Please Read Before Posting Rumors

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Please Read Before Posting Rumors

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This is just a reminder:

We don’t allow unsubstantiated rumors about the actors/staff to be posted on this site. We have seen a number of posts being made about Jared and Genevieve that are still considered a rumor.

In order for it to be allowed, the rumor and/or event must be substantiated by Jared, Genevieve or their representative. Any posts that contain unsubstantiated rumors, no matter what website they come from, will be immediately removed and the poster will receive a warning.

The rule regarding rumors is:
Forum Rules wrote:16) Members who post information regarding "Supernatural," its production company, or its cast will provide a linkable source for said information. Passing off unsubstantiated rumors as fact will not be tolerated and will be edited.

Posting rumors will, however, be allowed if the post clearly identifies the information as a rumor (i.e., "Rumor has it that..."). However, a rumor that may be deemed to be about the private lives of the actor/staff, or deemed to be malicious or harmful towards the actor(s) is not allowed, even if you state it is a rumor.
Also, please keep in mind that we respect the actors’/staffs’ right to privacy. Discussion of the actors’/staffs’ personal lives are off limits in these forums.

If you are not sure if something is allowed, please feel free to PM any moderator or administrator and they will be happy to help you.

Thank you,

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