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OK guys i was wondering if anyone has seen any mishaps in the show people walking in front of cameras the guys stumbling to get things. small things like that?

list then if you've seen them

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only two come to mind for me.

the first is the most obvious. the scene in the benders when sam is talking to jenkins in the cage and you see the microphone.

in hell house, sam slips a little in the mud when he was walking towards dean and his trusty emf meter.

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I think in The Kids Are Alright, someone from the crew walks out behind Sam in the background. I could be wrong though and maybe saw it in the gag reel.

I laughed when Sam slipped in hell house. :lol: Then a moment later I went "was that suppose to happen?"
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How 'bout in 'Skin', after Sam and Dean escape the Skinwalker's lair and they're walking through the alley? Dean steps in that giant puddle. :lol:

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On Hell House you can catch a camera man in the middle of an action scene, along with his camera. (There are several bloopers when you can actually spot them reflecting actually I got a few...)

I even got screencaps of some, so apologies for the picspammy-ness.

Bloody Mary:

- In the scene where Sam and Dean talk in the Impala about Sam using himself as a bait you can notice the lighting change.

Once like this:

Then like this:

- When they find the writings and handprints on the back of the mirrors they are supposed to be seen with UV lights, true for the first time, but not for the second when they find Donna's mom's name. You can see the paint even without the UV light.

See the visible writing?:


- Guys are walking with umbrellas, you can catch the boys tape mark.

- Boys stop and get out of the Impala to follow Matt into the woods, when they stop, you can notice the big shadow in front of the car but when we get the view from inside the car through the windhsield, there is nothing there.

- Scene where the lady, forgot her name, dies by the spiders in the shower. Watch closely and you will notice the camera reflector light as well as the camera reflecting in the puddle of water as it pans down at the end of said scene.

Hell House:

- The diner scene, fish on that laughing fisherman thingy, looks one direction in one shot, another in the next.

One direction:


- When Sam is researching, no URL or address bar is visible, even though he is using a browser.

- When they first check out the house at night and find the rats, Sam's hand is grasping the doorknob of the closet from the front in one shot, then from the back in the next.

From back:

From front:

- And the cameraman caught on camera when the guys and the Hell Hounds fight the ghost.

- And the infamous Jared slipping on the mud.


- Well known, but Jensen does call Jared his real name in the scene when they check the painting closely with Sarah and find the painting in the painting (the mausoleum 's painting).

Simon said:

Jareds mark is visible when they are heading to the Impala before they talk right before the ending scene.

Hope it's still visible. Anywho that's my blooper-spam for tonight. :lol:

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:bellylaugh Thanks I never saw any of that! Must be because I was too busy watching the boys :cloud9 :)

Thanks to Xlozx for the Awesome Banner and Avi!

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It's called nitpicking. Someone a while back put out nitpicking guides for all the Star Treks. Eupposedly in an ep of STTNG you can see refelected on a triangle thingie on Picard's ready room desk a curly haired glasses wearing gum chewing crew member reflected.

From usimdb
Goofs for
"Supernatural" (2005) More at IMDbPro »
ad feedback•Errors in geography: The episode "Hook Man" is set in Iowa. Yet in an overhead view as they pull into town, you see palm trees.

•Factual errors: In the couple of episodes where they go to Michigan it shows both front and back vehicle tags. Michigan only requires rear plates.

•Factual errors: Both the Winchester's vehicles have Kansas plates on the front. The state of Kansas does not issue front license plates. Also, the county stickers are not pink.

•Factual errors: In every episode (through episode 2.20), the boys are showing off a Kansas license plate, the county tag reads "SG". In all actuality, the county for Lawrence should read "DG" for Douglas County.

And of course there is the gag reels on the youtube and then there's this:

Love it when Misha Collins says, "Jared Padalecki is a monster."

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there was one in asylum. when dean was looking in the journal the article about roosevelt asylum was on the page next to the entry about wendigos. in the eppy wendigo there was no newspaper article. i think they figured that out, because in the next scene when they were looking at the journal, the article was moved to another page. :lol:

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Cinca Awesome job on the pics! fanamainic! that's great everyone caught my few.

