good Intentions by irismay42
Summary: Making a deal with a Demon can be an unseemly business. Especially when you discover that the deal you've made has endangered your sons in ways you hadn't foreseen. Now they've grown up apart and unaware and things need to be set right. AU oddness.

Brothers and Strangers by Janissa11 (WIP)
Summary: Secrets have always been the Winchesters' stock in trade, but one particular sin of omission may cost them everything they have left. GEN. WIP. Adult language warning. ... _Strangers

Under A Haystack by Janissa11
Summary: The aftermath of a curse leaves Sam with a very different version of Dean.

MRSA by Janissa11
Summary: Sometimes danger isn't supernatural at all. Sometimes it's just the slip of a careless hand. Gen preseries. Rated for spicy language and highoctane angst.

Red Beans and Rice by Janissa11
Summary: Dean learns to cook, among other things. Preseries, Gen. ... s_and_Rice

Lasagna by Janissa11
Summary: Sequel to Red Beans and Rice. It's been a long time since Dean cooked for Sam. Rating for a bit of spicy food I mean, language. Gen.

Happy Thoughts by Janissa11
Summary: Look, I just need my face sewed back on. I didn’t come for a freaking physical.

Negative Effect by Ridley C. James & Williamson M. Scott
Summary: Love is a powerful and complicated thing, especially when it becomes twisted and fuels a thirst for revenge. No one understands this more than the men of the Winchester family.

In the Company of Dragons by Ridley C. James
Summary: There comes a time when everyone must fight, for love, for country, for family. And when the battle is upon them, the fortunate warrior finds himself in the company of mighty dragons. ... of_Dragons

On the Wings of a Phoenix by Ridley C. James
Summary: Like fire, grief is all consuming. We are helpless in its wake. Some rise from the ashes, stronger and wisened, while others unable to move on carry the flames with them where their souls once lay. Sequel to In the Company of Dragons. ... _a_Phoenix

No Traveler Returns by JennK528
Summary: The boys hunt a ghost in Charleston. And Dean's in trouble.... ... er_Returns

Punxsutawney Sucks by Big Pink
Summary: Six weeks after Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, people are mysteriously bursting into flame. Dean lets his guard down at the wrong moment, Sam feels awkward around girls, and everyone gets what’s coming to them. Especially the groundhog. ... ey%20Sucks

Old Rebel Yeller by Big Pink
Summary: Dean and Sam enter the world of Civil War reenactors as they track a dog gone bad and a battlefield ghost. And now, with the epilogue, they finally get a chance to make peace with the past.

Cirque de Celine by Big Pink
Summary: Sam and Dean keep secrets from each other while battling a demon at a Cirque casino extravaganza. Sin, pleasure, poutine, joual and...the voice that sank a really big ship!

Red by Big Pink
Summary: Something evil is killing treeplanters in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, possibly the same predator that Dean narrowly escaped years before. How 'Grimm' will things get before the brothers figure it out?

Dazzleland by Big Pink
Summary: “Someone goes over Niagara in a barrel. You gonna jump in and try to save them?” – Dean Winchester, Crossroad Blues. Sam’s making plans, and they don’t include his father or hunting. They might not even include Dean. High school in two time periods.

Verbal by Big Pink
Summary: Dean spills his guts. Sam is amused, then horrified. Wordy, really wordy oneshot. Funnyhurtyangsty.

Fire in the Hole by Big Pink
Summary: After Sam leaves for Stanford, Dean falls hard and John doesn’t catch him. Their long, bloody year comes to an abrupt end in the silver mining district of western Nevada, where both father and son must face their worst fears.

Harvester by tracer2032
Summary: Dean Winchester was assigned to pen 20 to 25 lines to sum up his entire existence. Little did he know those lines would cost him just that.

A Soldier's Tear by tracer2032
Summary: Can soldier's cry sometimes? IMTOD/ELAC spin. A cowrite by Tracer and HT Marie.

