Gaelicspirit's Episode Review For 10.23

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Hi ya'll. Last one of the season. If you read these from here, I thank you for your time. Apologies for the lateness of this one -- have a great hiatus.

Ramble for Episode 10.23, Brother's Keeper.

"After 10 years, we have the brothers together at the end once more, united in their terror as they were when they witness Lucifer rising, united in their brotherhood as they were when they watched the angels fall, united in their mission as they were when they declared they had work to do. Neither of them is dying or dead, neither of them is possessed or evil, neither of them is (currently) a pawn for a game played by entities much bigger than either of them. We enter S11 with a chance for an intriguing storyline and a united front from the brothers and that's exactly what I like in my show."


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