Season 8 The Road So Far And Beyond

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Season 8 The Road So Far And Beyond

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This thread is the place to discuss Season 8 so far. You can talk about any or all Season 8 episodes in here. Tell us what you think about the show so far.

You can include spoilers in this discussion thread (unlike the similar one created in the Season 8 Discussion Forums). We just ask that you keep the discussions on Season 8.

So what do you think?

So far, I liked the second half better than the first. While I did enjoy some of the episodes in the first half, I felt that the Amelia SL fell short of what they were trying to accomplish. I did enjoy the purgatory SL and am still interested in seeing what will happen to Benny. Jensen appears to be happy with doing more with Benny's character, so hopefully we'll get more story on him other than what we have so far. I'm also glad that Amelia will not be back.

The past few episodes though have been my favorite of the season. I love that the brothers are back together and even though they still have issues, they are working them out. Sure they are making mistakes (Sam should tell Dean about how he's feeling ill already IMO) but the fact that they are flawed characters is one of the reasons I like them so much. They have depth and they have changed over the seasons with them finally becoming 'partners' instead of just 'brothers' in Season 8.

I also like the fact that we are getting more into other mythologies. I can't wait to see the one with Zeus, Artemis and Promethius. It feels like this season is getting back to the formula that I enjoyed during the first 3 seasons. We have an overall myth arc, with some sub-plots along with new monsters or new ways of looking at some old stand-bys (the planting memories in the last witch episode and the addition of a familiar). I like that the boys have swung back to center too, with not assuming that all Supernatural beings are bad, but maybe just unfortunate folks trying to get by as best as they can (as long as they aren't killing or hurting people).

I can't wait to see where the road goes next! :wub: :)

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moved my post from other thread and brought it here....hope this is ok.


Yup! Carver pretty much confirmed that he didn't have Sam look because he knew Sam WOULD have looked and he wanted to explore what would happen if Sam DIDN'T look.

I think he accomplished whatever he set out to do. Yes, it's a half of a story, but I honestly think it's all the story we're going to get. It was poorly written, illogical, and OOC. I don't see them fixing it at this late date. Does Dean even remember all that stuff he said to Sam in the penny episode? Probably not. That was conflict for the sake of conflict.


Plus, Anna, what is Dean really supposed to think? Sam was very inconsistent and vague in his response to Dean. I feel Sam earned Dean's distrust w/his cagey answers. He says "Nothing says family like the whole family being dead," which would lead you to think Sam thought Dean was dead, but when Dean asks him if he looked for him, Sam has no response IIRC. Sam also makes excuses about having no resources or friends to help him. Huh? If he honestly thought Dean was dead, then what do resources or friends have to do w/anything? His response makes no sense given what Sam said he thought. He should have said, "No, Dean, I didn't look. Don't you understand. I thought you were dead."

The first half of the season was utter inconsistent crap! One minute, Sam is like "can't you hunt on your own," and the next he's upset that Dean went on a hunt on his own! Huh?


lala, i've read the same interview but i interpreted it differently. based on jared's comments mentioned as noted by mc2 that there's more to his story, and based on an interview i read somewhere that jared had valid concerns about the way sam's character was being written, such that he talked to carver himself....he seemed pretty much reassured and i took that to mean jared knows something we don't.

the way i took that interview was that jc wanted to see what it would be like if sam didn't look...he didn't use the words....he wants to see what happens when sam doesn't look. i find that significant. i still think that sam actually did try to find dean. i think the inconsistencies of the first half of the season was intentional and not just horrific or two writers doing crap work ..yeah i can see that...but all of them...there's something fishy there.

i have to disagree with you that sam was being cagey with dean. i thought the opposite. sam's reaction to seeing dean in the're freaking alive?. he was shocked to learn he was in purgatory. sam told dean he thought he died. as a matter of fact dean seemed ok with that until he asked sam about kevin. when sam explained he stopped hunting that's when dean asked if there was a girl. a rather odd question i thought. sam said there was and there wasn't . he mentioned the dog. dean then concluded that sam left him in purgatory because of a girl. sam just finished telling him he thought he died...but dean totally dismissed what he said and jumped to his own conclusions.

i'm with you though...why the hell didn't sam just tell dean again...this time louder and with more feeling that he thought he was dead. didn't you just hear me? then we had to watch 8 out of 10 eppies of dean's self contrived resentment of sam. sam just took it. over and over and over without fighting back. and then the humdinger...dean's rant about every mistake sam has ever made as if he was his parole officer and his false declaration that benny is the only one who's never let him down...he's in for a rude awakening on that front imo. still sam just sat there and took the a loyal dog who's abused but still loves his master to a fault.

i asked myself why is sam not defending himself? even if he didn't look, why not just give his reasons? why stay quiet? is it really because jc wants to make sam look bad? i just don't think so. i think there's more to sam's silence.

now me, i think sam did try to look but had no avenues, no help, no clue. it's my belief that sam, as a defense mechanism, convinced himself and truly believed that dean was in fact dead. i think for sam it was better than the alternative, failing dean yet again.

so while dean was going on and on about sam's past mistakes, as angry as sam was feeling, i also feel that he might have felt that he deserved every word and that's why he kept silent. that's just my take on it of course.

as much as these boys are working on moving past all the issues they've had during the first half, i just don't think the elephant in the room can be ignored for much longer.

carver decided to contrive all this melodrama and bring up dean's trust/abandonment issues, but has once again pushed them aside and left the audience hanging. why bring up an apparently dead issue if you're not prepared to go all the way and deal with it. i've seen so many posts declaring that after 7.5 years, dean's trust/abandonment issue is at this point, old and tiresome. if carver's goal is to create a mature relationship bet. the boys, then dean's resentment of sam, as it is his issue, has to be dealt with once and for all. the boys getting the trials done are dependent on that....imo.

