Fanart Help Tips For Posting

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Fanart Help Tips For Posting

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Tip #1: After going through this forum for clean up and organization, I found that a lot of the titles people used asking for help in this forum were completely inadequate. So, I wanted to press upon all of you that when making a thread asking for help in this forum, please make the title and sub-title as specific as possible to your problem. This not only helps people see if they can/would like to answer your question, but it also helps other people who may be having the same problems.

For example:

If you were having problems with your text tool and the font you just downloaded isn't working, here is an example of an acceptable topic title:

Text Tool Not Working
Font Not Showing Up...

Here is an example of a bad topic title:


DO NOT DO THIS, please! It doesn't help anyone, and it's so vague that a lot of people may choose not to answer your problem because they don't know what you're having troubles with.

Tip #2: Another habbit I strongly suggest everyone try to get into is posting pictures along with their help thread. While this isn't always needed, and isn't needed for certain problems, pictures really do go a long way to better clarifying your problem to other people. Also, it's always a good idea to post a picture whenever your problem is about how to achieve a certain effect in an image, when you're trying to find something like something you already know, when asking for help on enhancing an image, or when you have a technical question about settings or tools. Most fanart help problems can be more specifically addressed if a picture is given for reference; otherwise the adivce/help given will be pretty general and may or may not help you. So including a picture or two whenever possible is always a good thing! :)

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