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2013 Hellatus Location Prompt Fanfic Voting

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For those members who can't get the original voting thread to open for them:

2013 Hellatus Fanfic Location Prompt Voting

The location prompt for these fanfics was:
The Moonville Tunnel - Ohio

The stories are listed individually below this post.

Voting is open from Tuesday, 30 July to Saturday, 10 August. The winner will be announced Monday, 12 August.


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Moonville Ghost or is it Witch.

“Son of a…” the expletive was cut short when Dean’s breath was knocked from him as his back roughly connected with the tunnel wall’s hard surface. He looked up in time to see his attacker, once again, advancing on him. “Sammy, where the hell are you,” he queried.

“Sammy can’t help you now. No one can,” the dark figure menacingly stated, “You belong to us now. Mistress will be pleased.” The being placed its hands, gently, on either side of his victims head. “She’ll be very pleased indeed,” it cooed than laughed as it slammed the hunters head back into the unforgiving wall.

Earlier that day……………

“C’mon Dean, this is our kind of case. People are going missing and there’s talk of a ghost in the area. I think we really should check this out,” Sam eagerly said through a mouthful of egg, “Besides, Bobby called us. Said it would be a personal favor or something. I really think we should check it out.”

Dean took a swig from his coffee and fixed Sam with a pointed stare, “Hiking and woods, Sam. Hiking and woods. You remember what happened the last time we went hiking? No? Well I do. Isn’t there someone else that can handle this one?”

Sam shook his head, “No, we’re the closest. Things seem to be picking up. The last person to come up missing puts the count at 6; that’s six in three weeks. The local sheriff is a friend of Bobby’s and with him being at least two days out and us just around the corner it makes sense that we go.”

Dean knew Sam was right. He knew that he couldn’t just drive off and leave this to someone else and with Bobby being a few days out it made sense for them to go. He finished his coffee, grabbed the check off the table and stood to head to the register, “Well I guess we better get a move on then.”

Sam finished the last bite of his breakfast, drank the rest of his orange juice and followed his brother out of the tiny diner into the crisp October air of southern Ohio. He slid into the passenger side of his brother’s pride and joy and set about adjusting the notes he had taken during his phone conversation with Bobby and his subsequent research over the internet.

Dean, for his part, slide behind the wheel of his sleek black beast of a car and smiled as she rumbled to life with the turn of her key. He put her into reverse and smoothly pulled out of the parking spot. He made a left turn onto the highway and headed off in the direction of their next job. His jaw clenched and his hands gripped the wheel at the thought of another job in such an isolated wooded area, but as Sam had said this was Bobby asking and well he couldn’t say no to Bobby.

Sam understood his brother’s trepidation. The last time they had been on a hunt that involved a secluded wooded area they had been up against a Wendigo it was a rather nasty hunt and it proved more difficult than they had anticipated. Dean had found himself strung up in a cave and held captive by the creature. He had managed to kill it after having been rescued by Sam; but, the damage had been done as the experience had spoiled hiking and woods for him.

Sam took a breath to clear his mind and looked at his brother out of the corner of his eye. He took note of the slight nod Dean gave him and took his queue to begin going over the finer points of fact that he and Bobby had gone over the night before.

By the time they had pulled into the motel’s parking lot Sam had filled Dean in on the local lore surrounding the area where the victims had gone missing.

There had been recent reports about vandalism at the abandoned town’s graveyard and Bobby thought that one of the ghosts had become enraged over the desecration. His theory was that the ghost had taken to attacking those he believed were there to cause further damage. The sheriff had searched the area where the victims were said to have gone missing and there wasn’t any signs of struggle or anything that would lead him to believe that these cases were run of the mill abductions; the victims had just vanished.

As the sheriff kept looking into the incidents he came to the conclusion that he needed to call the one person he knew that specialized in this sort of strange occurrence; he called Bobby. The sheriff didn’t have the experience needed to make an educated decision and without being able to conclude that it was in fact the Moonville Ghost abducting these people he wasn’t going to dig up any graves and desecrate the remains. No the sheriff wanted an “expert” to investigate and do what needed to be done. This is where Sam and Dean came in.

Dean blew out a breath. “Ok, so where should we start? Should we check out the graveyard or start with the sheriff,” he asked as he grabbed his duffle from the trunk and closed the lid. He headed to their room, opened the door and set his bag on the bed closest to the door.

Sam followed suit but he placed his bag on the bed furthest from the door. He turned to his brother and shrugged. “I’m thinking maybe we start with the sheriff and then check out the graveyard and tunnel after we have an idea of what was going on when the people disappeared.”

“Sounds, good to me,” Dean agreed, “What ya say we stop and get some grub before we talk to the sheriff? We haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.”

“Yeah, ok. You want the shower first while I try and pull up the police reports so we can have them ready when we meet with the sheriff,” Sam responded already knowing the answer and praying that his sadistic older brother would save some hot water for him. Freshly showered, dressed in fresh set of clothes and with police reports in hand the two hunters headed out to get something to eat then to meet with the sheriff.

