Artist Showcase Rules

Artists can create their own showcase thread here and receive comments on their art from the community at large.

Artist Showcase Rules

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Showcase Forum Rules:

Greetings and welcome to the Artist Showcase Forum!! This is a place where the various fan-artists of can come and showcase their best, and also where other members of the community can come and comment on their art. The purpose of this forum isn’t to replace the old system of displaying fanart here on the forum, but hopefully to make it better. First let me highlight the differences between the showcase sub-forum and any of the other fanart sub-forums.

Posting Artwork:
The Showcase forum is supposed to be exactly what the name implies, a place where fan-artists can showcase their best works in a single place and receive comments. Therefore, artwork is only allowed to be posted within the first post, not throughout the thread. This makes it extremely easy for community members who just want to comment on a specific artist’s work, and it also allows artists the chance to showcase their work how they want without having to span it over hundreds of pages.

While there is no set artistic level expected of artists that create a showcase thread, a showcase should contain what each individual artist considers to be his or hers “best” work. In other words, your showcase thread isn’t the place to post every single new thing you make, but more to showcase the best of what you have made in your art. While generally speaking many artists feel their “best” work is some of their most recent, this does not mean every single new piece of work is your best.

Also, it should be noted that there are no restrictions on what “theme” your fanart must be in your showcase thread. Meaning that you do not have to showcase only Supernatural themed works, any and all fanart creations are welcomed to be showcased in this forum.

As stated previous, artwork will only be posted within the first post; this means that when it comes to updating your showcase thread, you need to edit your first post and update that way instead of posting the new artwork in a separate post. First offence of posting artwork not in the first post will be dealt with through a kind reminder, second offence will result in the post containing fanart to be deleted and the artist notified, and third offence or more will result in the deletion of the post and the closing of the showcase for one week, month, three months, etc. depending on the number of violations. The only exception to this rule is if the artist makes two posts at the beginning of their thread in order to fit more images. That is the only time artists will be allowed to post art outside the first post in a showcase thread.

This raises the question, how many images can be posted in a single post? 25 is the max number of images allowed per post here on the forum, so please keep that in mind while creating your showcase thread. One good tip is that if you want to showcase lots of small images (e.x. avatars), try putting some of them together in one larger image. Also, each artist is allowed to make 2 posts back-to-back at the creation of their showcase to allow more images (giving a max of 50 images total that an artist could showcase).

Comments and Criticism (C&C):
The Showcase forum was designed with the primary purpose of allowing the fanart community to show off its talent to the rest of the community here at A place for anyone and everyone to come and comment on someone’s art, no artistic experience required. :) However, I do ask that this be a forum where comments are about the artwork being showcased and not about the artist in general. For example, comments such as, “Hey, your artwork is simply amazing! Keep up the amazing work!” are acceptable, but comments such as, “Thanks so much for the request banner!” or, “Hey, may I use this banner?” should not be posted in a showcase thread. Such comments as the latter two should be posted in the artist’s main graphics thread. Full artistic critiques are never discouraged, especially in this forum, but they are most definitely not a requirement. Every artist loves to know that their artwork is appreciated by someone; this forum is merely a better means of giving everyone the opportunity to say how much they appreciate someone’s fanart.

From time-to-time, I’ll be hosting fanart exhibits in this forum to showcase a wide range of artists all at once. Exhibits will be conducted in one of two ways: The first way will be through a challenge-ish sort of format where a theme will be posted (in this forum), and there will be a set time frame during which artists submit their entries (the difference being that unlike a normal challenge, there will be a larger limit to the amount of entries one can submit and there will be no voting round), then I take all the entries submitted, put them together, and present them in this forum. The second way will be that either the staff as a whole or I will go through and select a certain number of pieces that we personally enjoy and those works will be presented in an exhibit. The first method will be the most utilized just to allow everyone the opportunity to show off their talent.

Those are all aspects that make this new Showcase sub-forum different from any other. It may take some time to get used to, but I think that this forum will provide a great way for not only artists to reach out more to the community, but also for the community to respond back. :)

As usual, all standard Fanart Forum Rules & Considerations and Board Rules still apply in this forum, and these rules are subject to change at any time for any reason, so make sure to keep an eye out for future updates. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, I’m always available through PMs. :D

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