Character You Want To Live/die/brought Back

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Character You Want To Live/die/brought Back

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Over the course of Supernatural, there are characters we know and love. Some can be brought back with good enough explanation (e.g. Gabriel). Some can never be brought back, otherwise, suffer a redundant story-line and breaking up the natural flow (e.g. Bobby). Others, we just want to kill off.

So what are your thoughts?

As for me, characters who will never be back but I wanted to live are these people:

1. Gadreel - Gadreel was the only new character in season 9, which by the way is one of the stronger seasons post season 5. He has a very interesting story-line, desperate of redemption.
I actually enjoyed him and Castiel in the final episode. Castiel and that girl, what's her name, Rebecca? Just has no chemistry. If Castiel and Gadreel were the duo traveling around the earth, retrieving lost angels, I would have enjoyed it much more. Tahmoh played the character very well. I wish he didn't commit suicide. It would have been great if they convinced Rebbeca.

2. Balthazar - Balthazar is a very fun character. One of the few good things Gamble made in her era was create Balthazar. But then she killed him which was yet another mistake. I enjoyed Balthazar being Castiel's goon. I loved that he traveled time, unsunk the titanic just because he doesn't like Celine Dion.

3. Meg - Meg is a much better love interest for Castiel than anyone else. I wonder what their baby will be. A mix of angel and demon? I enjoy how Meg talks.

Characters who should and could be brought back:

1. Gabriel - obviously. Who doesn't want Gabriel to be brought back? I was so happy when he was back in that one episode. I hope he's really alive. He's one of my all-time favorite characters.

2. Adam - Adam isn't a stellar character like the first four I mentioned but I can relate to him a lot. I think I would enjoy a whole season with Sam and Dean retrieving him from Lucifer's cage, guiding his recovery, teaching him the basics of hunting and hunt with him.

Characters I wish would be killed off:

1. Charlie - Charlie Bradbury could have been a fun character but she's just this typical boring, one-dimensional, I'm smart and ya'll should tell me how good I am. Her first episode was horrendous. Dick keeps shoving to our throats how good she is and how every man around her are nowhere near her calliber. Her other episodes are no better. She's a Tolkien fan who can't pronounce Sauron properly. Among her 4 episodes, only 1 was bearable to watch. Charlie is also sexist. She thinks men of letters is sexist but likes the sound of women of letters. I won't mind if she dies or not, I just don't want to see her again. Her last episode which involved Wizard of Oz made me not want to watch Supernatural anymore. Yes, that's how bad it was. Thankfully, the next 2 episodes were stellar.