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This document has been prepared to outline some of the behavior that has been seen in the forums and to help clarify some of the rules. The examples listed below are not meant to be exhaustive but meant to give members an idea of what the moderators view as being acceptable or not acceptable in the forums. We have broken the examples down by rule number to make it easy.

However if you don’t find an answer to your question here, or need further clarification, then please feel free to PM either Irishgirl or Raven524 and we’d be happy to help you.

Your Supernatural.Tv Forum Admins


Rule 2(a): Warning members to stay away from specific threads by either overt or implied threat(s) or negative talk is not allowed. This also includes talking about a specific member or groups of members on SN.TV which can be deemed to be insulting.

While it would be nice if everyone saw things the same way, we understand that sometimes being part of the fandom in general can be frustrating and you want to vent. As long as you keep it very general and reference the whole fandom and not just members/fans on the Supernatrual.Tv Forums, it is okay. However, we do take comments in the context of the discussion being held.

So for example if members are discussing why they like/dislike a certain character, writer, episode, etc. It is best not to make any comment about fans in general, because members will think you are referring to them. Under no circumstances do we allow members to categorize anyone as either a good or bad fan for any reason.


I get frustrated with the negativity in the Supernatural Fandom.
Some fans are really nasty.
I don’t like it when some fans say bad things about Sam/Dean/Cas.
I don’t understand why some fans don’t see what’s wrong with this episode.

Not Acceptable:

You need to stay out of the <insert name> thread, the members in there are so negative/positive.
I don’t go into certain threads here because…
The Dean/Sam/Cas girls are really being bad fans with their comments on this forum.
The negative fans here are really bad fans of the show.
The positive fans just can’t see anything wrong, are they stupid?
I’m so glad I can come in here where it’s safe…
If you don’t like/agree, you are a bad fan…


Rule 3: Disagreement with other members is allowed as long as your statements are kept within the context of the other member’s comments and your statements are not personal attacks. Keep in mind that a member who disagrees with your view in a civil manner is not violating the rules. Please see these examples if you're not sure what is considered a personal attack or bashing

This is an open forum where members from all walks of life are welcome to participate. We have a wide range of ages, cultures as well as members from all over the world. This will sometimes lead to misunderstandings. What may be clear to you, may not be the way someone else sees the situation.

There is no right or wrong answer here. Posting an opinion in the various threads, is simply that—an opinion. Members type quickly, responding to posts and sometimes may say something inadvertently that wasn’t meant. English may not be the person’s first language or the person may just not be good at expressing themselves in writing. The written word unfortunately does not carry with it the facial expression or tone that the spoken word does. However we do realize that sometimes tempers flair or members are upset and say things they never would say to someone who was standing in front of them. When this happens, we ask that the member(s) involved try to work it out civilly, in a PM if necessary.

Also, keep in mind that posting on an open forum, means that others may actually just not agree with you. It doesn’t mean they are ignoring your point of view, that they don’t think it has merit or that you are even wrong. It simply means they don’t agree.


I disagree with your statement about…
I don’t see it that way…
I’m afraid, I don’t understand what you are trying to say…


You are wrong…
That is really a stupid comment…
Are we even watching the same show…
Obviously you can’t understand what I’m saying, so I’ll try to type slower...
You are an idiot…
You are a Sam/Dean/Cas hater…

Rule 3a) Malicious, insulting, or harmful statements, including ones with emoticons, about other members, groups of members, Supernatural characters, actors, staff, and the CW will not be tolerated and will result in the post being edited and the member sent a warning.

This rule goes hand in hand with rule 2 which asks that you respect all members. We’re sure that no one wants to be insulted or have someone say malicious things said about them. You need to keep this in mind as you post. If you wouldn’t want it said about yourself, then you shouldn’t say it about someone else.

Also, just because they are famous or work in television, it does not mean that respect for others should not extend to the actors and staff of Supernatural and employees of the CW. We are not telling you to you have to like everyone affiliated with the show or the network, we are just asking that you keep your posts respectful. They need to develop a thick skin if they want to work in Hollywood is not an acceptable reason to make a malicious or harmful statement about someone.

Finally, we know that the characters aren’t real, but it still upsets some members who like the characters when you use unnecessary adjectives to get your point across. You can state your dislike of a character without using derogatory adjectives. Coming in and making ‘flaming’ statements using language that is meant to cause members to be upset, even when backed up with valid reasons is discouraged.


I can understand why some may be upset, however I don’t see things that way.
I didn’t like the way Jared/Jensen/Cas acted in this episode because…
I think the writers missed the mark on this episode because…
I don’t like the way Cas talked about Sam in the episode because…
I think Dean cries too often, he should be less emotional…


The Dean/Sam/Cas fans are are a group of whiny brats.
Jared/Jensen can’t act his way out of a paper bag.
Here we go again, another scene that Jared/Jensen totally overacts. Why do they keep him on the show?
Sera totally sucks ass and is ruining the show on purpose.
Sam is nothing more than a demon blood sucking whore.
Dean is nothing but a glorified doormat who does nothing but wring his hands and whine all the time.