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Great picspam cinca. I noticed some of them before but not all of them. Great eye :thumbsup

My requested banner made by Steff's daughter Bex. Awesome job hun.

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In The Usual Suspects, when Sam finally figures out what "Ashland Sup" refers to, the reflection on the brick wall should have dark shadows of the words from the window, not bright letters.

Thanks to jensenacklesfan77 for the rockin' banner!

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there's also the well known goof of dean touching the nurse's sleeve in imtod :lol:

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Thanks guys, just rewatched Hookman the other day so I might pull out my screencaps of the bloopers I caught. ;)

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17 Aug 2011, 10:32 #14

Things on SPN That Make You Go Hmm - Supernatural Wiki

FYI, these are meant to be rhetorical questions -- like "How come the word
abbreviation is so long?" and do not require an answer or an explanation.
But feel free to comment and add the Hmm ideas of others!

1) Here's my first one (SuperZu):

How come every grave that the Winchester boys dig up,
no matter how quickly, is a perfect rectangle with smooth walls?

2) We never see Dean enter a barbershop, but his hair just keeps getting shorter
and shorter and shorter...
I'm half expecting him to enlist in the Marines any day now. lol!
(of course, he'd still be gorgeous with his head completely shaved *g*)

3) On the other hand, Puppy always needs a haircut! (SuperZu)
Jared actually was not allowed to cut his hair- both Sam and Dean's haircuts are
intentionally done to accentuate the difference between them and make Dean look

4) The boys get beaten up, sliced, shot, gouged, and otherwise mangled
constantly...yet they have no visible repercussions (although, thank goodness
for THAT! Right?). Because it would be too much effort with make up probably-
but keep in mind, that in "Monster Movie" Dean mentioned having scars and things
before he got 'rehimenated' so I'm sure its something we are just supposed to
imagine- it is not like any particular scar has plot importance.(ApplesTheCow)


5) I think Dean might like some current music. Maybe some Nickleback or
Greenday... How come he never catches any on the radio? (SuperZu) Also,
considering that Dean is a huge Led Zeppelin fan, why doesn't he have any in the
car? (TheLostWinchester) He gave it to Lucas in "Dead in the Water" - lol! Or
maybe because it's too much money to license? Lol!!

6.) I wonder how do the boys take-off the blood stains in their shirt and the
mud in their pants? I have not seen them go to a laundromat to do some
laundry.(deanna0918)>>>this thought was answered in S04018

7.) How do Dean keep the Impala shiny? I have not seen him go to a car wash nor
seen him clean the car and the car is still clean and shiny as ever. Especially
on the episode, It's a great pumpkin, Sam Winchester, we've seen the Impala gets
egged and on the next scene, it was shiny as if nothing happened. For that
particular episode- good point. (By the way in "Providence", the car looked
dirty in the close up as it was compared to all the fancy cars- so it isn't
always clean.)


8.) If Demons are afraid of salt, how come Ruby eat fries? (deanna0918) ...This
is sort of explained in John Winchester's journal By Alex Irvine. On page 48
salt is pretty much table salt, and thus what is used to salt french fries,
which would make it okay for Ruby to eat. (Simply_Savvi) ...If that's the case
why are they always running to the kitchen to check for salt everywhere they
go?? Iodized/table salt are what most people have in their kitchens...Guess
we're just supposed to overlook that... (Medic04) They must have forgotten
because in 'The Devil you know', Dean was going for a salt container clearly
marked TABLE SALT to ward off the Hellhound! (Superhotties)

9.) The boys get most of their money from credit card fraud, right? Where does
the credit card company send the cards? The boys don't really have a house...

10:) OK, I know you've all thought it but I will put it on here anyway... Our
boys are ripped especially Sam, yet we never have witnessed any form of workout.
Not even a dumbbell lying around... which is too bad. (DeanIsTheMan)..