Sheriff Spencer McCray created an imposing visage standing at six foot seven, weighing in at two sixty and pacing his office like a caged bear. He sat behind his desk, his chair creaking under his weight, and put his head in his hands. “I tell you boys in my thirty years of police work I have never come across anything like this before. I thoroughly went over the crime scenes with a fine tooth comb and there wasn’t any evidence of any foul play. How can that be? You would think, even in the woods, there would have been clear signs of some kind of struggle. The others that were with the missing claimed that they had heard what sounded like someone following them and that when they went to look there was no one there and that poof one of them had gone missing. They didn’t hear anything that would have led them to believe that their companion had run afoul of an animal. No, they just weren’t there anymore.”

“Ok, so Bobby thinks that this could be a ghost that has gotten upset over the vandalism done out at the graveyard. What do you know about the history of the area? From what I could find the area was settled by those who worked in the coal mines and iron furnaces at the time. The rail line and tunnel were built as a result of a deal that was struck between the original owner of the land and the railroad company.

The town and tunnel are said to be named after a man who had owned a store in the town. His name was Moon. The town was called Moonville and the tunnel had been called the Moonville Tunnel,” Sam continued as the sheriff nodded affirmatively, “Ok, it’s rumored that there’s at least 4 ghosts, the most famous one being that of the headless conductor. Then there’s the story of a miner who was hit and killed as he walked the tracks in the tunnel after a night of drinking. The others have been chalked up as being false so the ones we should be looking into are the headless conductor and the miner.”

“Sounds about right,” the sheriff replied, “So what now?”

“Well, Sheriff, we get to work,” Dean stated, “We’ll head up to the abandoned area and check things out. Would you say that most of the disappearances occurred near the graveyard or the tunnel?”

“Well, I guess you could say that they were spread out along the trail between the two areas.”

“Thanks, sheriff,” Sam stood and shook the sheriff’s hand, “We’ll let you know what we find.”

After a nerve racking drive along a dirt and stone road that consisted of sharp turns and steep drop offs they pulled into a parking area. The two brothers grabbed their gear and headed off on foot. After a slightly heated discussion and reassurances that this was NOT a Wendigo the two had decided to split up.

Sam turned and headed off towards the graveyard with Dean heading off towards the tunnel. The area was heavily wooded and full of blood thirsty mosquitos. Dean grumbled once again about the “joys” of hiking and being in the woods and pulled out his EMF reader. His eyes scanned the area for anything that looked out of the ordinary while his reader scanned for magnetic readings. He pulled out his flashlight as the sky had started to darken with dusk.
He stepped into the tunnel and scanned the walls with the beam of his light. He took in the graffiti that decorated the wall and even though most seemed harmless there were a few that caught his attention. The one’s that caught his attention spoke of Satanism and well, that couldn’t be good; could it? He had been so intent on reading the graffiti that he hadn’t felt the temperature drop and the sudden appearance of a being behind him until it was too late.

“Son of a…” the expletive was cut short when Dean’s breath was knocked from him as his back roughly connected with the tunnel wall’s hard surface. He looked up in time to see his attacker, once again, advancing on him. “Sammy, where the hell are you,” he queried.

Sam had checked out the graveyard and after about an hour with no results he decided to head back towards the tunnel and to meet up with his brother. He paid attention to his surroundings and it wasn’t long before he noticed how quiet the area was; it was like the wood was holding its breath.

As Sam neared the tunnel he felt the temperature drop and noticed a white light glowing near its entrance. Sam pumped his shotgun and held it at the ready. He cautiously inched his way forward; his eyes looking for any sign of his brother. As he got closer the light started to slowly move towards him. The form of a man carrying a train lantern solidified and he appeared to have been beckoning the young hunter to come closer.

Sam stopped and shook his head. He aimed the gun and prepared to shoot when a voice floated towards him over the cool night air. “Please, I mean you no harm. I come to you about your brother.”
“Get a grip Winchester,” Sam mumbled to himself, “This is a ghost you’re thinking about talking to.” “Well, it wouldn’t be the first time would it? Remember the mental hospital in Michigan?” Sam squared his shoulders, of course he remembered. A ghost helped to save Dean then so he’d take a chance with this one now.

“Ok, tell me what you know.”

“Young man, your brother has been taken to one of the abandoned coal mines. He is to be the last sacrifice to the Mistress’s Master. She hopes to bring about his rise tonight using the extra energy of All Hallows Eve. She heard about your arrival and couldn’t have been happier that her plan to lure you here worked. You’re brother’s body is the perfect specimen to house her Master’s essence. You must hurry the moon has almost reached its apex.

There are three others with her. They are apprentices and will be rendered powerless once she is destroyed. She is a powerful witch, but is very vulnerable unless her Master were to rise. If he takes possession of your brother their combined power will be too much for you alone and he will be lost forever.”

“Why are you helping us,” Sam had to ask.