Paper Cuts, Flashlights and Toothpaste by Aro
Summary: Sam learns just how expressive the mute can be, especially when that mute is his brother. ... Toothpaste

Brother’s Best Friend by Aro
Summary: One shot. Things aren’t going well between the brothers, so what’ll happen when Sam’s magically turned into… a dog? – “You’ve got to be the dinkiest mutt I’ve ever seen.” ... est_Friend

Strangers and Angels by reading
Summary: Worn out, the boys stop at a remote motel to get shelter from a storm. Contains sick!Dean. ... and_Angels

Frail by reading
Summary: Dean and Sam return to visit Jo and her family after Dean has a disturbing nightmare.

In Reverse by sodakey (WIP)
Summary: Ghosts are being blamed for 3 missing hikers. Sam worries it’s connected to what happened to Dean ten years ago—and Sam's Stanford friends make Dean wonder if Sam shouldn’t leave their life, and him, once and for all.

Chipping Away by Thru Terry’s Eyes
Summary: Winner of Best Story, SNFA awards, Round 2. Preseries. What happened in the days before Sam left for Stanford. It's affect on everyone as the situation spirals out of control.

Moonstar by Thru Terry’s Eyes
Summary: Dean crashes after a string of bad jobs. A final, terrible incident pushes him to the edge. Their next job, at the haunted Moonstar Hotel is the last place Dean needs to be.

Cry in the Night by Thru Terry’s Eyes
Summary: Dean is haunted by the flashbacks from a hunt that took place after Sam left for Stanford. He can't remember the details but something is wrong and what he can't recall can hurt him

And Fools Shine On by gekizetsu
Summary: Dean's been souljacked. And nothing in their arsenal is going to save Sam from his brother. ... s_Shine_On

If Belief Was Enough by gekizetsu
Summary: Sequel to And Fools Shine On. Washington State is full of mysterious holes but so is Dean's understanding of himself...and poor Sam has to learn how to stitch a soul. ... Was_Enough

Woven by gekizetsu
Summary: Not all doors stay locked, and lightning often strikes twice. Sequel to If Belief Was Enough and grandsequel to And Fools Shine On.

Darwin Looks Away by gekizetsu
Summary: Dean's been bucking for a Darwin Award. Sam points out that he's not going to let him win.

Cracked Perfecting Images by Jame K.
Summary: On the one year anniversary of Dean’s disappearance, Sam got really drunk and broke his bedroom window with a shotgun full of rock salt when John Winchester tried to climb through it. ... ing_Images

Porcelain by Jame K.
Summary: Dean is back. And Sam tries to paste them back together like bits of torn papiermâché. Sequel to Cracked Perfecting Images.

When It’s Over by P. L. Wynters
Summary: FutureFic. After a horrible accident, Sam and Dean have to learn what it is to be a family again. Originally a oneshot about: What would make Dean stop hunting? Warning: Deathfic.

The Wake-Up Call by November’sGuest
Summary: How will the Winchesters pick up the pieces of their lives following the events in Devil's Trap? While in a coma, Dean reaches out to Sam the only way he knows how and John sees that the cost of his revenge may not be worth it.

Between the Shadows by Dawn N
Summary: Follows Devil's Trap. The Winchester family is faced with something it never saw coming not even in their worst fears, especially Dean's. ... he_Shadows

Shine 9 by JayneFaire
Summary: Dean is almost killed by a demon that has waited nine years for him. Can John and Sam save him?

Our Belov'd Fallen by Kim Who Knows
Summary: As the plans for Sam and the other children finally come to light, the brothers are lost in a race for answers. Dean struggles for life in a battle Mary swore he wouldn't fight, and Sam starts to break beneath the prophecy: For soon, hell cometh.

Death in an Alley by A-blackwinged-bird
Summary: A hunt goes wrong. Oneshot.

Until It Sleeps by A-blackwinged-bird
Summary: In 1999, Metallica released a 21song album, named 'S&M'. Quite frankly, greatest single rock album or not, the tape had to go.

The Long Goodbye by A-blackwinged-bird
Summary: PreSeason 2. The boys lose their father under very different circumstances.

Sanctuary by Cheryl W
Summary: When Dean’s near misses with death start adding up, Sam is brutally reminded that there is no such thing as just having a bad day when you are a Winchester.

Moonlight by Cheryl W
Summary: Set between ELAC and BL. Dean and Sam struggle to bridge the gap between them, brick by brick.