11.) One thing puzzles me - in the episode 'Heart' (Season 2) we see Madison
wearing Sam's blue and white, vertical-striped shirt. Unless she took it off,
Sam most likely shot her when she was wearing it. How come Sam is wearing
EXACTLY the same shirt in 'Red Sky At Morning' (Season 3)? (fierce_huntress)
Maybe he bought another one :D (Castiella)

12.) Rewatching some episodes lately so I'm catching some stuff =) On the season
finale of season one, Devil's Trap how did they draw the Key of Solomon on the
ceiling? Do they make stencils that big?

13.) Season premiere of season four: Castiel was shot repeatedly with a shotgun
and stabbed with a knife by Dean and Bobby and there was no blood, right? Yet,
when Cas gets into a fight with the Angels or Demons, there is always blood...
do Demons and Angels have special blood drawing powers? LOL (DeansGirl666) This
is a reoccurring inconsistency - In Sin City Ruby gets shot but no blood is
drawn because she is a demon, and then later two different demons get shot by
the same gun and bleed a lot - its not "special blood drawing powers"... it is
just a big and continuous inconsistency. Or maybe it has to do with the
difference between mortal and angel weapons.(TheLostWinchester)

14.) Hex bags- So how does that work? (It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)
Castiel and Uriel show up find a hex bag in the boys room, but it's not burnt
and the boys are alright. I thought the hex bags had to be burnt... DeanIsTheMan
well maybe the angels appeared just in time??? or maybe the angels used their
angel mojo and stopped it like *poof* "hexbag worky no more (a_thing

15.) Just curious...Dean and Sam have to go from time to time to the hospital,
some of their wounds are really bad. How do they explain themselves to the
doctors? Given that the nature of the wounds isn't very typical....
(fierce_huntress) How do they ever explain themselves? They lie - and it is
sometimes awkward and obvious. However, doctors (in TV anyway, and to some
extent in life) tend to fix the wound as possible and assume you have your
reasons for lying. They would think it is weird, but would not do anything
because the boys are adults are legally responsible for their own welfare. If
they were minors, it would be different.

16.) We hardly ever see Sam eating ... to maintain that BOD, he'd have to
scarfing down carbs and some protein at least every few hours!!! (SuperZu)
Eating is Dean's thing and he does it well! And if Dean isn't eating (My Bloody
Valentine) and Sam is seen with food,(even though we don't actually SEE him
eating) we notice. I saw him eat a bite of pretzel and a french fry in Monster
movie, so maybe that sustained him for a while. Hahaha (Superhotties)

17.) With the exception of Castiel, why are all the angels dicks?
(TheLostWinchester) Apparently, snark is lost on some people. Why so serious:p?

18.) They love the Metallicar dearly (we all do) but how come the boys never
lock it or wind up the windows when they leave it unattended? (Bronnie88)

19.) Back in 1st Season in episode Bloody Mary, only the person who holds
guilt/secret will the one who'll bleed his/her eyes when he/she saw Mary, but
when Dean holds the mirror to Mary Deans eyes bled. How come this happened? What
guilt/secret might have he keeping? (deanna0918) ...Since Dean is like the king
of guilt it's hard to pinpoint. I'm going to guess it has to do with when he
went out to play video games when he was young and the Shtriga almost killed
Sammy...(Medic04) BUt the reason bloody mary killed you was because it was a
secret john knew about the the shriga there for it was not a secret (OnYXNAILS)

20.) Also, in Season 1 "Home" episode. When Mary appeared to the boys as a
ghost, she said sorry to Sam only. Why didn't she said sorry to Dean, too?
(deanna0918) As revealed in "The Beginning" she made a deal with the YED so that
he could turn Sam into what he was. Not Dean. (Apples The Cow)

20 & 1/2.) Why aren't Sam and Dean shirtless more often?! The ratings for this
show would sky rocket......I mean these guys are beasts.....More so with less
clothing! i totally agree but maybe they think that we can't handle their
sexyness haha (a_thing_for _brothers)

