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Welcome to the Supernatural Forums. We hope that you will find our message board informative as well as entertaining. As with every public forum, however, there are rules which must be followed in order to keep this enjoyable for everyone on the site. Please take a few minutes to look over these rules and understand them before posting in the forums.

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The Basics
1) Due to the nature of the board and the show Supernatural, members should be at least thirteen years of age to participate in the general forums. You must be eighteen years or older to participate in the adult forums.

2) Respect all members on the board. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and is permitted to post in a civil and responsible manner. Please do not go into a forum and deliberately disrupt the thread with provocative and challenging remarks. These forums are meant for discussion, but this can only happen when members are willing to read opinions and respond without recourse to ridicule or personal attack.

2a) Warning members to stay away from specific threads by either overt or implied threat(s) or negative talk is not allowed. This also includes talking about a specific member or groups of members on SN.TV which can be deemed to be insulting (See rule 2)

For examples of what is not allowed click here

2b) All members are welcome to participate in any discussion or forum regardless of your character preference. Keeping that in mind, posts should be on-topic and contribute to the conversation. This is a community and any threads started here belong to the community as a whole.

3) Disagreement with other members is allowed as long as your statements are kept within the context of the other member’s comments and your statements are not personal attacks. Keep in mind that a member who disagrees with your view in a civil manner is not violating the rules. Please see these examples if you're not sure what is considered a personal attack or bashing. click here for examples

3a) Malicious, insulting, or harmful statements, including ones with emoticons, about other members, groups of members, Supernatural characters, actors, staff, and the CW will not be tolerated and will result in the post being edited and the member sent a warning. click here for examples

3b) Escalating disagreements in threads should be taken to PMs to resolve the issue without threats, profanity or insults. If the members cannot resolve their argument or if they resort to verbally attacking each other (either in threads or PMs), they should contact a moderator or administrator for help. Members who receive PMs from other members that violate the Forum Rules (in regards to respecting members, or any violation), should forward the PM to a moderator or administrator. For further explanation of what types of altercations are not allowed, click here

Do not get involved with an argument between two or more members. We encourage members to work things out between themselves so if an argument has died down or been resolved, please do not continue to bring it up in the discussion. If the problem is not resolved, please contact a moderator or administrator for help. There is no need to involve other members in a disagreement between two people.

3c) You may not bring an argument from another site or IM chats and rehash it in our forums. On a similar note, please do not carry arguments from one thread to another in our forums. You may, however, copy comments from outside sites or other forum threads here on if they contribute to the conversation and you have the permission of the original poster to copy their comments. For clarification of this rule click here

4) This board allows people to write to each other only and sometimes text alone can be misinterpreted by the reader. Please be careful of the context in which things are said and remember to consider how your own posts may be interpreted. We ask that you give other members the benefit of the doubt.

4a) Personal attacks against other members are not allowed for any reason. Members who post any comments that are personal attacks (including posts with emoticons) will receive warnings. For examples of what is not allowed, click here

4b) Members are requested to read through previous, current and later posts before responding. The issues and points under discussion may have already been clarified or a warning been placed in the thread which already deals with any disagreement or breaking of rules. If the matter has not been resolved and you wish further clarification, then courteously ask the original poster what he/she meant in either the open thread or via a PM.

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The Board Don'ts
5) Pornography in any form (links, writing, or imagery) will not be tolerated and will result in immediate banning with no warning process.

6) This is a PG-13 site which means all material must be suitable for those at least 13 years of age. Consequently, no explicit sexual content should be posted, except in the 18+ Adult Forums.

6a)Wincest may not be posted on or linked to on this board, including fanfic, fanart, or fanvids. If Wincest is posted anywhere on SN.Tv, including the 18+ Adult Forum, it will be immediately deleted by a moderator or administrator. (click here for further clarification)

6b) Links to legal adult content may be posted in the over 18 adult forum with warnings about the content. Please review the special rules in the adult forum for guidelines on what can and cannot be posted in this forum. Please note that the actual work may not appear or be viewed on the board.

6c) Suggestive language, “four-letter words,” or adult language, and adult-themed topics will not be tolerated. Supernatural has some mature content on it, but please keep topics and posts on the same level as the show because people of different ages visit this site. For examples click here.

7) Linking to or promoting illegal activity will not be allowed. This includes but is not limited to illegal downloads of episodes and music and links to live streaming the episodes, as well as activities which are considered illegal by local, state, federal or international law enforcement agencies.