All Grace Abounds by Cheryl W
Summary: Sometimes you don’t find faith, it finds you. Post HOTH. Dean Centric. No Slash.

Shadow Stalker by Devonshire64
Summary: A short cut through the woods leaves the boys lost, separated, and hunted.

Heartbeat by woodsbaile
Summary: It's a horrible dejavu for Sam and Dean. But something's not right, in a supernatural way.

Orders by bjxmas
Summary: Dean Winchester at fifteen. Dean's emotions were raging out of control: guilt, panic, shame, sheer terror. How could he tell Dad how badly he had screwed up? How he had been weak and let what he wanted dictate his actions? A soldier follows orders!

Sacrifice by bjxmas
Summary: Preseries. This was tough, this dying. Dean always thought when he died it would be quick, in the heat of battle, in a blaze of glory. He never anticipated knowing and waiting, pondering his own imminent demise and what his passing would do to his family.

Smokescreen by eloise_bright
Summary: Written for embroiderama, who requested: anything that had one of the Winchesters getting an unpleasant but non-fatal illness. Thus: Dean owies, Sam angst and a little snark.

Breaking by eloise_bright
Summary: Set Season 1. Sam POV. Dean's hurt. Sam copes. Just about. (the ritual here is nicked from a paper on Slovenian charms in the context of magical practice. I've combined two charms and added some extra ritualistic stuff. And do not attempt this sort of thing at home, folks. Sam is a seasoned professional).

Hiding In Plain Sight by eloise_bright
Summary: Set pre-series and early Season 1. Looking at Dean.

Heart Like a Wheel by kimonkey7
Summary: Dean and Sam try to figure out who, or what, is responsible for a string of deaths over a century. Coffee, banter, and hc. Sexual situations, language. And towels. TOWELS. Mature rating. ... ke_a_Wheel

A Good Man is Hard to Find by kimonkey7
Summary: Dean keeps his word, and ramifications scatter like salt shot. Secrets, liquor, and bad things. Whump, angst, and banter. Language warning. Title borrowed from Flannery O'Connor. ... rd_to_Find

Lake Effect by kimonkey7
Summary: Sometimes perceptions of our own maturity can be as murky as lake water. Preseries. A little bit of cussing.

And It Went Right to My Head by kimonkey7
Summary: Dean tries to quench his thirst. ... to_My_Head

Sanguine Ain't Got Nothin' on Me by kimonkey7
When things start to…come up…for Dean, the boys learn the important lesson that it’s what’s INSIDE that counts. CRACK!fic. VOMIT WARNING. Spoilers through season 2. ... thin_on_Me

Has No/Needs No by kimonkey7
Summary: This little ficlet was written as a gift!fic for a friend. The one who invented the NDQ (Naked Dean Quotient) and uses words with me like pantslessness and sans pants and depantsification. So, you know, it might appeal to other people, too. Language warning. ... ead=645811

Lawrence Revisted by Onari
Summary: Another version of Sam and Dean's hunt back in Lawrence. Dean wasn't ready to face the past, but he didn't imagine it would be far worse than expected, when it was the past that stood and faced him. Mainly Dean's Angst. ... _Revisited

That Vision Thing by InSecret
Summary: Sam's the one with the 'shining', so why is Dean suffering headsplitting visions? Can the boys solve the mystery and track down a vicious werewolf before Dean's time is up?

The Water is Warm and Children Swim by Taiven
Short story... He was so close, and now he reached his hand out in a last attempt to reach for life. He thought it was simply a cruel joke as he felt the warm air on his hand but not on his lips. WARNING: Character Death ... ldren_Swim

Fistful of Rain by Mariner
Summary: Five lives Dean Winchester never lived.

Raincheck by Mariner
Summary: An epilogue to the episode Bloodlust. Because Sam did say he'd do it...

Hickory Hill by Mariner
Summary: When a previously harmless haunting suddenly escalates, Sam and Dean investigate why.

Looking Back by Sensue
Summary: The truth about Mary Winchester is discovered after Dean is seriously injured. Sam must fight to protect his brother men humans and all of their evils. Smarm & HC. Crossover with Dune.

