Discussions From Other Sites And Blogs

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Discussions from Other Sites and Blogs

Recently we’ve been seeing a number of members bringing in discussions and/or arguments that are occurring on other sites and blogs. We have a rule on the SN.Tv Forums that does not allow members to carry these kinds of discussions here to this site.

Since there appears to be some confusion about what can and cannot be discussed here, we thought we’d try to clarify it for you.

First the rule:
3c) You may not bring an argument from another site or IM chats and rehash it in our forums. On a similar note, please do not carry arguments from one thread to another in our forums. You may, however, copy comments from outside sites or other forum threads here on Supernatural.tv if they contribute to the conversation and you have the permission of the original poster to copy their comments.
The rule was made for a couple of reasons. First of all, some of our members purposely avoid certain sites because of the arguing and harsh statements that are allowed on those sites. We are not saying the sites are bad or worse than SN.Tv, but they have different rules which is fine. The point is, it isn’t fair to bring in the comments that could be upsetting to some members from other sites here.

Second, if you wish to state how you feel about what is being said on another site, you should do it on that site. Your disagreement is with that poster, who may not even come to the SN.Tv site. By carrying their viewpoint here, you also can make it sound like a member here made the comment, which causes confusion when someone wants to discuss it further or even disagree. Once again, the discussion is not being had with the right person(s).

However, we do realize that you may want to discuss what a review blog may say about the episode. We would encourage you to contact the author of the review and/or blog and ask them if you can either post a link to their blog and/or have them post their review in it’s entirety in the Member’s Review forum. This way members can choose if they want to read the review and can read the whole article before entering in a discussion. The person who wrote the review can also join in if they choose to. Or members can comment on the blogger’s site if they want.

So as a general rule of thumb, if you are reading a ‘comment’ to an article, review or blog then bringing that over here to discuss, it would not be allowed for the reasons stated above.

If you want to link to the actual article, review or blog and discuss it here (not the comments made on the blog or site), that’s fine. If it is written by a single person (ie a Live Journal or similar post), you should get that person’s permission to post here. They may not want it spread to a site where they do not participate and/or can discuss their position.

If you have any questions on what is allowed or not allowed, then feel free to contact the moderators or the administrators of this site and we’d be happy to help you.


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