8) Directly copying all or part of another person's original creation (written, art or video) without their permission and then claiming it as your own work will not be tolerated. Adequate credit must be given to the creator of any fanfic, fanart, image, or video created and posted on the board.

9) Do not feed the trolls or spambots.

Trolls are people who register solely to instigate arguments in the forums. These people often move from thread to thread making provocative statements that may or may not be part of the discussion. Once a member has been identified and deemed by the Mods/Admins to be a troll, the account will be immediately banned.

Spambots are automated accounts that post links to various sites and services. If you see one of these posts, please report the post or send a PM to a mod with a link to the thread so that it can be deleted and the account can be banned as soon as possible.

9a.) Cyberbullying is also prohibited. This occurs when a member goes into threads with what the Mods/admins deem as the specific intention to target a specific member or group of members for the express purpose of ‘reporting’ them, sending insulting PM’s and/or harassing them in the open thread. While we encourage members to report a problem, use of the report post button to harass other members is not allowed and will result in a warning. (click here for examples)

10) Please do not start threads or polls that put Sam/Jared vs. Dean/Jensen. These types of discussions will always be divided, and there is no point in rehashing threads like "Who do you like better?", "Who's a better actor?" or "Who's hotter?" Any topic and/or poll that compare Sam/ Dean, Jared/Jensen or any other character/actor combination superficially will be edited or removed without warning.

10a.) Do not start a Sam vs Dean argument (or any similar type argument between any characters) within a thread. It is fine to compare and contrast, but when the discussion becomes focused on why one character is better/worse, given more/less storyline, etc. you will be asked to move the discussion along and get back on topic. Failure to move on will result in editing and warnings.

10b) Please respect the right of other members to move a topic of discussion on to a new subject. If the discussion reaches an impasse where other members who are participating and continue to participate in the thread have requested that the subject change, a warning will be posted in the thread to ask that the discussion be moved on. Failure to move on will result in editing and formal warnings. (You can find more on Circular Argument Warnings in this forum )

11) Please do not start multiple accounts (often called "sock puppets"). You may start one account and should use that to participate in the forums. The major exception to this rule is the RPG area of the board: you may create accounts for RPG characters, but otherwise, you should have one account that you use on the board. If you started an account but now use a new one, please notify an administrator so that your old account can be deleted. Other exceptions may be made on an individual basis. Unauthorized multiple accounts will be deleted without notice. Please contact a moderator or administrator if you have questions about multiple accounts.

12) Please do not post personal information, such as your full name or address. Anyone can view this site, and we want it to be a safe place. Members are not permitted to sell anything on the open forums such as convention tickets or merchandise. Members also may not look for roommates on the open forums for conventions. You may PM individual members with this information but keep in mind that spamming is not allowed. Any post that provides personal information, is selling something, advertising for roommates or in general is not considered by the mod/admins to be safe for members will be immediately edited.

13) As fans of Supernatural, we respect the privacy of Jensen, Jared, and anyone else who works on the show. Please do not post or link to private information or private photos of anyone working for the show Supernatural. If it is determined by the mod/admins that any private photos and/or information has been posted, it will immediately be removed.

14) Please keep basic English writing rules in mind when you post. As is the case with any message board, use of proper grammar is essential to making your point. However, we understand that English is a second language to many members on the board and exceptions will be made under that circumstance.

15) Capitalization should be used at a minimum but may be used sparingly for emphasis.

Capitalizing your entire statement or even some words can be construed to be the equivalent of yelling. We do not allow members to ‘yell’ at other members on this site and so if any portion of the post is deemed to be yelling you will be asked to change the type or remove the post all together.

Please Note: Exceptions to using all capital letters will be made in certain circumstances for members who have a legitimate reason for using capitalization. Those members who have been given permission will display a notice in their signature from a mod/admin.

15a)Please refrain from using “chat speak” and other internet abbreviations (“u” instead of “you”; “l8er” instead of “later”) because it is often irritating to decipher in posts. People are obviously not perfect, and the occasional typo is understandable. The use of acronyms for episode Titles and commonly used exclamations are okay as long as it is limited and easily understood by those reading. We ask that users follow basic writing rules so that posts are easy to read.

16) Members who post information regarding "Supernatural," its production company, or its cast will provide a linkable source for said information. Passing off unsubstantiated rumors as fact will not be tolerated and will be edited.