Pennywise for Your Thoughts by Sensue
Summary: A “chick flick moment” between the Winchester brothers. Dean’s POV. NOT slash, just smarm. ... r_Thoughts

No Chick Flick Moments by Sensue
Summary: Sequel to Pennywise For Your Thoughts. Dean's sick, Sam fusses. ... ck_Moments

Calling You by recklesslove
Summary: When Dean and Sam are forced apart, perhaps forever, a series of phone conversations brings out the things they could never say face-to-face.

Lights Out by chrissie0707
Summary: An unexpected accident leaves the guys stranded in a small town and investigating a rumored urban legend that may be more rooted in fact than fiction. [drama, banter, whump].

Ever Forward by iamstealthyone
Summary: Sam and Dean try to cope. Set post-“In My Time of Dying,” with spoilers for that ep and the start of “Everybody Loves a Clown.”

Dancing in the Dark by Carlyrene
Summary: Sam and Dean have always been able to overcome any obstacle in their way, but what if a different horror plaugued their lives, one that Sam had to fight, and Dean could only watch. Warning Sensitive health subjects. ... n_the_Dark

Holding On To Let Go by gaelicspirit
Summary: Following John's coordinates, the boys prepare to battle a witch. When they discover a greater evil is at work, can Sam save Dean's life or will his brother's pain become his own? ... _To_Let_Go

Ramble On by gaelicspirit
Summary: When a hunt goes sideways, the brothers are hurt and lost in the northern Minnesota woods. They have only each other and their skills to get them out...and they aren't alone. They are being tracked by the 'perfect hunter'.

Into the Fire by gaelicspirit
Summary: The brother's strengths are tested when they are confronted by both a supernatural threat... and a human one. Dean must face his fear of losing his brother in order to save not only Sam, but himself as well.

Area Code by Emma15
Summary: Prepilot. Sam has gotten everything he ever wanted.

A Beer by Emma15
Summary: AU. Sequal to Area Codes. Dean doubles back and Sam wonders if just maybe he couldn't have the best of both worlds. [Rating due to language].

It Would Have to Do by Emma15
Summary: PostChildren Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Sam's loopy on pain medication and Dean can't even appreciate it. ... Have_To_Do

What If Dean Had Asthma? by Unhobbity Hobbit
Summary: Life has a very fine balance, change one thing and it could all go to hell, so what if Dean had asthma? The story is possibly not what the title would lead you to expect. Character deaths. ... Had_Asthma

Stepping Into the Real by LCFC
Summary: Can what you see on televison possibly be real? Jared Padalecki and Sam Winchester are about to find out the answer. ... o_the_Real

Real Life by LCFC
Summary: Sequel to 'Stepping into the Real'. The Winchesters hit Vancouver will Vancouver know what's hit it!

Where Do We Belong? By LCFC
Summary: Post Devil's Trap. John is dead,Dean is injured, Sam is alone. Where does he belong? ... _We_Belong

Forgive Us Our Trespasses by Silver Kitten
Summary: Tag for Crossroad Blues. Dean turned the music up, but Sam still had more to say. And he wanted Dean to hear him. ... Trespasses

No Burden to Carry by Silver Kitten
Summary: Slight AU missing scene from 2.09 Croatoan. If Dean is so tired, leave it to Sam to wake him up again with or without trying. ... n_to_Carry

This I Promise by Silver Kitten
Summary: Tag for Playthings. Sam reminded Dean what he promised, but Dean tells Sam he had his fingers crossed. Angst and a little fluff follows.

Little Rattle Stilt by angstslashhope
Summary: Sammy, preseries. ... tml#cutid1

Parental Instincts by BEKi of Dorvan
Summary: ParentTeacher Night is always full of surprises. This year, Dean Winchester's dad is one of them. ... _Instincts

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by BEKi of Dorvan
Summary: If we got in a wreck, and Sammy and I were both unconscious, and the Impala caught on fire so you only had time to save one of us, who would you save? ... _Dont_Tell

The Thing About Clowns by BEKi of Dorvan
Summary: Yeah, that whole facing your fears thing? Overrated. Sometimes what scares you, scares you for good reason and all facing that kind of fear does is show you how right you were to be afraid in the first place. ... out_Clowns

Living Inside the Box by BEKi of Dorvan
Summary: He had to give it to him: this fear demon certainly knew its stuff. Knew exactly what John was afraid of, knew exactly how to put him in the worst of all possible scenarios. ... de_the_Box

Open Your Eyes by BEKi of Dorvan
Summary: “I uh … I think I’m hit, Dad,” Dean managed a little shakily. John knelt down all business, no emotion when he asked, “Where?” “Uh … I’m not … not really sure.” He held out the bloody hand. “I’m … I’m bleeding, though. So I guess I must ... must be hit.

