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For all you SPN fic writers out there, check out the Supernatural Writers Lounge!

Their sales pitch is quite convincing:

Is your mind drawing a blank?
Need someone to discuss your fic ideas with?
Is a plot bunny eating your brain and you have to either write it or get rid of it?
Do you want to write the perfect fic, but are unsure where to find the right resources?
Or do you just need a place to vent?

Welcome to the SPN Writers Lounge. A place for writers to discuss ideas, plots and resources. To drop off unwanted plot bunnies to a good home, or pick one up for inspiration. With weekly challenges to get your creative juices flowing, your very own rant corner, and a host of resources to get you on the right track and keep you there.
The lounge is your one stop shop for all your writing needs.

Please be aware that this community caters for gen, het, and slash writers, and some of the content is adult, therefore it's unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18. You must join the community to participate, so you will need a LiveJournal account. The community is for writers only, and you must provide evidence of at least one fic that you've written. Once membership is approved, you can join in with everything and

This is a fantastic community of writers, that provides daily writing exercises (not compulsory), a place to rant about your fics and get advice, tips and suggestions. Members can post all sorts of questions regarding research, characterisation and the like.

There is some het and slash sexual content in the fics and drabbles that some writers will post. There's plenty of gen there as well, and this community is extremely gen and het friendly, but if you find slash too unsettling and don't want to risk it, this comm may not be for you. However, if you can be tolerant of fans who write in different genres and would appreciate the advice and support from some of the most talented writers in this fandom, then come and join the fun! ... ge/profile

Other fic communities on LiveJournal for both readers and writers: - for gen fic recs and writers to hang out - a place for gen fics to be posted, mostly PG, some higher rated for violence - a place for het fics, ratings vary, some violent and/or sexual content. ... ic/profile - a combination of all genres, gen, het, slash and RPS, ratings vary, some violent and/or sexual content. - check tags for Castiel fanfiction, gen, het and slash, ratings vary, some violent and/or sexual content. - mostly for Dean/Castiel fans, but some gen fics too, ratings vary.

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