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How To Play Wolf

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This is for anyone who is interested in playing Wolf but think it's too complicated. These easy steps with this guide will help you become a pro wolfie in no time.

Step One: Joining the Game

You can only join a new game when you see open sign ups for the newest wolf game. If you're not comfortable posting to join in the sign ups thread, you can pm the game mod (person whose running the game) and ask to join that way. Once sign ups close, you can't join that game but if you want to join future games, there's a Notification List you can ask to sign so every time sign ups for a new game opens up, you'll automatically get a pm (alert) letting you know a game is about to be available if you want to participate in it.

The Notification List: Every game you will get a pm (alert) but that does not mean you have to play in each game. And if you want to be taken off the list, you can but you won't get any more pms (alerts) to remind you about upcoming games.

Confirmation PM: Even though you signed up, you can still drop out. Signing up doesn't mean you have to play. The game mod will send these out after sign ups close to make sure all the players are still interested in playing and to let them know as well the game will start soon. Usually the game starts when all the players have responded to the confirmation pms known as reminders since sometimes signs ups last for a week or two.

Assigning Roles: In all wolf games, every one of the players receive role pms with their own description of what they do in the game. Mainly what their action will be at night. Some can use their action either day or night or choose no action at night but it's best to pay attention to all the description. Some roles have big descriptions but others aren't as big. They're just as important though in the game. Some games there are three set of roles. Townies, Power Roles, and Antis. But for power roles, you could either be a pro power role or an anti power role. The roles are randomly selected so you don't have a say in who you want to be. Normally, power roles is what holds the most power in games because townies don't have the same privilege to do what power roles do. The townies and pro power roles still band together though to stop the anti power roles and other antis who hold less power but their power is still effective so you DO NOT want to tell anyone you're role. Not in the thread anyway or in pm unless your role allows you to pm. But telling anyone you're role is your choice. It's always more fun to build the mystery up and let people guess who you are. Still, admitting your role to the wrong person could get you eliminated at the end of a Phase or killed off by the antis.

There are other times roles are connected to each other before each game and already know who each other are as well as their roles. If you ever receive a pm like that, we'll tell you in your description. This happens rarely for power roles but antis always knows who each other are before the game. So, that makes it harder if you're a pro. But don't fret.

If players demand proof of your role, pming role descriptions are not allowed. See Standard Rules for Breaking the Game. You'll find that link in every game before the game starts. It is wise to look those rules over first and if you have any questions about them to pm Seraphim or Angel325girl (myself) There will be a reminder in every assigned role description to not show this pm to anyone else. You can still talk about your role with your partners in pm (players you teamed alliances with). That, like I said, is your choice. But if you have any questions about the game itself, pm directly the game mod running that game. Each game mod runs their game differently almost every time so they know what questions to answer.

PMing: Before, all players were allowed to pm but now no one can. Every now and then though, the no pming clause will be lifted. It makes it extremely hard not to PM but when you focus on playing in just pms then the thread, there's a reason this was limited in the first place. There are only a few people that can pm each other during the game though. All antis can pm each other freely and certain power roles can pm each other if their description allows it like I stated above in Assigning Roles. But if there;s nothing in the descriptions, then pros can't pm AT ALL.. The second the game starts, is when antis can pm. But pay close attention to the game mod's rules because the no pming rule can be very tricky and hard to follow if you do not read the game mod's rules right. Sometimes at the bottom, game mods will say everyone can freely pm in the game. If you do not see that, that means pming might be restricted to a few people in the game.

Step Two: Starting the Games

The game starts when the first day phase opens. There's always two phases during the games. Day and Night. During the Day Phase is the only time players can talk throughout the game. At Night, no one can post in the game thread as the game will be closed. (locked) and will open once the next Day Phase begins again.

Day and Night Phases: Every game will begin with a Day Phase but a few will start out in the Night Phase. The game could have many Day Phases and Night Phases throughout the game. They always go in order.

Example: Day Phase 1,2,3 and Night Phase 1,2,3....ect.

The game could last as long as Phase 7 or end after Phase 3. Depending on how well the players play, catching the antis or pros. The Pros job is to post in the day, trying to find the antis out and eliminating someone they believe is anti as for the antis, they can also post in the day, pretending to be a regular townie. Pros never notice. At night they can kill a sure pro unlike pros hitting a sure anti. But it's best to pay attention to patterns and behavior.