And Hansel Said To Gretel by mrscutedean
Summary: It's a Sam/Jess and it of course contains some Dean. I was desperate to write a continuation of the Stanford fire scene so voila.

Hunter/Killer by Kohadril
Summary: Bested by a demon, Sam and Dean scramble to find its weakness before it can complete its mission.

Entity by Carikube
Summary: Sam’s visions spiral out of control when he is psychically connected to a girl who uses pain to ensure cooperation. Dean struggles to protect his brother, while Sam must find strength within if he is to survive.

Blood on the Tracks by Carikube
Summary: Dean and Sam ride the subway for something that takes one victim per year. They didn’t take it seriously – until it takes Sam. ... the_Tracks

The First Born by justforspite
Summary: none

Dad Said No by nocturnal08
Summary: John Winchester and Sammy fight it out over puppies, soccer practice, debate team and college. Dean, Bobby and Pastor Jim try to keep the peace. Angst ridden.

My Brother, the Superhero by Sarah’s Crack
Summary: Wee!Chesters! Dean and Sam, gen. John's busy on Sam's bring your parent to school day. Oh noes! ... _Superhero

Living in Sanctuary by Nixa Jane
Summary: This is an AU in which Mary never died, and Dean and Sam grew up with two very different lives. Now with the demon on the way, the Winchesters need to get back together. ... _Sanctuary

Stigmata by Nixa Jane
Summary: Dean never used to believe in faith healers, and the irony of this newfound ability is not lost on him.

Laundry Day by CaffieneKitty
Summary: The Winchester boys do their laundry. Sounds boring, doesn't it? Just read it.

If You Go Into the Woods Today by aussiechick21
Summary: The boys head into the woods, but a supernatural creature is only one of the problems they'll have to deal with. They can't seem to stop fighting for long enough to do their job and they need to sort out their issues before they end up regretting it. ... oods_Today

Into the Fire by Weesta
Summary: How far will Sam go to save his brother?

On Duty by Weesta
Summary: The Winchesters share a rare day off. Wee!Winchesters.

Interlude by Weesta
Summary: John thinks deep thoughts in the night. Sequel to On Duty.

The Way Things Should Be by Weesta
Summary: John takes the boys on a shopping trip. Sequel to On Duty and Interlude. ... _Should_Be

A Place to Call Home by Purehalo
Summary: hen Dean falls ill Sam brings him back to Grace and Nicki. Set after 'The Scent'. Lots of sick Dean, worried Sam and mothering Grace! ... 13584&st=0

Hanging on By a Thread by neonchica
Summary: When Dean loses his leg in a terrible hunting accident the brother's are forced to reevaluate their priorities. Can Dean still hunt? And is it really still worth the risk? ... y_a_Thread

Russian Roulette by tears-of-a-different-shade
Summary: t was only a matter of time before the gun fired. Not a great summary, I know, but it's a short story so there's not much to say. Death fic. Oneshot. Angst and pain! Warning: There is character death!

Super Bowl Sunday by adibiase
Summary: none.

Lycanthrope by Rae666
Summary: f your brother had a vision about a werewolf attacking him, would you go chasing after it? Even though you knew he was still hiding something? Possible spoilers and brotherly angst.

Death Markers by Rae666
Summary: During a hunt where missing people reappear, Dean is kidnapped and ends up on an medical table. When Sam tracks him down, will that be the end of it or is that evil in the darkness still watching Dean? Spoilers for Season 2 and mild language. Deancentric.

Fading by JessicaRae
Summary: “Look, I know how you feel…” “Do you? How old were you when mom died? Four? Jess died six months ago. How the hell would you know how I feel?” Scarecrow Tag

Flies to Gather by hionlife
Summary: The greatest acts of pain and betrayal are often wrought out of kindness. Preseries.

