Afraid To Die

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Afraid To Die

Highway Ghost
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08 Nov 2010, 19:07 #1

Hello :wave

I made a new wallpaper tutorial. It is made in PS CS3 but there aren't really any parts that aren't completely untranslatable to other programmes.

I'm going to show how to make this wallpaper

Images from Daydreaming

Textures from staring@thesun (in order of use)
1. 2. 3.
4. 5.

gradients from Black Lagoon


open canvas mine 1366x768 with a black background

First of all I removed the background using the magic wand tool at a tolerance of 2px. This gets rid of all the background really effectively. Next I resized the images to 1000px height and place on canvas, Dean behand Cas

Under images place first two textures. First texture normal 100% and mask out edges, second texture screen 50% and mask out edges.

the next three textures are placed on top of the main images. The first of these I placed just above the images and kept the top edge because I though it looked interesting. That texture was also set to screen 50% and I masked out the parts which covered Dean and Cas

The next two textures were there to provide colour so I blurred both of them with a gaussian blur at 67px. They were both set to soft light 100%.

Merge and sharpen

The picture looks too pink for me so the colouring I used was to make it more red. Firstly I added a channel mixer layer which I found on a tutorial from here.
I used step 8 of the tut (for some reason I love this tut even though it was designed for GIMP. All the selective colour layers in the world aren't as good sometimes than this :D)

RED: 110, -25, 0
GREEN: -5, 40, 60
BLUE: -50, 80, 60

Next add two gradient maps. I got these from Black Lagoon, the first from set 10 and the second from set 2.
The first gradient is set to hard light 50% and the second to soft light 50%.

gradient 1.

gradient 2.

Next I upped the saturation to +10 and the contrast to +25. Finally I added a colour balance layer
midtones: -25, 0, +15

to finish it off I marged the layers together and added a paint daubs filter (filter-artistic-paint daubs, brush size 1, sharpness 1).

And finally I added the text. The two fonts I used were Garamond (set to all capitals) and Multu (My two personal favourite fonts), in the colour #c52610

These layers were set to linear dodge and I used the blending options to add a black border (there is a way to achieve this affect in GIMP but I cannot for the life of me remember how to do it, lol).

I added a small balck rectangle under the centre line of text ("And there's nothing we can do") and reduced that to 50% opacity.

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24 Jan 2011, 07:18 #2

This came out horrible :lol2 I went wrong somewhere, I think I made the bg too small and the gradient image wasn't working so I just picked one at random lol Also I'm on my new laptop so I don't have any good fonts yet so I just kinda improvised on that... ... asWall.jpg