“Because, this is my final resting place and I’m not pleased with what is happening. They vandalized my gravesite and caused those people to disappear to lure you here once they learned you were close. It is my desire that they be punished for what they’ve done and as I can’t do anything I have decided to help you.” The ghost faded from view with one last message….”Hurry.”

Sam headed off in the direction the ghost had pointed; his heart beating heavy in his chest. He was on high alert; every nerve strung tight. He pulled his hand gun from out from his waist band and flipped the safety off. Witches, why did it have to be witches?

He thought over what the ghost had told him. He had to take the Mistress out and the others would be rendered powerless. Even powerless it would be three against one; two depending on the shape Dean was in. As he drew near the cave he sensed a presence off to his right. He found himself knocked to the ground by and wrestling with a hooded figure. Not wanting to alert those in the cave of his presence he pulled the hunting knife he kept in his boot out and thrust it into the beings body. It let out a small gasp and fell over dead; the knife having penetrated its heart.

“Make that two to one,” Sam grimly said. He pushed himself up and continued towards the cave.

He made his way into the cavern and the sight that greeted him chilled him to the bone. Dean had been changed to the caves wall, his arms stretched over his head. Deep cuts on his arms dripped blood onto his bare chest. His head hung forward and his breathing was labored; he looked worse for the wear.

Sam knelt behind a big rock and took aim at the Mistress’s heart. He had one shot and he had to make it count. He could tell by looking at Dean that he couldn’t be counted on as back up. Sam took a breath to steady his nerves and aim and pulled the trigger. The guns retort echoed through the cavern and mingled with the howling of the two apprentices as they stared, unbelievingly, at their dead Mistress.

Their attack was swift but hindered by the blind rage they felt over their Mistress’s death. Sam made quick work of knocking them out and chaining them up to the wall in Dean’s place. He carefully picked his wounded sibling up and cradled him close to his body.

He stumbled his way back to where they had parked the car. He field dressed the cuts and carefully wrapped Dean up in the blankets. Once he had his brother as comfortably, as possible, tucked into the safety of their home on wheels he started her up and headed back to the Sheriff’s office. On the way back into town he had called ahead. Sherriff McCray gave Sam directions to the nearest medical facility and promised to meet the younger man there.

Sam paced the waiting room floor as he impatiently waited the ok to go and see his brother. The Sheriff had long since been and gone having headed back up to the cave, with his deputies, to pick up the remaining kidnappers. Sam had agreed that it would be a good idea to keep what had been really going on a secret. A version of the truth would work. The Sheriff had the unpleasant duty of informing the missing person’s families that their loved ones had fallen victim to a new age cult and even though it would bring little comfort, the remaining members had been caught and were being brought to justice.

The doctor came and told Sam that he could go back and see Dean but he had to keep the visit short. Sam sucked in a breath, no matter how times he saw his brother laying in a hospital bed it never got any easier. He pulled a chair over placed by the edge of the bed and sat down.

Sam startled when his brother’s voice weakly cut through the silence of the room. “Stupid woods,” Dean whispered, “Promise me, Sammy, no more jobs involving woods and hiking.”

Sam packed the last of their belongings into the Impala’s trunk and closed the lid. He slid behind the wheel, as Dean was still too weak to drive, and started her up. He pulled out of the motel’s parking lot and headed towards Bobby’s. It had been decided that they would stay there until Dean was up to hunting.

Sam had gone back to the Moonville Tunnel the night before. He felt a need to thank the spirit who had helped him save his brother. He had to admit that the place was beautiful but had to agree with Dean no more jobs involving woods.
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Moonville Over Ohio

Warning: Takes place in Season 8

Sam rubbed his forehead trying to diminish the headache that seemed to be his constant friend lately. It was becoming harder to hide the growing weakness he felt as his body continued to transform. The question was what would be left once he completed the trials. In his gut, he knew that somehow it wouldn’t end well for him. But he was okay with his decision.

The trials were his chance to prove to his brother that he could be trusted to do the family business. He was tired of being the one who seemed to let people down; his father, Jessica and worse of all, his older brother. Dean had always been there for him even when Sam had pushed him away. He was there to pick up the pieces when Sam’s decisions ended up going sideways.

Sam knew he had done his best; he’d tried to find the right path. He even accepted that both of the Winchester brothers had been used by both Heaven and Hell. The youngest Winchester was comfortable with the idea of being a hunter for the first time in his life. It was where he wanted to be. But this time he had to follow through, he had to prove to his brother that he could be trusted to have his back and to be a true hunter.

Too often his brother had turned to others. The most recent example was the vampire Benny. He couldn’t honestly blame Dean but he wanted to prove he could be there for his big brother. He had to prove he could hunt by the older Winchester’s side without the drama that had gotten in the way in the past. This was why he had to keep hiding how much the trials were affecting him physically.

A soft cough was followed by the rattle of dishes. “Hey Sammy. Why don’t you back away from the computer and eat?” Dean’s voice still carried the tone that had gotten Sam to eat his Lucky Charms as a kid. In other words, it wasn’t a request but an order. In the past Sam would have bucked at the tone as he tried to assert his own identity. But now he saw it for what it was, Dean was concerned about him and he cared enough to try to help. He may not have his brother’s trust, but he knew Dean still cared about him.

