LIMS 2.1

LIMS 2.1

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I'm starting this thread so we have a new place to keep track of everything. LIMS 2.1 is simply the continuation of LIMS 2, since Sai hasn't been on the board in a while.

The icon rules and challenges will be the same as before. Eliminations, skips, and the point system are different, so please read over those sections and make sure you understand them.


Five Supernatural images will be posted in each round. Participants will have a week to make 3 avatars (100 x 100 pixels each) from the given images.

Please post all of your icons in one post. If you don't have all 3 done at once, simply edit your post to add in the rest. You may edit your post to add or change your icons any time before the deadline for that round. Please post the icons AND the direct links in a code box. So it'll look like:
icon 1...icon 2...icon 3

Code: Select all

link 1
link 2
link 3
The tags for the code box are [*code] and [*/code], without the * of course. Just copy and paste the direct links in between the tags. ;)

After the week is up, the thread will be closed and voting will open for one week. Icon sets will be randomly grouped for voting. Members will choose their favorite set of icons from each group.

After voting closes, participants will receive points for the round. The icon set with the most votes will receive 10 points. The second place set will receive 9 points, the third place set will receive 8 points, and so on.

The participants who were in the bottom third of the votes will receive a strike. Any participants with two strikes will be eliminated, and we'll move onto the next round. (See below under Eliminations for how strikes work.)

The last icon maker standing will receive bonus points, but the LIMS Champ will be the participant with the most number of points at the end.

Specifics about the avatars

---No animated/moving icons (.gifs)
---No legible text on the icons. This means that you can use text brushes or text as decoration, but not text that's meant to be read. Here are Saiyuki's examples:

This is acceptable:

This is not acceptable:

---You may use the same image in one icon, more than once.
---You may not use two different images in one icon.
---You must use a different cap for each icon.
---You can only use the images provided to make your icons, but you may use textures, stock images, and brushes.
---The icon you create must be made by you. You may use brushes, textures, and stoke images from other sources, though.


You might be really busy during one round, or maybe you forget to post your icons in time. Things like that happen, and it won't affect you too much in LIMS.

You are allowed two skips. The first is a freebie. It doesn't count against you, but you won't receive any points in that round. The second skip will count as a strike. If it's your first strike, no big deal. If it's your second strike, you will be eliminated.

If you're going to be away or know that you won't participate in a round, please send me (Yoda) a PM. That way I know not to expect your icons in that round.

If you don't post icons in a round, that will automatically count as a skip.

If you skip 3 consecutive rounds, you will be automatically eliminated.


Instead of eliminating the person who had the least amount of votes after every round, we're going to work with strikes. After every round, the participants in the bottom third of the vote will receive a strike. So for example, if there are 9 participants, the 3 participants who received the least amount of votes will each get a strike. Participants will be eliminated from LIMS when they receive three strikes.

This does a couple things. First of all, it means none of the remaining participants will be eliminated after the first round. You guys get a warm-up round after such a long hiatus, but it still counts for something. Second, you won't be eliminated simply after one rough round, so you have some leeway. Third, in later rounds, it's possible that more than one person will be eliminated in a round, so it could get interesting. ;)

I'm closing this thread because I'm going to use it to post point results and keep track of skips and eliminations. If you have any questions, please send me a PM, and I'll update the info here if necessary.

Fire Demon
Fire Demon
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05 Dec 2009, 02:20 #2

The Participants

Skips and eliminations

DeanBean...strike 1 in R2...strike 2 in R7...strike 3 in R9...eliminated in R9
Dean's_Gal...strike 1 in R1...strike 2 in R4
DocRock...strike 1 in R1...strike 2 in R2...strike 3 in R3...eliminated in R3
g_alena...strike 1 in R5...strike 2 in R8
hobbleit...strike 1 in R3...strike 2 in R5...strike 3 in R6...eliminated in R6
ilaria...strike 1 in R1...strike 2 in R5...strike 3 in R6...eliminated in R6
JessicaRae...strike 1 in R3 (dropped out)
Sacrifice16/SMACKTHETRUTH...strike 1 in R2...strike 2 in R5 (dropped out)
Sunrise...skipped R1, R2, R3...strike 1 in R2...strike 2 in R3...eliminated in R3
Supernatural_luver...strike 1 in R1...strike 2 in R3...strike 3 in R4...eliminated in R4
xlozx...strike 1 in R4...strike 2 in R6...strike 3 in R9...eliminated in R9

Point totals