3-11 Mystery Spot

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3-11 Mystery Spot

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Continuing from Dream a Little Dream of Me, I've just finished rewatching Mystery Spot, so here are my comments (which totally include references to other seasons - be forwarned!) To which I'd welcome additional comments (both negative and positive/agree disagree) if anyone is or will be watching these episodes!

Mystery Spot is one I was looking forward to because of "the Trickster." After "killing" him in 2-15 Tall Tales we all knew he would be back because we saw him watch Sam,Dean and Bobby ride off, didn't we. So Sam and Dean thought he was dead, but we knew different. I don't think we could have ever imagined that he would be an angel.

Watching Mystery Spot knowing this is Gabriel and he has special feelings for these two brothers who, destiny dictates, are going to be the vessels for Lucifer and Michael and destroy the world, is quite a different experience.

So, Gabriel is trying to teach Sam a lesson - that he cannot save his brother - but this is not out of the goodness of his heart... or just because he enjoys a good teasing...it all ties in with the destiny crap right? What's his motive? He probably knows Dean has to go to hell and start the apocalips. He knows Sam has to go after Lilith, open the cage and end it. He also has special feelings for Sam and Dean because they are destined to act out what Lucifer and Michael(his brothers) did, and maybe they remind him of his brothers...
In any case, he just can't leave them alone - so he keeps bugging them and trying to teach them "lessons." Its funny that in the end, it is they who teach him a lesson. He is one of the few angels that see the good in humanity and gets an idea of why God put human beings above the angels in the end.

So, anyway, in the episode Dean gets killed over and over. Its soooo sad, but by the end, you're just kind of laughing at all the crazy ways he dies... (so sorry Dean!!) It is a tragic comedy is what it is. And looking at the quotes games/Winchester Rules etc., in this Forum, I can see so many references to this episode!

Sam is fantastic!! Dean is (cringe...I'm sorry!!) hilarious but Sam and how he gets more and more frustrated, depressed and in the end, how he pleads with the "Trickster," how he hugs Dean ... :cry

Several people mentioned in this Forum I think that they have Asia's Heat of the Moment on their alarm. That is something that I am going to try to get for my cellphone ASAP.

This was a great episode with not one scene I would skip over however many times I see it.