Sam pushed the computer to the side and moved the offered serving tray closer. There was a large salad and a bowl of what he suspected was chicken soup. However just to make sure it wasn’t too healthy he smiled at the opened bottle of beer. Unfortunately, just the smell of the food made his stomach clench. “Dean, thanks man but I’m not really hungry…”

Dean’s eyebrow rose as he glanced at the clock before taking a seat and glancing down at the tray in front of Sam once again. “If you’re too sick to eat Sammy that’s fine.” He sat back in the chair and sighed. “The fact that I slaved over a hot stove all afternoon while you sat here reading means nothing…”

The youngest Winchester rolled his eyes as he interrupted his brother’s tale of domestic servitude. “But Dean, it’s a salad and a bowl of canned soup…”

Dean continued on as if Sam hadn’t pointed out the obvious. “Seriously dude, that bag of lettuce was almost impossible to open and don’t get me started on cutting up the tomatoes…” His brother leaned closer and whispered as he glanced back towards the kitchen. “I think they were possessed. I mean the way they kept slipping away from the knife just screamed something demonic at work!”

Sam couldn’t help it, he laughed. “Well then I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t have to add avocado to the salad. We might not have had enough rock salt for that one.”

“An ava…what?” Dean shrugged. “The point is I worked hard to make you a healthy dinner. The only meal you’ve had today in case you thought I hadn’t noticed.” His brother paused and glanced once more at the clock showing how much of the day had gotten away from Sam. “If you can’t keep food down, then you should be in bed resting not doing research…”

Dean crossed his arms, leaned back in the chair and calmly waited for Sam’s response. Even though the idea of eating anything caused him to choke, he knew his brother was right. If he didn’t eat, he wouldn’t be able to hunt. If he couldn’t hunt, then Dean would find someone else. So if Sam wanted to stay by Dean’s side to watch his back and to really contribute to the hunt, he had to eat.

With a sigh Sam picked up the fork and began to move the lettuce around for a minute before he took a tentative bite. He glanced up and saw that his brother was still watching him. “I’m fine Dean…” Sam answered softly. He saw his brother’s eyebrow rise once again calling him out on his lie. “I’m okay enough to hunt.” Sam amended. “Honestly it’s no worse than having the flu. I’ve hunted with worse.”

Sam watched as Dean nodded. He could tell his brother was remembering some of those times in the past when both had fought in less than stellar condition. It came with the job and was something they both accepted. But Dean wasn’t to be dissuaded this time as he tapped the tray of food. “True enough, but we both know if you don’t eat you’ll get worse and eventually, you won’t be able to hunt.”

Before the youngest Winchester could argue Dean leaned back again and smiled. “Besides you know what they say, you need to feed the flu and starve a cold so eat up Sammy!”

Sam harrumphed as he picked up his fork but before he could respond to correct his brother, Dean’s cell phone rang. He watched as he brother glanced at the caller ID and groaned. “Hello Garth.” Sam took a bite of the salad as he tried to listen in on the one sided conversation.

“Can’t you get someone else?” Dean paused as he looked up for a moment before he sighed and nodded his head. “Okay fine. We’ll head out to Ohio right away. With luck we’ll be there before tomorrow night.” The oldest Winchester disconnected the call and placed the phone in his pocket. Sam pushed the plate away and began to stand before he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“You sit here and eat while I pack.” Dean looked at the food and smiled. “Whatever you don’t finish, I’ll bring with in a doggie bag.” Sam sighed as he watched his brother move rapidly towards their rooms. He should have known he wouldn’t get off that easy.


Dean watched as Sam dropped his bag and placed his laptop on the small table in the room. He sighed as he glanced at the lumpy bed covered by an even less appealing bed spread. He’d gotten used to his own room at their current home. Hopefully they would be able to get their little ghost problem resolved and return to the bat cave before he had too many nights here.

“So Garth said the deaths have increased over the past few years?” Sam asked as he waited for the computer to boot up.

“Yeah, apparently there has been activity at the Moonville Tunnel for decades but he says that it probably increased when the area was disturbed three years ago to remove the remaining rail road tracks.” Dean sat down on the bed and grimaced at the spring that tried to poke him.

Sam glanced at the screen and began to type. “It would make sense if we’re dealing with a ghost.”

“Come on Sammy, can’t we just have an easy one just this time? I mean Garth says it’s probably a ghost from the descriptions.” Dean paused and raised his hand counting off each point with his fingers. “First the surviving witnesses stated they saw some kind of shadowy figure walking through the tunnel carrying a lantern. There is a local legend about a conductor who was run over by a train in the tunnel. Then we have documented sightings around the tunnel that date back to around the time of the original accident.” Dean paused. “And the final clue is the activity increased when they disturbed the grounds in the tunnel where the unlucky son of bitch died. What more do we need?”

