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Finding A Forum

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Could anyone suggest a sub-forum where my post would be appropriate? I want to post about how Supernatural has innovated the depiction of electricity on tv. Like the incidental music of a show's soundtrack, the prominence and placement of electrical appliances and utilities is arranged to track along with an subliminally reinforce the mood established by plot, dialog, and the rest. Put simply: the electricity present in a scene is very quietly exploited to give you the creeps.

I won't try to hard sell you on my extravagant premise, but if you would suggest a forum for me, I can ask for some much-needed assistance. As I see it, advanced web programming skills are required to display the images and video correctly. Small jpegs on the scrolling pages of the Spnematography blog simply isn't good enough for a site which is primarily about seeing the formal "photographic" composition of still images.

Please, help me find someone who can help to spread an understanding of this unknown aspect of Supernatural's genius.

Christian Hartleben, Philly

The spirit pulled her under.

see the steel towers on the hill?

...and again, when he sacrifices himself...

...the grandson in peril...

The final sacrifice.

The electrical iconography is rarely as overt as in "Dead in the Water". Their game grew more sophisticated, and was still in progress up to Season Six (I've been saving 7 and 8, hoping to show off my interpretive eye by analyzing unseen episodes live.)

Finally, some meta- materials from the people behind the lens..

.........Sound and Vision; Scrap Metal and Entertainment.........

Seasoned Hunter
Seasoned Hunter
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First off, welcome to the site and I would suggest Supernatural General Discussion. Maybe in the Behind the Scenes sub Forum? ... owforum=19

I'm not really sure. I would pm a mod for assistance. Mods names are highlighted in red. Or ask someone whose name is highlighted in green.
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