2013 Summer Hellatus!

All things fun to do over the Summer!

2013 Summer Hellatus!

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Summer-time means warm days, swimming, hiking and enjoying the outdoors but it also means we have no new episodes of Supernatural. To help everyone pass the time until the next season begins, we will have a number of activities. You can find them in the 2013 Summer Hellatus Forums.

This year we will begin the fun on June 17th and plan to run the activities through the end of September. However, the end may change based on when the new Season begins. So come join your fellow fans and have some fun with the Winchester’s this summer!

So far we have the following Activities:

Weekly Challenges

Caption Challenge
Each week we will provide a new screen cap. You can join the fun by submitting your guess at what is happening in the scene. The funnier the better. So dust off your funny bones and join the fun.

Where's our Winchesters?
Can you guess where the boys are from a few clues? Each week you will be provided with various clues as to where the boys are. You mission, should you accept it, is to figure out the city, state and episode where the boys are currently hunting. Are you up to the challenge? Stop in and find out.

I Can Name that Tune In...
Can you name that tune in four words? Each week we will provide four words from one of the songs appearing on Supernatural. Don’t worry, if you can’t guess it from four words, maybe five? Additional words will be added until someone names the tune and the episode it first appears in. Care to test your song expertise? Drop in and play Name that SN Tune!

Supernatural Quote Frenzie
So you think you know what Dean might have said? But can you come up with the next quote in the episode. Fan race each week to try to figure out who said the quote, what episode it is from and then must provide the next quote, exactly as it appears in the episode. Fastest person who can come up with the information and the next line wins!

The Natural Order
So what came first, Wendigo or Bloody Mary? The appearance of Abbadon or the Alpha Vamp? Each week you’ll be asked to put a list of things in order. Sometimes, we’ll even add a twist by having you name the item (screen cap) and the episode while putting it in the right order. Do you have all your Supernatural Facts in order? Check out this game each week and pit yourself against your fellow fans.

Elimination Supernatural Style
This has been played in the games forums in the past. But we thought it might be fun to try this again. You will be given a list of episodes for the season. In the beginning, each episode will be assigned 2 points. As members vote for their favorite and least favorite episode, the tally for each episode is changed until only one episode remains standing—will your favorite episode survive?

Episode Fun:

Supernatural Summer Marathon - Raven:

Wednesday Night Rewind
On Sunday, each week we will do a poll asking folks to pick the top episode from a list, such as favorite vampire episode. On Wednesday, the winning episode will be listed. Based on the one selected, we will watch and begin commenting on the episode each Wednesday. Please note that the discussion will be limited to that episode only, no myth arc type discussions or character development or lack thereof will be included here. The idea is for those members who want to watch the episodes again or even for the first time, can come together and talk about it.

Guest Actor of the Week
We will select a guest actor from any season of Supernatural. You will be asked to name the actual actor, the character he/she played, the name of the episode and at least one program other than SN that the actor appeared in (ie why do we know this person?). Members will be encouraged to watch the episode and then comment on the actor’s role in Supernatural.

Monthly Challenges:

Fan Fiction Challenges:
Check out this area to find writing challenges. You don’t have to be a ‘writer’ to participate. Some challenges, like word drabbles only require a few words and a short amount of time to complete. Or maybe you’d like to join in this summers Supernatural Round Robin, where you direct where the story goes. How will Season 9 begin? Will there be a time jump? Will Cas have his memory? Will Sam still struggle with the affects of the trials? Will Dean ever get his piece of pie? If you’ve been thinking about the answers to theses questions, why not write a short story (any length) of how you think Season 9 will begin. Who will come closest to what really happens? Enter, read and find out!

Art/Video Challenges:

Each summer we run a number of Banner, AVI and Video Challenges. Once again you don’t have to be an artist to enter. Check out this are for the challenges and either enter or vote for your favorites. Most are based around themes and of course, we will once again run the Main Forum Banner Challenge to see whose banner will be on the top of the forum for Season 9.

Other Challenges:

Have you ever wondered about the Wolf/Mafia Game that is run on these forums? This summer will be the time to learn how to play. Don’t worry if you’re just a pup, an experienced wolf will walk you through the rules and help you play. Wolf is basically a guessing game. You try to find clues from how people are behaving in the game to find the bad guys. If you’re good, you eliminate them and win—but if not, you might get bitten (just kidding). The game is not hard to learn and some can be completed in a short time. Come and enjoy the fun of playing the game and meeting other members of the forum in the process.

As the summer progresses, we may add additional activities. In the meantime, the games will begin on June 17, 2013 and will continue through September 30, 2013. We hope to see you all there!

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Thanks to Xlozx for the Awesome Banner and Avi!

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