Posting rumors will, however, be allowed if the post clearly identifies the information as a rumor (i.e., "Rumor has it that..."). However, a rumor that may be deemed to be about the private lives of the actor/staff, or deemed to be malicious or harmful towards the actor(s) is not allowed, even if you state it is a rumor.

17) Multiple unsolicited posts or spamming will result in immediate banning with no warning process. (This includes spam PMs, such as those solely promoting a site.)

18) Except in the Game Forums, responding to a topic for no other reason than to increase the number of messages in the forums will result in a warning. This includes simple one or two word statements or using emoticons to make a point when none is really required, appropriate, or solicited.

18a) Except in the Game Forums or during Board Challenges, posts should not be made entirely of emoticons.

19) Double posting (two consecutive posts by the same member within a short amount of time) should be avoided whenever possible. Instead of adding another post, please edit your first post. Double posting is permitted after a few hours have passed and no one else has posted in the thread.

Certain forums such as the Fan Group and/or some of the Game Forums may double post due to the nature of the forum. However, excessive consecutive posting in a short period of time in these forums is not allowed under any circumstances. If it is deemed excessive you will receive a warning from a mod/admin.

20) When starting a new thread, please title it something appropriate for the topic. Try to avoid using thread titles like “Hey, look at this!” whenever possible. Keeping relevant titles for threads makes it easier for users to read threads that interest them, rather than needing to view the thread to see what it is about.

20a) Please be mindful of what you title threads, especially in the Episodes and Spoilers forums. Everyone can see thread titles on the main board, including people who have not seen the most recent episode or choose not to read spoilers. Please be considerate by not writing spoilery titles.

20b) When starting a new thread, please try to place it in the appropriate forum. If you are not sure where the thread belongs, you can contact a mod/admin for assistance. Any thread that is started in the wrong forum will be automatically moved to the correct one. Any member who continually puts threads in the wrong forum will receive a warning.

If your thread title is considered spoilery or inappropriate by the mods/admins it will be edited.

21) Do not post spoilers outside of the Spoiler Forums or Spoiler Character Threads. Pictures, articles and promo’s are considered spoilery if the episode has not aired in the United States. This includes discussion of the promo for the next episode.

21a) If a discussion or topic does not related directly to the show Supernatural, these discussion should be kept in the off-topic forums.

21b) If as part of the overall discussion you need to make a short comment that could be considered spoilery, please use the spoiler tags. This way those who want to remain spoiler free may do so and the comment will be hidden unless you click on it. However, entire posts should not be hidden behind a spoiler tag. Excessive use of spoiler tags in a non-spoiler forum will receive a warning.

22) Please keep discussions on topic. Threads should generally stay on course with the topic discussed in the first post. It's okay to go slightly off topic in a post, but the post overall should relate and contribute to the discussion.

If something interests you in an existing thread but is a separate topic, please start a new thread to talk about it. If you see a topic going off course, you can certainly enter the conversation and politely ask that the thread get back on topic. You can always ask a mod to help steer the conversation back on topic or split the thread into two discussions if the thread went far off topic.

23) Do not start the same thread in two different forums or duplicate threads in the same forum. Duplicate threads are not permitted on the board and will be merged together or the one with fewer posts will be deleted.

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Image Rules
24) Each member is limited to having 2 banners (each up to 600 pixels wide x 200 pixels high) in his/her signature at a time. If you have several smaller images (avatars, for example), please combine them into one banner.

25) All animations (either by themselves or embedded in other images) should be a maximum length of five (5) seconds long.

26) Using another member’s avatar, banner, or signature without permission will not be tolerated and will result in a warning. If you do receive permission, you should always give credit to the artist by placing a tag line in your signature.

27) Images from any episode that has aired in the U.S. are allowed to be posted on the board in threads, signatures, banners, and avatars. For the consideration of members who live outside of the U.S. and Canada and are on a different episode schedule, please take care in posting images from the current season in the Across the Ocean forums. Images from the current season may still be considered spoilers for them.

28) You may not use manipulations (manips) in banners or avatars. Doing so is similar to posting false information in the forums. You may post these types of images as long as they comply with the other board rules and are properly labeled as being manips, but you may not use them in signatures or avatars.

29) All images, banners, avatars or signatures must comply with all board rules (e.x. PG-13 content and language, and respectful towards all members of the Supernatural.TV community).

