One Screencap, One Avi Challenge

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One Screencap, One Avi Challenge

Usual Suspect
Usual Suspect
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03 Jul 2011, 04:52 #1

Welcome to the voting for the One Screencap, One Avatar Challenge. We have a lot some wonderful entries to choose from so it may be hard to pick one, but I'm counting on you.

Here is the original screencap from Bloodlust:

Here are the artists' interpretations:




To vote, please send a PM to me, Irishgirl, with the number of the entry that you want to vote for. Every member may vote once. Please do not post your vote in this thread. Artists, please do not vote for your own work.

Voting ends July 11 at 11:00 PM EST.

Voting is now closed.

Avi by dramaa princess @lj and Banners by xlozx
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