Ryan Curtis Leaving Sn

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Ryan Curtis Leaving Sn

Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter
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06 Jul 2015, 23:16 #1

As per Ryan's twitter today,the VFX Coordinator has stated he is leaving the show and going to start working on The Flash.


Some tweets:

Well. I have some shocking news today. I will not be joining Supernatural for their 11th season. The past three season have been so fun but

But it's time I move on to other things. Career wise it's a smart move but emotionally it was a very difficult choice. I made lots of good

Good friends and learned a lot about the biz. Good luck to the spn cast and crew. Thanks for all the laughs.

Kick it in the ass for s11 @jarpad @JensenAckles @Mark_Sheppard @mishacollins @RuthieConnell @TheJimMichaels I'll miss you all.

For those curious. Here is me reporting into my my new job. #theflash

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