Revised Forum Rules

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Revised Forum Rules

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Rule Clarifications

It is no secret that since the start of the forums in October, 2005, not only has the show Supernatural grown and changed, but so has the fandom. We have reviewed the activity in the forums and along with the questions and/or suggestions we have received from members, it became clear that it was time to review the Forum Rules and clarify them where needed to help members enjoy their time here.

First we want to thank Kitsbud, Yoda and all who did most of the work and provided us with rules that to this day are mirrored on other sites. They did a wonderful job and made this task easier. Most of the rules have remained the same. In some cases we have simplified the wording and we’ve added a few new rules to deal with issues such as Trolling and Cyberbullying that were not prevalent when the site was first established. We’ve also incorporated other ‘rules’ such as those regarding Circular Arguments for example that were previously put in the announcements, but not really made a part of the official rules.

So basically, we’ve tried to simplify things to make it easier for all members. In addition, we have put together a companion piece called the Supernatural.Tv Forums Do’s and Don’ts to give examples of what is accepted and not accepted on the board. All documents and/or posts that refer to the rules are now also in the same forum along with the board rules so that you can easily access them and find them.

The Moderators and Administrators of this site take the approach that most members should be able to resolve issues themselves without having us act like the Forum Police. We are here to help when needed but we expect you to do your part in making this a safe and fun environment for all members.

Please take a few moments to review the revised forum rules. The revised rules are in effect as of August 7, 2011. Consequently, the old rules applied to any activity that happened previously. This means, if you see a post prior to August 7, 2011, the revised rules would not apply.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the Moderators or Administrators on this site.

Thank you,

Supernatural.TV Forums Staff

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