21) Dean tends to hold guns in a retarded way, like in Wendigo, that looks cool
if you don't know much about guns, but is actually a really bad way of shooting
- and yet its almost always a perfect hit. Weird. (ApplesTheCow)
sorry if this burst your bubble but its a show they care too much on looks then
what s real....... *sobbs* (OnYXNAILS)

22) The woman who died in The Usual Suspects (season 2) is the same woman who is
alive and well in Monster At The End of This Book (season 4)... did she come
back to life? LOL (ApplesTheCow) It's not uncommon in TV series for actors they
like to come back and do bigger roles. Like Freema Agyeman in Dr Who, who first
appeared in 'Army of Ghosts' as Adeola Oshodi in season 2, died, and then came
back as Martha Jones in season 3. I believe they wrote it off as 'being a
relative' lol. Same with Eve Myles who first appeared in Dr Who in The Unquiet
Dead as a different character to the one she played in Torchwood, which was also
written off as 'relative' so we can assume its a similar deal with Keegan Connor
Tracy being two different characters.She was awesome in S4E18, so I'm glad she
got to come back for another ep. Oooh, and Chastity, Castiel's prostitute, I
believe she played Lust in "The Magnificent Seven"

23) When Dean is shown at 17, his voice is much deeper than at his current age.
Suspicious. (ApplesTheCow)
He was overcompensating because, according to Amanda, he was just a "Sad, lonely
little boy." XD

24) While this isn't an inconsistency, I find it interesting that the less Dean
cares about the woman he sleeps with, the more he giggles. XD (ApplesTheCow)

25) The demon in Season 1 Episode 4 Phantom Traveler, entered through the
victim's eyes, not through the mouth, as is usually the case. It's the only time
it ever happens.Why? Also in the 22 episode, Devil's Trap, the demons somehow
get in the victims without a sound. No smoke, no screaming, very subtle. Yet in
later episodes, it never happens again. ( Fierce_huntress) Actually, it does.
Not often, no, but it does. Still, it seems strange I agree. (ApplesTheCow) in
the special featcher in season 3 dvd they explain it.... (OnYXNAILS)

26) Dean knows everything about every awful movie ever created (and good ones.
That was a bad generalisation) Yet how come we only ever see Dean watching sappy
TV dramas and the occasional Skinemax special? (Bronnie88)

27) Okay. The Winchesters are like the legendary hunters and all, and every
demons seems to hate them. So, why don't they just get about 20 demons, be very
inconspicuous, and all jump on them while they're in a diner, gas station, or
motel? It should be an easy kill? (Not that I want them to ever die) (DaBzNeez)
Simply because they were needed, I think for YED and then Lilith's big plan.
Possibly also because demons don't tend to work in big groups without a big bad
leader (IE, YED or Lillth) and Sam and Dean might not have been big enough
threats to any particular demon to warrant the effort. Oh, and before they
opened the devil's gate, there really was not that many demons around - Bobby
even said that previous to that chain of events, there was less then 5
possessions a year. (ApplesTheCow)

28) The brothers have died a few times between them but really they could have
died even more times than they have. Like every other time they could have died
someone saves them or something happens to tip them off. For instance, when Sam
would have blown up, but Ava had a vision and she told Sam about his death. Or
when they both were captured by those old Pegan gods on A Very Supernatural
Christmas, and just when they were about to kill the boys; the door bell rang,
and it was the neighbors. (Again I definitely don't want them to die. They just
get really lucky sometimes. (DaBzNeez) It's called Hero's Luck. Often in
multiple forms of media, mostly because without close calls there is no
excitement, and if the main characters don't make it out alive the show ends or
badly jumps shark and loses ratings. (ApplesTheCow)