then again, now that i think about it maybe all that harping on sam was dean's way of wanting to deal with it. i don't know...i'm going out on a limb here. the winchester boys are not really know for the direct and honest approach, especially with ea. other....i just felt like dean was picking a fight, going on and on and on....trying to get sam's goat...trying to start something...sometimes the only way these boys can talk is by fighting..but sam wouldn't fight all we got the first half of the season, at least for me, was dean being a dink. a mean, cruel, dink. so you see, not writing sam's pov not only hurts sam's character, but it can hurt dean's too.

i think there is one other little problem that needs to be dealt with too. i've seen a few posts that are concerned with sam's hiding his symptoms and they fear it's going to bite him in the ass concerning dean's so called trust in him.

firstly, i'm not so sure dean does trust that sam can do the trials. i feel dean's concerns come from a few places. i think first off he might be concerned that sam hasn't been in the hunt for awhile and he may be rusty. dean may feel his time in purgatory made him stronger and thus possibly in better condition to handle the trials, not unlike how sam felt that he could kill lilith due to his abilities from the demon blood.

in all honesty, i'm not sure dean totally dismissed what sam said about imploding and running. i know his resentment took over, but still, i think dean did hear sam. i also don't think dean forgot how close sam came to dying because of lucifer. not to mention sam's breakdown at the beginning of s7. sam overcame, but nearly didn't. that's not something dean will forget.

plus i think dean has control issues and he just needs to be the one to get things done. he's always been that way. he's always made everything his responsibility.

all this plus the fact that dean wants sam to live normal plays a part in his trust issues that sam can do the job.

i feel sam can do the trials because he overcame such adversity. i also feel he needs to do the trials because of what i said above. that he feels he failed dean and he's trying to make up for it by ensuring dean lives.

sam's secret isn't the only problem though. maybe some forgot, but i don't think sam did. while i get sam keeping his pain from dean will cause a problem, let's keep in mind that dean is still lying to sam about benny. sam has trust issues with dean as well. dean needs to be honest with sam just as much as sam needs to be honest with dean. just putting it out there. trust is a two way street and both the boys need to come clean.

i do think that sam keeping his symptoms from dean can finally lead to the boys talking...this is the scenario that plays out for me in my head....

1. dean tells sam at the end of this eppy he trusts him.
2. sam doesn't want to lose that trust so he hides his symptoms from dean.
3. dean finds out and gets upset....back to trust issue again.
4. sam explains that he doesn't want to worry dean and that he can still do the trials.
5. dean wants to know why it's so important that sam be the one to complete these trials.
6. my hope........sam explains to dean that he owes him that much for failing to save him.
7. dean asks what sam's talking about...though i think he knows
8....we finally get some insight on why sam didn't supposedly look for him.

i don't think this is out of the realm of possibility. i really don't think jc is oblivious to the mass amount of complaints in regards to sam's story.

sorry for the rant...been wanting to talk about this for awhile now....thanks for the ears folks....even if you don't agree, i always appreciate you taking the time you do reading my rambles....and i know ...i do ramble on. hey....led zep reference... :lol:

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I think we`re forgetting Sam`s own words in the stupid penny episode here when he got all bent out of shape that Dean "had secrets, had Benny". He said "I was honest with you, I told you why I didn`t look for you from the jump".

So after getting on a high horse about telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth there, he can`t very well pull out a "haha, fooled you" now. That would look even more douchey.

And what is Dean lying about re: Benny now? Sam knows Benny helped Dean survive Purgatory, he knows that he is a vampire, he knows Dean took him with him out of Purg and then let him live. He knows pretty much everything - besides what REALLY happened with Martin because he didn`t want to hear the real truth - but Dean breaking it off with him. Which was Sam`s own stupid ultimatum and how would that consist a lie?

Sam is the one who makes a big insulted bruhaha how he wants and deserves all the trust. So if he thinks he doesn`t have to give back what he demands, than he should be in for a wake-up call on respecting others.

But with this show, I doubt it right now. The first half of the Season was actually something new, Dean had something interesting to do, he stood up to Sam and didn`t take his crap, Benny was an intriguing character. So Samelia was boring? Well, Dean got the boring emo crap for years on end, he got the same "story", with lesser time and whitewash in the beginning of Season 6 while Sam got another "all about sam" arc.

What made the beginning of Season 6 and Season 8 different, other than the first half - or say third - of Season 8 was good for Dean for a change? The horrors, I know.

Meanwhile since this show came back from winter hiatus, everything has gone down the drain. Dean`s spine went first, endlessly apologizing and being blamed and going back to "Sam, Sam, Sam".

Then Sam got an entire new storyline about a family legacy to himself. And after that Sam got an entire new mytharc storyline all to himself.

Dean is firmly back to just driving him around and now cooking/cleaning. It`s like the worst parts of Season 5 took over here.

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In the s8 finale, they had all they needed to stop everything. I mean the options were:

1. Stop the war NOW, with the sacrifice of one.
2. Let a lot of people die in the future because "we already know enough to have an advantage in this war that IS and WILL go on. Guess we'll figure it out later (when we will solve other murder cases)".

Really ? I mean... really ? Wtf ? If I knew this is what it comes to, I would have stopped watching this show years ago. I love this show, but it was ruined during s8. It turned into a cheesy soap opera. And with this season finale, 8.23 is the last episode I'm watching.