Further Note Regarding Image Rules:

If a mod/admin determines that a banner, avatar, image or signature does not comply with board rules, you will receive a PM explaining to you what must be done to bring it into compliance. Failure to correct the banner, avatar, image or signature after 3 days will result in the banner, avatar, image or signature being automatically removed.

However if any image is considered defamatory to the actors and/or members of this forum, illegal in nature (e.x. pornographic) or contain any kind of Wincest, it will be automatically removed without notice.

If you need help fixing a banner, you can find assistance by going to the banner clinic.

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Rule Violations and Contacting Mods/Admins
What do I do if I notice a member broke a board rule?

For minor violations (signature size or thread location), members may post in the thread to politely remind the member of the rules. This community tends to be very helpful, and members often help each other abide by the rules. Please do not, however, reprimand the member for breaking the rules. This is sometimes known as “backseat moderating.” We have several moderators who are on this board to make sure that members comply with the rules, and they know what should be done to resolve situations that come up on the board. Contact a moderator or administrator and let him/her deal with the problem.

You may contact a moderator or administrator through a PM. To take care of the situation as quickly as possible, please go to the main board page and scroll down to the bottom where the active users are listed. Moderators and administrators who are currently on the board are listed there and their names will be in blue, green, or red. Click on one of their names and send them a PM explaining where the rule was broken. Including a direct link to the thread is helpful.

Another way to alert a moderator or administrator that a rule has been violated is to click on the red Report button (with the exclamation mark) in the post where the violation occurred. Fill out the form and it will be sent to a moderator who will take care of the situation. You should receive a confirmation that the reported post has been received within 24 hours. If you do not, please PM an administrator. Also, keep in mind that the moderators and administrators try to handle things as quickly as possible, but sometimes real life does get in the way or there simply isn’t a moderator or administrator available at the moment. As soon as the situation is reviewed, you will receive a PM giving you the decision of the mod/admin.

Remember, using the report button to target other members that upset you, is a form of trolling and is not allowed. This includes reporting the same post more than once. We ask that you have patience as we review the situation.

However, since we do encourage members to work things out on their own, please take a moment to determine if the offending post has already been dealt with by either a warning placed in the thread or by the members themselves.

What happens to a member who violates a rule?

For minor infractions, a moderator or administrator may or may not edit out rule violations in threads and notify the member in the thread or in a private message about the rule violation. Warnings of this nature are like a “heads up” and a reminder of a rule. It’s a simple way to ask users to correct their behavior on the board. If an admin or mod warns you that your activities are not compliant with the above written rules, that warning should be taken to heart and the activities in question should cease. However, continued behavior that does not comply with the rules will result in official warnings, moderated posting, board suspension, or banning, depending on the situation.

If you feel you’ve been unjustly warned, you can appeal the warning to one of the board administrators. If they feel your case has merit, the warning will be removed or reduced.

Ignoring the yellow posted warnings in the threads or forums or calling out the moderators in the open forums is not allowed. If you have a disagreement with the way the Forum is being managed, then PM one of the administrators on the forum. By taking these disagreements to the open forums, you are disrupting the forum for others who are not involved in the discussion. If you do not use PM’s, your post may be edited and you could be placed on an automatic 14 day suspension. For more about how various warnings work, you can read SN Myth Busters.

Finally if at any time you feel that a particular moderator (blue mods) or global moderator (green mods) has been unfair or not handled a situation appropriately, you should PM one of the administrators on the site (Irishgirl or Raven524). The administrators will review the situation and take whatever action may be required. However if after review the administrators agree that the moderators acted in accordance with the board guidelines, we will notify you of that decision.

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Final Words

Participating in the Supernatural.TV Forums is a privilege—not a right. Compliance with the board rules ensures that the forums stay organized, safe, and fun. Administrators and moderators hold the authority to edit any threads, posts, avatars, or signatures that violate one or more of the above rules. The decisions and judgments of the administrators and moderators are final.

**Some individual forums have additional rules that are specific to those areas of the board, so please be aware of that. Additional rules are always pinned and posted by a moderator or administrator.

If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to contact any of the board moderators or administrators for clarification or questions. We also encourage you to review the Supernatural.TV Forums Do’s and Don’ts
or the Newbie Guide as both of these sources provide more information to help you enjoy your time here.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules. We hope you all have fun here!

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