Looking For Writers/artists

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Looking For Writers/artists

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Hello there,

I am looking for people interested in helping design and Create a game.

The game is called Supernatural:Source or just Supernatural. It will be a free game /modification available to anyone interested in playing it.
Myself and the team will design the Game from the ground up to include input from the community and to keep their interests first in mind.
Supernatural will be a Fully fledged 3D Singleplayer game where you can play as Sam or Dean while you hunt demons, monsters and ghouls all of which will be worked into a greater plot (hence the writers).

I hope to achieve a very particular Artistic style for the game (gritty dark scenes similar to that of the show)

Currently there is myself (Programmer/Lead) and Mitch (audio production)

I require writers and artists who would be willing to work as part of a team. If anyone is interested send me a PM or reply to this thread. I would appreciate any help we could get.

Its a big plus for a portfolio to say you participated as part of a team who worked on a game. Im pretty confident this game (once properly developed) will score high within the Mod community.

If anyone has any doubts about my sincerity you can find my own portfolio here

A facebook page for the game which shows some assets such as a 3D impala (and an awful self sketch of Dean) can be found here

Kind Regards