29) In episode 4x1 (Lazarus Rising), Sam is in a motel room with a woman named
Chrissy (Genevieve Cortese). However, in 4x10 (I Know What You Did Last Summer),
the same girl is in a coma in some hospital, with a sign on the end of her bed
that says 'Jane Doe'. And later in the episode, when Ruby's possessed the body
and found Sam, he doesn't know who she is. How could he not, since it's implied
he slept with her? Is Sammy really as bad as Dean when it comes to one-night
stands? (JadeFervidus) Actually, in 4x10, Sam's telling a story from when Dean
first when to hell, and the beginning of the summer. When Dean comes back in
4x01, it's now September, so all you see in 4x10 has already happened. :)

30) On the note of no.26, its a little illogical that lights don't flicker every
time the demons turn up, and that it happens less and less as the show
progresses- probably because it looses its suspenseful effect as it is done more
and more often. Oh, and anyone notice that the other creepies all went down a
level in badass once all the high level demons and angels turned up? (ApplesTheCow)

31) Doing some re-cap on the tv shows, (just got season 1 for x-mas XD) Why is
it that when Dean or Sam go to cut themselves, for whatever reason, they never
make it deep. I know how deep you have to cut and they just graze the knife
across their skin. And in 'a Supernatural Christmas,' season 3, when Mrs.
Cardigan, or whatever her name is, slits Dean's arm for the ritiual, there is no
mark. just blood! I know its TV, but you would think that they would try to
cover it up a little better! Given how AWESOME the show is :) (Mrs. Winchester6675)

32) Ok so we have all seen Sam die on All Hell Breaks Loose part 2 right? so
where did Sam actually go when he dies? i mean it's not like he went to heaven,
that's for sure LOL (winchesterlover).
Well, actually, Sam might have gone to Heaven, because in the last episode,
'Dark side of the moon', Joshua said before he sent the boys back (to Earth)
was, "This time, he wants you to remember" So maybe Sam did go to Heaven, but he
just forgot. (Mrs.Winchester6675) --- In "Dark side of the moon" Ash also said
that that wasn't the first time they had been there. (AngelWolf96)

33) When ever they do a salt and burn, they never get caught digging up the
grave (flackfan66) ...Probably has to do with the fact they're in a the middle of the night. (Medic04) But they have grave-keepers or
whatever they're called, who stay on site during the night to look out for
graverobbers?? (Bronnie88)

34) O.K, I was watching It's the great pumpkin Sam Winchester last night and I
noticed that when the second girl goes bobbing for apples and she boils to
death, the apples stayed fresh. You would think they would boil too right?

35) Okay, this just bugged me SOOOOOOO much! In that episode where the girl Sam
likes turns out to be a werewolf, and Sam gets all those scars on his face, HE
(Castiel_is_my_angel) As mentioned before, it would be waaaaayyy to much time
and effort spent in makeup re-creating every scar they ever got episode after
episode. (Bronnie88) :)

36) In the episode 'Something Wicked', when the boys first talk to the doctor,
in the glass pane window behind them, a boom mic shows up above his head when
the nurse comes in to talk. Also, in the episode 'Scarecrow', When the first
couple we see go into the orchard, the first time they look in, you can see a
person walking in the far upper left hand corner. Also, when that same couple is
running, you can see a green light shining in the trees. I would think that they
could have done a bit more editing to get rid of those. Hmmmm. (Mrs.Winchester6675)

37) In the episode "Lazarus rising" Sam is in a motel room with Ruby 2.0 who
claims to be Christy, and even thinks Dean and Sam have "a thing" all this I
know it is pretending but she doesn't look surprised when she sees Dean and
Bobby at first when he says is his brother she looks surprised for real. Is she
that good of an actress or she just forgot how Dean looks like? Just saying cuz
it looked real.. :D (RoxAckles)

38) Ruby from season 3 is the same demon that appears in season 4?...I mean, she
is so bossy and tries to be kind of sexy in season 3, while in season 4 she
becomes Sam's slave....she is just the food provider and the manipulating tool
and there is nothing sexy left in there....maybe it was just the change of
actress...but it just did not feel the same (somethingwicked) Maybe it was a
mistake on the writers' part, but maybe it was because Ruby is trying more to
manipulate Sam into doing things than convincing him to let her help him, which
she would do anyways in season 3 becuase they are more desperate for her help
but in season 4 Dean is pissed and Sam is as well so she's sucking up.