Day and Night phases is set up where someone dies at the end. ALL players have to decide who they want to get rid of by having discussions going. The less the activity, the more chances you won't find an anti. But still be cautious. The more activity could result in pros voting off a pro or a power role. It's kind of a lose/lose situation but it makes being a detective so much fun and anyone can pretend to be a detective. Night Phases, pro and anti power roles can send in their actions of what they would like to do. This would be called Night Actions

Example: An anti power role wants to kill someone while a pro power role wants to protect someone.

Every role can be different but if a lot of people join, there will almost always be someone that can save/protect someone. All actions are required to be sent in before the night phase is over which is what initiates the end of the night phase so the day phase can begin. Simply sending in 'no action' is allowed. The night phase can still end but at a later time. You'll see a game mod post something along the lines 'Night Phase ends Feb 5th at 10:00 PM or when the game mod receive all the night actions.' Sending in night actions will shorten the gap between phases though which keeps the game going.

Step Three: Playing the Games

Majority Voting and Eliminations: When a Day Phase begins, the game mod usually post about how an elimination works. Majority votes (consist of half the people playing) can end a Day Phase early and that person may die. If someone gets eliminated from the game then you are kind of banned from posting in the game until the game ends with a winner. Then you can post again, but there will be threads to go to talk to the other members still.

If other pros or antis know who's getting eliminated, it's in your best interest to persuade them but without giving up their actual role or letting anyone know you're somehow in contact with them. If you did a lot of debates in school, then you'll be a pro at this game. Sometimes the discussions get heated but this is all in good fun. Players are just passionate about this game but if you get overwhelmed, pm the game mod, letting him/her know.

If a majority vote is not met, there could still be an elimination but it would be among everyone's names who has been voted for. Majority Voting used to consitst of a certain amount of people voting for one person and that will for sure close the day early but now it's a certain amount people must vote. Again, this rule is depending on the game mod and how they play their games. So, again, it's best to pay attention to every game mod's rules and twists.

Drop Out: You can choose to drop out in the game if you're too busy in real life with school, work, after school activities. You could also drop out if the game isn't what you thought it was going to be but I ask you not to and try playing the game until the end or if you get eliminated because you could have an important role in the game. If game play is just starting, it's possible for the game mod to switch out roles but if it's late in the game, switching out roles just messes everyone up and gets confusing.

Activity versus Inactivity: The game consist of a lot of player activity. That's how to really play the game. Without it, the game feels like it's dragging on. Busy schedules keep the games from reaching maximum activity but if you're inactive for the whole Phases, three days and three nights where you don't talk at all or send any actions period, whether you're busy, confused or just don't want to play, you will be eliminated.

Tie Breakers: Ending the voting in a tie breaker is always the trickiest most wild card play in any game. The first tie breaker might result in no one dying. The second one might result in flipping a coin to see who dies. But if there are three tie breakers in a row, it could result in both dying or putting everyone who voted on the chopping block while the ones who are tied as well as the people who didn't vote are safe. You never know what happens in a tie breaker and the common action is flipping a coin to see who dies. That is why no one likes a tie breaker. No one can ever predict what the game mod is going to do. But it's never fun when the game mod has to decide what happens in elimination.

Step Four: Winning!!

GOALS: Each team has a goal of winning. The pros' goal is to eliminate all the antis and the antis goal is to eliminate half of the pros to have equal numbers with them. So Usually two antis and two pros.

Example. There could five pros and three antis. All the pros will need to eliminate all the antis but that's a lot harder then a person may think.

As for the antis, they'd just need to eliminate two pro players which is really easy but some games mods like myself will make it where the antis have to eliminate one more pro leaving the antis three to two pros. That also goes if you lose an anti and are down to two then you would need to either get the pros numbers down to one I only added the extra elimination if the game is real short. If it's longer, I let it go until the antis are in equal numbers with the pros.

CONGRATULATIONS: If you make it to the end of the game or if your side wins (pro or anti) and are dead, you win with your team. It'll be displayed you are dead but technically you would win with your team. The game mod will end it by saying and the Pro Win or Congratulation to the Antis.

If you follow all of these steps and what is what in the game, you'll hopefully become an experienced player in no time. Some of this stuff will be in the Standard Rules and that shows you what rules to follow in order to play the game. This gives you a guide of how to play the game. Game mod Modified and all. I hope this helps!

- Angel325girl
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