Ambush by Rachelly
Summary: Dean and Sam run into serious trouble when hunters gang together and make Sam their prey and Dean, his only hope. Sam angst, Dean angst, limp!Sam and hurt!Dean.

Dictum by Starliteyes17
Summary: The monitors beeped quietly. The ventilator whooshed. Dean watched. Sam slept.

Darkness Shall Follow by Faye Dartmouth
Summary: It doesn't matter who it is. It just matters that it's not both of them. That he's going to save one and probably condemn the other. ... all_Follow

Hunter’s Crossing by SignsOfSun
Summary: The Winchesters must find a way to battle a force that only one of them can see.

Aftermath by morning sunlight
Summary: The boys have finally finished the demon, but what's left of them? Can they recover?

Lab Rat by wintereden
Summary: Propped up against the arm of the couch with Jelly Beans in one hand and a battered novel in the other, Dean was sprawled, lazily comfortable and, in Sam's mind, the prime target for a manipulative younger brother with his eyes on an A.

You Okay? By QuMerc
Summary: Dad, that's the way it works. Sam sounded like he was talking to a child...well, someone younger than him anyway. We watch each other's backs. PreSeries.

Signs of the Body by Rose of No Man’s Land
Summary: Am I still a brother, though there is no one for me to be a brother to? ONESHOT.

Strange Face of Love by Third Stage
Summary: Jim was certain that if something wasn't done about the situation, then the pain would be enough to tear the family apart. And the one with the most at stake was Sam. The Winchester family battle somthing that no one saw coming... ... ce_of_Love

Godzilla by quellefromage
Summary: While on his way to chase down Sam at Bobby's, Dean gets some help from an unexpected source.

Door to the Heart by TraSan
It’s bothersome that Dean can restore the Impala from essentially scrap metal, but he apparently can’t find a can of WD40 for the blasted doors. ONESHOT.

Obligation by IMTheresa
Summary: Beginning preseason, the brothers come to terms with their obligations.

Father Knows Best by IMTheresa
Summary: John's new hunt worries his sons and he finds something that changes everything.

The Art of Survival by redbanker
Summary: A crossover with Harry Potter. ... opic=15431

In a Pickle by Mummyluvr
Summary: Oneshot. Dean is turned into a... pickle!

In a Pickle 2: Jessica’s Return by Mummyluvr
Summary: The unanticipated sequel to In a Pickle. Sam meets an old flame in a convenience store and some awkward situations follow. Oneshot. ... cas_Return

Straight From The Heart by Mummyluvr
Summary: He'd always been special. He just kind of forgot. Thanks to recent events, though, Dean's past is coming back to haunt him, bringing along some unwanted baggage in the form of his own freaky psychic powers. ... _The_Heart

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow by Silver Weasley
Summary: Dean and Sam get a couple of blasts from the past when a hoodoo spell goes haywire. [part Wee!Chester fic, part semicrack]. ... d_tomorrow

Promises by SupernaturalGeek
Summary: Tag to AHBL2. A quiet conversation in the aftermath of the battle.

A Perfect World by SupernaturalGeek
Summary: Dean asks Sam what his perfect world would be. Spoilers for 'What Is and What Should Never Be'.

Pictures on the Wall by Ginger Ninja
Summary: A week ago it was the ghosts of an abandoned mining town. Now Dean’s been awake for four days and thinks the motel room’s pictures are moving. ... n_the_Wall

The Square Root of Pi by elanurel
Summary: Dean hated Poughkeepsie but at least he wasn't the one starting high school there. Note: Teen!Chesters. ... Root_of_Pi

Crescendo of the Moon by Pixel-O
Summary: After a past hunt leaves both Sam and Dean wounded, a new threat emerges that preys upon their pains and weaknesses. Brother is pitted against brother, and the hunters themselves soon become the hunted. ... f_the_Moon

Tiny A’s All in a Row by Wynn
Summary: When it comes for Dean, he's not ready. ... l_in_a_Row

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Spooky-Girl
Summary: That night, Sam Winchester dreamed his brother died... ... Bell_Tolls

You’re Not Alone by NobdyPtclr
Summary: After Asylum, Dean and Sam receive another text message from their father, sending them on another hunt before they've recovered from his last assignment.