39) The boys have a laptop, sometimes two, but do they have a printer? There are
always papers in the walls and bunches of articles and some drawings...where is
the printer? (somethingwicked)They use the libraries'?

40) In 'No exit' Dean and Sam are hunting the first known serial killer, .H.H.
Holmes with Jo Harvelle.
In the scene where Sam is telling Jo Holmes's background and showing her
pictures, he slides one across the table of a victim. The photo is actually one
of Jack the Rippers vics, Elizabeth Stride! (Superhotties) I know, I was like "I
know that picture" when I saw it! LOL! (SuperZu)

41) We know the boys are injured very often, how come they don't have any scars?
Their faces should be sucks until now. (Samantha_Winchester) [See #4 above.]

42) Angels in their natural form are bright, eye-burning lights right? So how
come when Castiel rescued Dean from hell he left a handprint? He can't have been
in his human form because when he tried to communicate with Dean in the shop, he
was still a light. EXPLAIN THAT ONE! (Castiella)
Actually, Angel's have shape, they just don't have it on Earth. They have souls,
and souls have shapes. So when they are in the Heavenly Host or down in the Pit
they take their original shapes. But when they're here on Earth they don't have
the ability to take physical shape. Just like Ghosts can't take actual hard
form. Angels hard froms are the blinding white lights, and Ghosts are
appiritions. It makes sense if you think about it. If Dean's soul wasn't able to
take physical form down in the Pit he couldn't have been tortured. Just like in
S4 Death Takes A Holiday Sam and Dean couldn't touch anything physically without
pushing their soul to its limit. Same with Castiel and the others. Sorry for the
long winded explaination, just thought you might want to know. :D(Ileana_The_Bloody)
Ok cool, thanks ^__^

43) Castiel is always getting shot, stabbed, and beaten to holy Hell. Why
doesn't his trench coat ever show the wear and tear in the later episodes? It's
like he uses whatever healing powers he has to heal his trench coat. (Can you
guys imagine that? Castiel holding the coat lovingly and healing it up? LOL!)
(Asked by: Ileana_The_Bloody)
That is something I have often wondered myself, especially after he was shot in
his first episode! (And stabbed). I don't know, maybe he secretly buys new coats
when we're not looking or has amazing sewing skills! :) (Castiella)

44) In "Lazarus Rising", Dean comes back into his old body from Hell. How did he
have a body to come back to if hunters are supposed to be burned? I know Bobby
and Sam buried Dean, but did they not want him to be buried like a hunter, the
same as John? Just curious! (deansgirl6397) Sam refused to burn Dean's body
because he swore he'd march into hell and drag him out himself. That he would
need Dean's body when he got him sprung. Medic04 Okay, thank you! :)

45) How does Castiel keep finding Sam and Dean if they have those anti-angel
symbol things carved into their ribs?? (Castiella) That's a good question. It's
quite an inconsistency. I'm guessing they would write off Dean as a connection
through the hand print. At one point Cas marked Sam too so he could keep an eye
on him. Also since Sam went into the cage we don't know if he has the sigils
anymore after being Lucifer's meat-puppet. I'd also hazard a guess that if rib's
were broken it would render them useless, same as a devil's trap being scraped.
Just some thoughts. (medic04)
Ok, cool :) thank you!

46] Right as far as i know normal/weak demons have black eyes, YED had yellow
[duh since the name yellow eyes], crossroads has Red, and even Lilith has
White, but Crowley who is a Crossroads demon doesnt have red eyes and we have
never seen them at all... hmm he is the only demon who we havent seen its eyes
....h? I noticed that too. He is/was King of the Cross roads. He's a bit
upittyish. He probably thinks it's beneath him to do it. Also it gives him an
extra quirk!! Medic4 Shaza!) thanks!that s a good point!