The youngest Winchester shrugged before he stopped to read something on the screen in front of him. “You could be right Dean, but something just doesn’t make sense.”

Dean sighed. He knew he should listen to his brother’s instincts because they were usually dead on. But he just wanted something easy for once. Despite Sam’s claims to the contrary, he knew his brother was ill. If it was a ghost they could just locate the grave or barring that they could perform a cleansing ceremony in the tunnel to disperse the ghost. The likelihood of one of them getting injured was pretty low. However, he’d learned more than once not to discount Sam’s hunches.

“Fine, so why do you think it isn’t our drunken conductor?” Dean asked as he watched his brother jot down a couple of notes before he sat back and glanced at him.

“I’m not sure Dean. But the MO changed after the tracks were removed. Before most people got injured when they followed the light and tripped or fell in the dark. But the recent victims are more likely to be found dead after falling off one of the many cliffs in the area than to just stub their tow or twist an ankle.” Sam paused and rubbed his forehead for a moment before he quickly dropped his hand to his side. “They are almost acting like they are being lured but whatever is doing it has gained strength somehow.”

Dean rose and walked over to look out the window for a moment before he turned and shrugged. “Whatever it is Sammy we need to stop it before it kills someone again.”

“So we wing it?” Sam asked with a slight smile on his face.

“Is there any other way?” Dean asked before he grabbed the weapons bag and began to check to make sure they had everything they might need.

A few hours later the Winchesters found themselves hiking in towards the location of the tunnel. There was an old dirt road that ran parallel to the track bed but it wasn’t wide enough to accommodate the Impala. Besides, Dean didn’t want to scratch his baby. He’d just gotten her back and he didn’t want to have to replace the suspension or work out any dings that might happen from the multitude of rocks that littered the area. The idea was simple. Since Sam and Garth hadn’t been able to find the actual name of the conductor, they would do a general cleansing and hope it would work. Sam would perform the ritual while Dean kept watch with a gun loaded with rock salt.

As the tunnel came into view, Dean could feel something was off. It was almost like the dark hole was daring them to enter. “You ready to do this?” Dean asked Sam as he adjusted the back pack and checked to make sure the shot gun was loaded and ready. The oldest Winchester glanced back in concern when his brother didn’t answer immediately. He swore he could hear his brother wheezing as he walked a few steps behind Dean. “Sammy?”

“I’m…I’m okay Dean. Just give me a second to catch my breath and I’ll be ready to do the ritual.” Sam coughed for a moment before he glanced down and grimaced wiping his hand on his jeans. Just when Dean was getting ready to call it off he saw his younger sibling square his shoulders and nod before he headed into the darkness of the tunnel.

Dean stood just outside. He could see his brother’s silhouette as he prepared what was needed for the ritual. The older Winchester shivered in the cool night air. As he gazed into the distance he could see the edge of the cliff. At one time there must have been a trestle that crossed the chasm. Now there were only remnants of broken wooden beams to show where it had been. He could hear the soft voice of his brother as he said the ancient words. For once maybe they would get lucky.

Suddenly Dean spotted a glowing light bobbing off to the left. “Sam we’ve got company. Keep going while I keep it distracted.” He didn’t get a response nor did he expect one. They each had their job and he trusted Sam to do his. He carefully moved towards the light. If he squinted he could barely make out a small figure for a few moments before the light appeared once more. If it was a spirit, it was having trouble maintaining its form. Dean watched as the orb continued to move quickly through the brush. It began to head upwards towards the top of the tunnel.

“Not on my watch you son of a bitch!” Dean said softly as he quickly changed direction and began to use what looked like steps carved into the stone face of the tunnel. He glanced inside and could see Sam still getting ready to perform the ritual. “Watch your six Sam!” The hunter called into the darkness before he continued towards the last place he’d seen the sparkling globe. He had to get to the ghostly light before it managed to get to the other side and sneak up on his brother. As his head cleared the top of the ridge he saw the light bobbing in the center as if it was trying to decide which way to go.

“Hey there!” Dean called out trying to get it to come towards him. Unfortunately before he could raise his gun the throbbing light flared and charged right at him. Desperate, he shot toward the center but other than what sounded like a slight shriek, the light continued heading for him. He dropped the shot gun and reached into his pocket to pull out his silver knife and threw it only to see it pass through, hang in mid air for a brief moment before it turned and headed back at him. “Son of a bitch!” Dean cried as he dove to the side. Unfortunately for the hunter, his roll put him too close to the edge and before he could stop himself, he was tumbling down the side of the tunnel. His last thought before everything went dark was of the brother who was unprotected inside the tunnel. He just hoped he’d bought him enough time.


Sam was worried as he saw his brother disappear up the side of the tunnel. He knew his time was running out as he continued to add the ingredients and chant the ancient words. He only needed a few more minutes before the cleansing rite would be completed. A sudden cough made him pause and double over. Small specks of blood appeared on the rock strewn floor of the tunnel. The young hunter shook his head and wiped his mouth for a minute as the dizziness passed. He glanced outside but he couldn’t see or hear anything. “You better be okay Dean.” Sam muttered before he took a deep breath and began the last part of the ritual.