I'm Proud of You Son by adder574
Summary: Takes place after Devil's Trap. John, Sam and Bobby recall significant events in Dean's life. ... of_You_Son

That's My Boy by adder574
Summary: A follow up to I'm Proud of You Son. You dont have to read that to follow this. John, Sam, and Dean visit Mary's grave and run into an unexpected visitor.

Westcott Prepatory Academy by adder574
Summary: Dean is diagnosed with an illness that requires long term care. This leads to a time when the Winchesters were a family and Sam gets to experience a taste of normal, or as normal as things can be for the Winchesters. ... ry_Academy

Somewhere from Ashes by Pixel-O
Summary: Dean has always measured time by Sam until the day comes that Sam changes that measurement. ... from_Ashes

If you experience any problems or see any mistakes with the above, feel free to pm me. :D

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Here is a list of popular authors and links to their profile pages on where you
can find a collection of their stories (If you have a new author link you'd like me to add this page, pm me with it...or you can make a new post.)

Big Pink




M. Marinov

Ridley C. James

Thru Terry’s Eyes

Mady Bay





H.T. Marie

Silver Kitten


Cheryl W

BEKi of Dorvan



Dawn N


Faye Dartmouth

Insane Troll Logic











P.L. Wynter





Spectral Scribe













Ginger Ninja

Williamson M. Scott


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Erm... I know there are several stories I wanna recommend but I don't know if they'd been mentioned and I can't think of their names off hand but there is one author that hasn't been mentioned, she has loads of stories but there are two which I particularly want to rec:

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When Darkness Calls
Summary:The hunters become the hunted when an elusive stalker sets his sights on the Winchester boys. Murder dogs their path, danger lurks in the most innocent of places, and there is nowhere to hide "When Darkness Calls".

Whispers in the Dark
Summary:Dean had kept the secret for a year. He believed the danger had passed. They'd just begun rebuilding their lives, and then the phone rang . . . Charlie's back and this time he has supernatural abilites... - Sequel to When Darkness Calls

And just in case you're wondering, it has plenty of both hurt Sammy and Dean :)

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23 Jul 2007, 17:41 #4

This isn't so much an individual fic recc as a vein of fic recc. The summergen stories includes many talented writers who have put forward fics based around a number of prompts, Im gradually working my way through them, and there seem to be a lot of really enjoyable stories. I hope the link I'm about to post works ... 18020.html

Edited to add: Yay Nicole I did the copy and paste URL thing and it worked - Thanks!

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29 Jul 2007, 08:51 #5

Nicole, your posting of great authors and stories is fantastic. I've read quite a few of them but I'm always looking for more and its great to see them all listed in one place.

Many thanks.

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30 Jul 2007, 17:55 #6

No problem! I was happy to do it :D

I come bearing a rec myself:

Wolf and Man by Gaelicspirit and Freyja529
Summary: A bad moon rises over the Winchesters when a stop for coffee and a meal turns into a hunt that threatens both of the brother's lives.

To save space, I'm just adding to this rec instead of making a new one. I've just finished this one-shot and I'm in love with it. :wub: I love pretty much everything this author does, though, and the fact that it touched on one of my favorite episodes was the icing on the cake. Run, don't walk, to read this:

Mustard Seed by kimonkey7
Summary: Sometimes when all the cosmic tumblers fall into place, you still have to jiggle the lock. Dean has something he needs take care of that's too personal to include Sam.

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04 Aug 2007, 19:48 #7

This one-shot is very pictorial and full of imagery. I definitely enjoyed it.

Phoenix by Sojourner84
Summary: The fire took his life, but gave him purpose. It devoured his childhood, but allowed him to shield the innocence of another. It brought back his brother to him, but not without scars.

Also, I put in a link to the SNFAs (Supernatural Fanfiction Awards) in my original post...the first link at top of individual story recs.

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07 Aug 2007, 05:07 #8

People, drop everything. Gaelic has a new story posting in three parts that's just mind-blowing. I'm so must give it a try (especially if you like Dean centric fiction).

She's already finished it, so don't worry about having to wait.

