A Few Forum Changes

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A Few Forum Changes

Fire Demon
Fire Demon
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17 Aug 2010, 05:05 #1

Hi everyone,

With season 6 and a shift in the series a little more than a month away, the Sn.tv forum staff felt it was appropriate to make some changes in our forums as well.

We hope the following changes will be refreshing as we head into a new season of Supernatural. As always, we're trying to improve the navigation, organization, and atmosphere of the site and do what makes sense for our community.

We're going to change the forum skin, but it will still have a dark background and white text. Our board has looked the same for five years, so our new look will be a little different but still familiar.

Besides the new skin, the main areas affected are Characters, Member Central, and Fan Groups. All the changes will take place September 4, 5, and 6.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about what's listed below, please feel free to send a PM to me, Lo, or one of the global mods.


This outlines all the changes that will be made to the forums:

Changes in the Characters forum:
- Fans of the Week, Ask the Characters, Dean, Sam, and Castiel forums will remain as they are.

- Character Groups will be moved to the new Fan Group section that will be near the bottom of the board
- The Metallicar forum will be merged into the Dean forum.
- New sub-forums: Winchester Family, Hunters and Contacts, Angels and Demons, Things that go bump in the night.
- The threads in the Brothers Winchester and John Winchester forums will be moved into Winchester Family
- Bobby will go into Hunters
- Supernatural Women threads will be sorted into the other forums.
- The Safe Havens will close.

The restructured Characters section will look like this:
Fans of the Week
The Winchester Family (John and The Winchester Brothers…as well as Mary and Adam)
Dean Winchester (Metallicar threads will move in here)
Sam Winchester
Hunters and Contacts (Bobby goes in here, any hunters, Ash, Ellen, Jo…anyone that knows the Winchesters)
Angels and Demons
Things That Go Bump in the Night (monsters, creatures, ghosts, spirits)
Ask the Characters
***Anything else can will go in the main Characters forum.

Changes in Member Central:
- Rename area Off-Topic Discussion
- Current Events, Hobbies and Interests, The Mouth of Madness, and Links will remain as they are
- New forum: Member Central with the following sub-forums: Ask Advice, Blowing Off Steam, Birthdays
- Fan Groups with the following sub-forums:
- -- Supernatural Groups (formally Character Groups...any groups related to Supernatural or the actors, shipping threads are allowed but any slash threads must go in the 18+ forums)
- --Non-Supernatural Groups (any fan groups that are not related to Supernatural)
- --SNTV Legends (fan groups archive)

The restructured Off-Topic Discussion section will look like this:
- Current Events
- Hobbies and Interests (sub-forums: Movies/TV, Music, Sports, Art)
- Member Central (sub-forums: Ask Advice, Blowing Off Steam, Birthdays)
- The Mouth of Madness
- Fan Groups (sub-forums: Supernatural Groups, Non-Supernatural Groups, SNTV Legends)
- Links

Changes in the Fanart forums:
- New forum: Showcase - for artists to post the best of their work and where Luke will organize future exhibitions of art
- The Extras forum will be merged into Winchester Brothers' Art. Winchester Brothers' Art will then be the forum for all Supernatural fanart.

New rules for Fan Groups:
(to be posted in the new Fan Group forum)

The staff has decided to formalize a few rules for Fan Groups. The following applies to all Fan Groups in the Supernatural.tv Forums, existing and new.

Rules for Fan Groups
- All Fan Groups must abide by the Forum Rules. Groups for specific ships are permitted as long as they comply with our Forum Rules. Slash groups are not permitted here, but they are allowed in our 18+ forums.
- Fan Groups must be open to everyone. That is, any member may ask to join any Fan Group and must be allowed to join.
- Fan Groups must treat their members as well other Fan Groups, members, and staff with respect.
- Each Fan Group must designate a contact person to act as a liaison between the group and the forum staff. The contact person does not have any additional responsibilities - he/she is simply an active member of the group that the staff can talk to if the need arises. Please notify someone on the forum staff when the contact person for your group changes.

To Start a New Fan Group
In the application thread (insert link), post the following:
- Fan Group name
- description/purpose
- a list of at least 4 other members who are interested in being in the group
- who will be the group's contact person

A staff member must approve the group and then the group may start a thread.

After a Fan Group has 100 replies, the group's contact person may ask a moderator to color their thread title if they wish. The color choices are blue, green, light blue, lime green, magenta, orange, purple, red, and yellow.


As you can see, some forums are merging but most of the changes are simply rearranging some of the forums in the Characters and Member Central sections. Except for the Safe Havens, we're not getting rid of anything.

Again, all of these changes will take place on September 4, 5 and 6. Please feel free to send a PM to me, Lo, or one of the global mods if you have any questions.

Thank you,
on behalf of the Sn.tv forum staff