Less than five minutes later he said the final words and watched with satisfaction as the bowl of ingredients in front of him blazed to life. The smoke swirled around him and filled the interior of the tunnel. If there was a spirit bound to this place, then the ritual should have sent the ghost on its way. For a moment Sam held his breath as he waited for something to happen. When he didn’t see anything, Sam stood to his full height and grabbed his own shotgun. He headed towards the mouth of the tunnel and glanced outside. It was too quiet. “Dean?” The young hunter called quietly. When there was no response he glanced up the hill before calling more loudly. “DEAN!”

Instead of an answer from his older brother Sam saw a light appear in front of him, close to the edge where the train trestle has originally spanned the chasm. He glanced up where he’d seen his brother disappear but he couldn’t make out the figure of his sibling. A glance back at the bobbing light showed a shadowy figure crouched on the other side of the light. Could it be his brother? Without a flashlight, he couldn’t tell. He raised his shotgun and aimed for the light. Obviously the ritual hadn’t done the trick and somehow the ghost had survived. “Dean?” Sam called out as he took a step towards the floating orb.

The light flared as if it sensed his approach, but it continued to float in front of the shadowed figure. He couldn’t be sure without getting closer. Suddenly the light flared one more time followed by a loud shriek before it disappeared below the lip of the cliff. Sam ran towards the edge fearing the worst. “DEAN!” He stopped a short distance from the edge and raised the shot gun. He wouldn’t help his brother if he got too close and ended up following him over the edge. Besides, the rocks didn’t look stable. Just as he was getting ready to kneel and crawl towards the edge he heard a strange cackling laugh behind him.

The young hunter quickly turned only to come face to face with a glowing figure. The evil sneer on the face of the being meant they had gotten it wrong. It wasn’t a ghost at all but a will-o-wisp. But unlike those described in Welsh folklore, he didn’t think this was one of the fae. “You’re a witch!” Sam stated as he began to reach for the gun he kept in his pocket. The shot gun might slow her down, but he knew it wouldn’t kill her. He needed an iron round to the heart to make sure the corporal portion of the will-o-wisp was destroyed.

“What have you to offer Senior?” The voice croaked.

Sam took a step back as the being leaned closer, the smell of rot and decay made him gag slightly. He pulled his gun and aimed, but before he could shoot he felt a force push him. The young hunter scrabbled for purchase as the stones shifted beneath his feet. He steadied his aim and pulled the trigger again but the will-o-wisp had transformed into a pure ball of light. The bullet went straight through. Before he could move to safer ground the light charged at him. He shot another round before he felt himself falling…

Dean woke to the sound of a scream he’d heard once to often in his life. “Sammy!” The hunter sat up and for a moment felt the world spin around him. He reached up and felt the knot on the side of his head. Luckily he didn’t appear to have any other injuries as he quickly assessed his condition. Dean stood on coltish legs and gazed back down the side of the hill. He called louder this time. “SAMMY!” The only answer was the sound of the wind.

The hunter bent down and grabbed the shot gun. “Son of a bitch” he groaned as the world tilted again. However he didn’t have time to give in to the weakness that was threatening to take him back under. He had to get to Sam. Slower than he had ascended, the eldest Winchester climbed down the side of the steep hill. As he reached the mouth of the tunnel, it was clear his brother was no longer inside. The question was, where did he go?

The older hunter walked carefully into the tunnel. He noticed the burnt herbs in the bowl. “You finished the ritual…” Dean mumbled to himself as he looked out toward the wan moonlit night. His brother probably got worried about him and went looking but the question was which direction. He walked towards the other entrance to the tunnel but he didn’t spot the towering form of his sibling. “Damn it Sammy, give me a freakin’ clue here.”

As if Sam heard him a voice sounded on the night air. “Dean?” There was a slight pause before he heard his brother call again. “DEAN! Look out, it’s a will-o-wisp…” The older Winchester began to run towards the sound of his younger sibling’s voice. Before he could reach the edge of the cliff he heard a soft cackling sound off to his right.

“Hold that thought Sammy, I have company.” Dean said as he turned to face the monster. He dropped the shot gun and reached for the gun he carried. He heard the sound of falling rock before Sam’s voice echoed up the side of the mountain.

“You have to shoot the witch…careful…she can trans…transform…” The sound of more rocks falling was followed by an eerie silence. Dean knew he only had one shot to get rid of the menace before he could help his brother. But as soon as the being saw his gun, the light began to blaze brighter. It was clear he’d have to try something else.

“Okay, so if you are a will-o-wisp then you want something right?” He slowly knelt down on one knee and placed his gun on the ground. “So why don’t we just skip all the Blair Witch crap and get down to what it is you want.” He watched as the light dimmed and the being once more became clear.