Rule 3b) Escalating disagreements in threads should be taken to PMs to resolve the issue without threats, profanity or insults. If the members cannot resolve their argument or if they resort to verbally attacking each other (either in threads or PMs), they should contact a moderator or administrator for help. Members who receive PMs from other members that violate the Forum Rules (in regards to respecting members, or any violation), should forward the PM to a moderator or administrator.

If you are having a disagreement with another member and other posters want to move on to a new topic, you can continue your debate via PMs. This way you can continue your debate without the thread getting bogged down with multiple posts hashing out a topic that’s gotten old or disrupt the thread with a personal argument.

However, the same rules that apply to posting in the threads also applies to any PM that you send to another member. Even though your PM will not be posted on the open forum, it does not mean that you can disregard the forum rules. It is not acceptable to verbally attack, curse out, or threaten other members in a PM.

Examples of what is unacceptable to put in a PM:

F.U., you stupid bitch.
Could you be any more dumb?
Only an idiot would think the way you do.
:uzi :uzi :uzi (solely using emoticons to threaten)

If you receive a PM that you feel violates this rule, please forward it on to a mod for review and if it is violating the rule the appropriate action will be taken.


Rule 4a) Personal attacks against other members are not allowed for any reason. Members who post any comments that are personal attacks (including posts with emoticons) will receive warnings.

This rule goes hand in hand with having respect for your fellow members. If you are having a debate or disagreement with another member, please, keep it civil. If you come across a post that bothers you, please, do not resort to attacking the poster by name calling or the use of emoticons that can be perceived as threatening.


I’m sorry but you misunderstood what I was trying to say.
I personally felt your last comment was uncalled for, in my opinion…
It’s fine if you don’t like my point of view, but I don’t believe either one of us is right or wrong here.

Not allowed:

Oh my God, you are so stupid.
You must be an idiot if you like that plotline.
People like you have no business posting on the forum.
Every time I read one of your posts, I want to :uzi
Some needs to beat some sense it to you. :bonk


Rule 6a)Wincest may not be posted on or linked to on this board, including fanfic, fanart, or fanvids. If Wincest is posted anywhere on SN.Tv, including the 18+ Adult Forum, it will be immediately deleted by a moderator or administrator.

This is a PG-13 site, so no explicit sexual content should be posted anyway, but nothing with Wincest may be posted on this board, including fanfic, fanart, or fanvids. This refers to any work that pairs two heterosexual characters in a homosexual relationship. In the Supernatural universe, this is most commonly done with Dean and Sam and referred to as "Wincest" or "Bromance." If anything containing Wincest is posted on the board, it will be immediately deleted by a moderator or administrator.

This community as a whole has nothing against homosexuality, but this is a site about Supernatural--two brothers with no romantic feelings for each other--and changing their relationship changes the characters we tune in to watch every week. As another site states, fans borrow characters when they use them in creative work. If fans change major aspects of characters, they might as well create original characters.


Rule 6c) Suggestive language, “four-letter words,” or adult language, and adult-themed topics will not be tolerated. Supernatural has some mature content on it, but please keep topics and posts on the same level as the show because people of different ages visit this site.

Listed below are the current words that are allowed and not allowed on the site. In general, if the word has been said on the show, we allow it. Please keep in mind that these lists are not exhaustive and may be updated from time to time.


These words are allowed depending on the context. For example, you can say a character was acting bitchy, but you cannot call anyone a bitch.

WTF (the acronym is allowed, but not writing out the phrase with the F-word)
penis, dick
son of a bitch
BAMFed (as in CAS BAMFed to describe his mode of transport)
Jesus, Jesus Christ, God, etc can be used as long as its not used a profanity (curse word)

Not Allowed:

f***, f***er, f***ing, f***in
mother f-er
c**, snatch (the female part)
co** (the male part)
co*sucker...and variations
STFU (shut the f*** up)
BAMF (bad ass mother f***er)
FUBAR (F**ed up beyond all recognition)
Jesus, Jesus Christ, or God used as a profanity (cursing)


9a.) Cyberbullying is also prohibited. This occurs when a member goes into threads with what the Mods/admins deem as the specific intention to target a specific member or group of members for the express purpose of ‘reporting’ them, sending insulting PM’s and/or harassing them in the open thread. While we encourage members to report a problem, use of the report post button to harass other members is not allowed and will result in a warning.

According to Wikipedia, Cyber-bullying has been defined as "when the Internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person".

Cyber-bullies may disclose victims' personal data (e.g. real name, address, or workplace/schools) at websites or forums or may pose as the identity of a victim for the purpose of publishing material in their name that defames or ridicules them. Some cyber-bullies may also send threatening and harassing emails and instant messages to the victims, while other post rumors or gossip and instigate others to dislike and gang up on the target.

What this means for the Supernatural.Tv Forums is that you may not follow a member around the forum for the sole purpose of reporting every post that they make. Banding together with other members to make someone feel unwelcome in the thread or to drive them away from a thread is also not allowed. Members who police the threads or forums are not accepted here. You may not use PMs to insult or harass another member. Bullying, in any way, shape or form will not be tolerated here. If you feel that you are being bullied by another member, please contact a mod or admin.

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