Change In Winchester Brother Threads

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Change In Winchester Brother Threads

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Winchester Brother Thread Changes:

We have received a number of requests from members who feel that they would like to have a place on the boards to just hang out and discuss the show without getting dragged into a debate. Basically, these threads would be for those members who simply want to talk about what they like, to talk about their favorite brothers and supporting characters, or to conjecture without being pulled into discussions about how badly things have been done in the past or how others may fear their favorite character may not be written as they would like.

While we encourage people to discuss how they feel openly and welcome those who may love to debate and/or who may or may not like parts of the show, it is clear that members become frustrated when those who enjoy the show and really don’t have any complaints want to post but find themselves having to read through posts from those who want to simply vent or discuss their fears or dissatisfaction. Each of these members have valid viewpoints and we don’t see either side being right or wrong. People feel the way they do and there is nothing wrong with it.

After talking about various options, we have decided to designate the following threads for those members who simply want to talk about what they like about the show, the Winchester Brothers and the supporting characters. Effective with this announcement, the following threads will be places for those who want to avoid the negativity that sometimes comes from honest debate in the other threads.

Winchester Brothers Spoiler Thread: In here you can talk about spoilers for the show, the brothers or the supporting characters. Just as in other spoiler threads, we ask that you keep the discussion mostly on spoilers and not rehashing previous seasons.

Winchesters Forever Thread: In here you can talk about the show, the brothers or the supporting characters—but no spoilers in here please.

We will also be adding a thread in the Episode Forums for each episode called:

What I Liked About this Episode: In here you can talk about all the things you liked about the episode being discussed.

For those who want to talk about what they don’t like, they can either discuss in the main episode discussion thread or you can also post in the traditional “What I would have liked to See” discussion thread.

Keep in mind that all forum rules still apply in these threads. Also, anyone is welcome to participate in these threads as long as they stay on topic which is to discuss the things you like about the show, the brothers and/or the supporting characters. If you don’t like something, that’s fine, you can post in any of the other threads on these forums.

However, we also caution that these threads are not meant to come in to talk about the fandom in general, or to talk about other members that you may not agree with. This is against board rules as we respect all viewpoints and encourage people to share how they feel about the show.

A question was asked when we spoke to members if they could disagree with a viewpoint or does everyone have to agree in these threads. The answer is yes, you can still disagree and discuss various viewpoints. For example, if someone in the Winchester Brother Spoiler Thread conjectures that the brothers will be turned into vampires and you disagree, you can still do so without being off topic. However what will be discouraged is any discussion about why you don’t like the show, don’t like one or both of the brothers, don’t like a particular supporting character, don’t like a writer, etc. There are plenty of threads where this kind of discussion can be held.

Also, now that we have these threads, if you do not like to debate, don’t want to read about what others may dislike, then we ask that you respect the rights of those who simply want to debate, vent or discuss their fears or dissatisfaction. If this kind of discussion is upsetting, then don’t read these threads. You can go to the Winchester Brother Threads.

Our intent is not to divide the members, but rather simply give members that come here for different purposes, a place they can go to participate. Not everyone likes to debate, not everyone likes to read positive remarks and not everyone likes to read what others dislike. We feel by providing the Winchester Brother Threads and the addition of a thread for those who enjoyed the episode a place to hang out, the frustration felt by various members in the fandom should ease.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any mod or admin.



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