“What do you offer Senior?” A strange voice said on the wind. Dean looked down for a moment as if he was thinking about what he might have to give the strange creature. He didn’t look up as the witch moved closer, clearly confused by his actions. He could smell the decay and felt the air get cooler as it approached. “What do you offer?” The voice was closer and held a note of impatience.

Dean quickly reached for the gun, pulled it up and shot at the witch. “I’m giving you a one way ticket to Hell!” He saw the look of surprise on its face before once again the light began to pulse. For a moment he thought he’d missed but just as he was getting ready to shoot again, the orb expanded and then with a slight popping noise, the will-o-wisp vanished. “Well that was kind of anti-climatic.” Dean said to himself as he carefully looked around. The night remained quiet except for the slight buzzing of a few insects.

“Gah! DEAN!” Sam’s voice pulled the older hunter from his musing as he quickly put the gun back in his pocket and moved towards the edge of the cliff. He glanced down and cursed. He could see his younger brother hanging onto an old part of the trestle that jutted out from the side of the mountain. “Can’t…hold…on…” Sam groaned as he tried to gain purchase with his feet. But all that did was send more rocks down the side of the mountain.

Dean didn’t have time to run back to get any rope. From the way his brother’s arms were shaking he only had moments before Sam joined the rest of the debris at the bottom of the ravine. “I’m coming Sammy.” Dean called down as he calculated the distance. He quickly pulled his belt off and lay down on his stomach. “I’m going to lower my belt. You need to loop it around your wrist and then I’ll help you climb up.”

Sam glanced up and nodded. There was a gash on his forehead that was bleeding heavily but otherwise his sibling didn’t look like he was too injured to climb. Dean made a loop in one end of his belt and slowly lowered it over the edge. He had to lean down a few inches, but luckily his brother had a long reach. He watched as Sam placed his wrist through the loop. Dean quickly tightened the belt by pulling on it. “Okay, slow and easy Sammy. Look for hand holds and I’ll keep you from falling.”

His brother looked down for a moment before he took a deep breath and located his first hand hold. It seemed like it took hours, but in actuality it was probably only minutes before Dean had his other hand on the back of Sam’s jacket and pulled him the rest of the way to safety. As both brothers lay on the ground panting, Dean turned his head and grinned at his brother. “So you were pushed over a cliff by Tinker Bell?”

Sam huffed. “More like the Wicked Witch of the West.”

“I thought will-o-wisps were some type of fairy.” Dean stood and reached over to help his brother up. He turned Sam’s face to study the wound on his head before Sam pushed his hand aside.

“I’m fine Dean and not all will-o-wisps are from Welsh folklore. There are legends of witches down in Mexico who could transform into glowing orbs.” The two brothers stood and glanced around for a moment before they headed back to gather their things. A short time later they were back on the road heading towards the Impala.

“So Sammy?” Dean broke the silence. “If it was the Wicked Witch of the West…where’s the house?” His older brother paused and raised his eyebrow as he grinned. “And more importantly…where is Dorothy?” Sam rolled his eyes and continued walking towards the car. Sometimes, silence was the only answer.
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Strangeness; Thy Name Is Tunnel

Warning: Season 8 plot point mentioned.

“It’s a tunnel Sam.”

“Yes Dean, it’s a tunnel.”

“It’s a tunnel Sam.”

“I know it’s a tunnel Dean.”

“It’s a tunnel Sam.”

“I know Dean.”

“It’s a tunnel Sam.”

“Dean if you say ‘It’s a tunnel Sam’ one more time I’m taking the Impala’s keys away.”

“It’s a..” Dean stared owlishly at the wavering misty form of his brother, “a large hole bored horizontally through a mountain Sam.”

Exhaling noisily, Sam thwacked his head against the brick lined wall of the Moonville Tunnel or at least he would if he wasn’t incorporeal right at this moment. Glancing down at his see-through hands he wished he knew what had happened - he remembered hiking with his brother to the abandoned railway tunnel and setting up watch, how the crickets suddenly stopped chirping as a bright light shined from deep within the tunnel, Dean yelling and then nothing. Sam was alone as far as he could tell when he awoke to darkness, climbing stiffly to his feet he cautiously started walking - arms out in front of him and his feet shuffling along the ground like a classic zombie while calling softly for his brother. He walked for what felt like hours in total darkness, tripping over the occasional obstacle and falling to his knees more times than he would like to admit. He thought it was like he was walking..in..a..tunnel - remembering the location of their latest hunt he giggled with a slight hint of insanity thrown in for extra measure.

The younger man tripped again, this time falling onto his side where a hard metal cylinder made itself known by painfully cracking against his hip bone. Letting out a pain-filled yelp, he rolled over and patted his jeans and jacket until he found the offending object and pulled out…his Maglite. Smacking himself on the head with his free hand for being an idiot he pressed the ON button. Squinting in the bright light he flashed it around before spying a suspiciously brother like heap lying against a pile of fallen bricks. Hastening to his brother’s side Sam knelt down and grabbed Dean’s shoulder, gasping in surprise as his hand went through the older man’s shoulder. “What in the freakin’ hell?” A metallic clunk was heard next and the Maglite gently rolled against a fallen brick. Sam reached for the Maglite and his hand swept right through it too. “What in the fudging freakin’ hell is going on here?” he yelled, knowing he’d been holding the Maglite just a few seconds ago. “Dean wake up! Dean! Dammit, I need you to wake up Dean, something’s wrong with me.” A groan answered his heartfelt, swear littered prayers.