Linger by Gaelicspirit
Summary: An explosion removes his identity, puts him in the hands of a stranger, and forces him to fight his way back from darkness. If everything he knows is taken away, who can he trust? Who is he, really? And what if he doesn't want to remember?

Gah, I wish I could write like that...I'm like :o !

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11 Aug 2007, 16:53 #9

Here's a wonerful fic I just discovered by Bayre - called "What you feel".

Sam becomes a receiver for other people's feelings, while Dean has his own problems...

Its a WIP but has 6 good long chapters to get you started, and this author seems to be good about regularly updating and finishing fics. Its just wonderful, a good balance of humour, angst and adventure, its also unpredictable. It may be considered slightly crack, but don't let that put you off, it is beautiful and moving, and I love the brothers relationship in it. Dean girls and Sam girls should all enjoy.

Let me know what you think in the discussion thread :D

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15 Aug 2007, 08:53 #10

Here's a great little one shot ... at_Will_Be

Its really intriguing, different and beautiful. Its hard to say much about the story without giving it away. Its mostly weechester, and is incredibly powerful and sweet.

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Clarice Hubert
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19 Aug 2007, 12:14 #11

Dear Nicole, how are you doing...

found your "official fan fic recommendations thread"

and I have to tell you, I'm a sucker for Phoenix stories - all of them are just great...

Of course, I also love Ridley, Dawn N., and another writer whose penname is November Guest maybe you have heard about, you know she writes very cool stories too, and keeps me hanging on my chair for the next update all the time....

So cruel...

Pls include Phoenix stories, they are great....

Take care of yourself..

:witch Clarice :witch


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19 Aug 2007, 21:50 #12

Hey, Clarice! Thanks for the rec, I'm all :blush .

I'm not sure what you mean about Phoenix...PM me and explain a little more and I'll see what I can find.

In the meantime, here is my latest rec:

Remember This by Onari
Summary: Dean looked exhausted all day. Dark circles appeared under his eyes, and he needed three times more coffee to keep functioning. He happened to be awake whenever Sam was asleep. But if he was also awake when Sam was awake, when did Dean actually sleep at all? Spoilers for AHBL I/II

AND, if you are a John fan, then you'll LOVE this:

The Color of Its Countries by kimonkey7
Summary: To sleep, perchance to wake...He had one more week before he left for boot camp. Unadulterated schmoop warning. ... _Countries

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Clarice Hubert
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Clarice Hubert
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20 Aug 2007, 15:14 #13

Hi Nicole, I mean Phx, it's because in her stories she posts Phoenix, but her penname is Phx, I just love her stories, can't get enough of them, of course because of your Fan Fic Recommendation, I'm getting in touch with other writers too.
You know can I give a small suggestion? You can accept it or not, I won't be mad.

Something that really drives me nuts is when somebody starts a story, I mean a really good one, and all of a sudden ... nothing ... no updates .... no explanations.... no nothing....

I think people should take into consideration that others (like me) read and enjoy and wait for an update, and what you've got is nothing...

What I mean is, if you (the writer) got a writer's block, or is in some family problem, I don't know, shouldn't he or she at least let the readers know that it might take a while for another update.

Sorry, it just pisses me off. Now when I start reading a new writer I just check to see if he/she finished other stories, because this gives some kind of reassurance that the story I'm reading will be finished, even eventually...

Anyway, that's my opinion...

Have a nice week.

:witch Clarice :witch


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26 Aug 2007, 07:40 #14 by Laura's eyes.

When John realizes that a life on the road is affecting his sons health. He decides to try and give them a 'Normal family life' but nothing is ever that simple. Sick!Dean Limp!Sam [Dean 18][Sam 14]

This ones perfect for both hurt Dean fans, and Hurt Sam fans. Its still a work in progress but definitely worth the read.

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12 Sep 2007, 06:50 #15

I've come across a couple of good fics.

The first is by pdragon76
He Ain't Heavy
A bronchial Dean stumbles across a job that brings up more between the boys than your average lugey. Warning for language. Spoilers through AHBL2, references to BUaBS

The second is by Kansas42
The Art of Breathing
Panic attacks and temper tantrums and Dean just couldn't breathe anymore. ... _Breathing

They have a similar style, usually one shots and pretty spicy language, but a lot of humour among the angst.