“Yeah Dean?”

“Why are you glowing,” Dean moved his head slightly and groaned as the sledgehammers in his head doubled their output, “and all misty,” he waved his hand languidly, “ish?”

“Huh?” Sam looked down at himself; he glowed slightly but that was from the Maglite’s beam bouncing back onto him from the broken bits of glass and mirror littering the tunnel’s floor.

“Are you dead bro? Cause if you’re dead something’s going to die messily and perhaps squishily tonight.” He would’ve looked more frightening if his head hadn’t been wobbling around on his neck like a drunk attempting the ‘Chicken Dance’.

“I’m not misty..ish” his voice trailed off as he glanced down at his hands and then at the Maglite, “I don’t feel dead.”

“Then there’s a simple answer to your predicament.” Dean stood up then promptly fell down as his legs obeyed the order from his brain stating that it was to high and wanted to be closer to the ground; so that when it decided to pass out so it wouldn’t bounce more than once, maybe twice, at the most.

“My predicament? Dude you can’t even stand up.”

Groping the ground Dean held up his prize so his brother could see it, “at least I can hold a flashlight.”

“I think you have a concussion.”

“Yes I do,” Dean grinned, “and I also have the flash..Maglite,” he shined the beam first at Sam and then himself; the light unfortunately hitting him in the eyes and he spent the next few minutes expelling what remained of his dinner. “Ugh. Sorry I got your boots bro.”

Sam looked quizzically at his feet than at Dean’s back; stepping over his brother’s legs he found his own. “You found me!” he grinned a megawatt smile that soon turned into a frown, “am I still alive?”

Dean held up a finger in the universal sign of ‘Give me a moment to decide if whatever I’m doing right at this moment is far more important than the world being overrun by a hoard of brain sucking zombies or the Voltan space armada’. Satisfied for the time being that no more food was going to try to escape, Dean pulled himself forwards a bit and placed a hand on his brother’s plaid covered chest, “thank the wingless splats that fell from the sky Sammy, you’re alive.”

Letting out his breath he hadn’t realized he was holding Sam belatedly processed Dean’s words. “‘Thank the wingless splats that fell from the sky’? Dean you need a hospital ASAP.”

Patting corporeal Sam on the chest Dean turned to glowing misty Sam, “are we in a cave?”

“No, it’s a tunnel - the Moonville Tunnel in Ohio. We came here on a hunt, remember?”

Dean nodded sagely and replied, “abandoned railroad tunnel. Every fifteen to twenty years or so a few locals and/or tourists go missing, some of the bodies are later found along the old railroad bed cut to pieces as if they’d been run over by a train, others have never been found.” He rolled over onto his back and covered his eyes with his jacket encased forearm, “that hunt Sammy?”

Concerned over how Dean managed to look even more sweaty and pale Sam started to say, “Dean are you…”

“Think the miner forty-niners are digging for the mother lode, little bro.”

“Oh crappity, crap, crap, crap.” Sam spun around hoping to spot something to help them with their predicament.

Red Dwarf quote,” Dean waved his arm around, “couldn’t have said it any better myself Samster.”

The younger Winchester desperately spun around again.

Dean looked around in confusion then grinned in amazement, “it’s a tunnel Sam.”

‘Dean. Hospital. Now.’ Sam thought as an idea popped into his head as he stared at himself lying on the ground. Giving a prayer to what was left of the celestial bowling league, Sam lined himself up with his inert body and fell backwards.

“Get him on the gurney Henry.”

A slurring voice said, “his name’s Sam and he was all glowy and mistyish before he fell on himself.”

You could practically here the pause before a third voice insisted, “sir you need to lie down so we can strap you in.”

“I’m not riding in a helicopter!”

“No problem sir, there’s an ambulance waiting at the trailhead to take you to the hospital.”

“Stop! Stop! Sammy they’re taking me into the light at the end of the tunnel make them stop!”

Sir..Dean that is sunlight not THE light.”

“Oh. Carry on then.”

“Sam can you hear me?” a voice said as light flooded his eyes and he only had enough energy to groan in response. Something patted his chest, “don’t try to move. We’ll have you and your brother at the hospital soon,” then he was floating in air and the sounds faded away.

“Sam wake up,” his brother’s voice cajoled.


“Come on bro I need someone to talk to who’s at least partially coherent. Open your eyes.”

“Mm nno.”

“It’s a tunnel Sam.”

Without opening his eyes Sam slowly worked his hand out from under the bedclothes and made a ‘give me’ motion towards the sound of Dean’s voice, “car keys dude.”

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